Final Fantasy IV Creator Discusses The "Interlude" Episode In The PSP Remake

By Spencer . March 22, 2011 . 2:18pm


Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection may be another remake of Final Fantasy IV, but Takashi Tokita, the lead designer for the original game, created a new brand new story. The Interlude episode takes place between Final Fantasy IV and its sequel The After Years. During the 15 hour scenario, players will be able to make their own parties with characters that couldn’t be paired together, a system that reminded me of the Game Boy Advance remake.


For Final Fantasy IV’s interlude episode can you tell us more about why you wanted to focus on the restoration of Damacyan Castle?


Takashi Tokita, Director: It made sense as a natural flow that everyone in the party gathered back at Damacyan Castle one year later. By gathering together, it allowed players to create parties they couldn’t make in the original story.


Can you give any more hints about the story in the Interlude?


It starts at Damacyan, but it goes to Fabul. There you will see some characters from The After Years. So, if you played The After Years you might get a kick out of seeing those the characters.


Will we see any new abilities for the characters of the Band system from Final Fantasy IV: The After Years?


The Band system is only the in The After Years because of that the Interlude uses the same system in the original game.




I noticed that Cecil was level 30, so will Palom perhaps be strong enough to cast Meteo?


There was peace for about a year so he’s out of practice. [Laughs] We tweaked it in that way because we initially discussed the possibility of transferring save data from the original game to the Interlude then to The After Years. Because some people have played The After Years before we wanted to create a game where players can play freely and choose the story they wanted to play first.


Was it difficult to start working on a sequel to Final Fantasy IV many years after the original release?


When we were initially creating The After Years we were working on it at the same time as the Final Fantasy IV remake for the DS. Because they were going on at the same time there weren’t any issues.


There were so many versions of Final Fantasy IV, which one is your favorite?


Hmm… because the first one was the original and if the first one wasn’t fun none of the other ones would happen, the original one is my favorite.


In addition to Final Fantasy IV, Square Enix extended other Final Fantasy games, which other classic Final Fantasy would you like to extend?


I mainly worked on Final Fantasy IV. All of the other Final Fantasy titles had their own leads, so I can’t really say. But, this is one of the things that makes each of the Final Fantasy titles unique and distinct.




Looking way back, what can you tell all of the fans of Final Fantasy IV about how the game has changed from the original plan?


When we first developed the game because of memory issues we had to cut everything to 1/4. The story structure didn’t change, but a lot of the dialogue and little details had to be cut out. All of that is probably lost, we don’t know where it is.


If you got a chance to remake Final Fantasy IV would you try to search for any of the data to add?


Similarly to movie editing, if you have good editing you have a good tempo for the movie. I think it was important that we did cut it to a fourth of the size because that is what created the proper pacing and tempo.


We switched topics to Tokita’s other titles after talking about Final Fantasy IV and some of the revelations may surprise you. Here’s a hint… Nanashi no Game. Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection makes its debut in Japan this week and is slated for April 22 in North America.

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  • I know I shouldn’t be plunking down good money on this after owning the original, the PS1/GBA ports and the DS remake, but by some dark miracle, I’m still compelled to replay Final Fantasy IV. And it’s not even one of my favored installments.

    It’s nice-looking, at least, and I could see it eclipse the others as the definitive version since it’s a more faithful remake and the graphics are less awkward than FFIV DS.

  • When Tokita mentions that you can create parties in the Interlude that you couldn’t before, does this mean that you can’t change party members in FFIV?

    • That’s exactly what it means, yes. Final Fantasy IV is fairly notorious for its revolving party roster you have no control over.

      Keeps things fresh, in fairness.

      • Oh I’m familliar with the general format – I own FFIV in several different incarnations. It’s just that the GBA and Mobile versions allowed you to switch party members near the end. Seems odd that they’d remove party switching when this appears to be based off the Mobile version.

  • karasuKumo

    I’ll get this to help complete my mission of playing through every main Final Fantasy title :)

    • Same so far that FF games that i’ve completed is ff1,ff2, ff7,ff9, ff13 i’ve got a long way to go!

    • joesz

      I went on that quest few years ago and completed it.Good luck to you:)

    • I hope you’re not counting XI! The main story is loooooooong ;)

      • You mean is never-ending, right?

    • Zero_Destiny

      Been there done that. There’s some high and lows. I stopped caring about all the crap on the side. Too many side-stories and spin-off. So I didn’t touch X-2 very much. Also didn’t play XI and don’t think I’ll play XIV since I’m not a fan of MMO’s. But there fun. I hope you give the first three a fair go. Some of them may be hard for “newer” players but some level grinding and good managing of your items is all you need to do. I do suggest you take a break and play some side-games though. Tactics is a must to any Tactical-RPG fan and the newest side game Four Heroes of Light on the DS I found very enjoyable. I’m remaining hopeful for XIII-2 though and I’ve been hearing a lot of good things about X-2 so maybe someday I’ll return to it.

      • Other then the battle system X-2 isn’t really all that great honestly…. X really should of got a prequel and not a sequel it should of been about Braska/Auron & Jecht’s adventure before X takes place and not about Yuna trying to find Tidus again which ended being really dull story wise in X-2…

  • Zero_Destiny

    Well that made me excited. Even though this will like 6th or 7th time I bought Final Fantasy IV I’m game. :)

  • I been there and done that am 30 years old i play them and imported thru paper game adds back in the days where pc wasent yet a option to order a import. i touch them all beat them all including FFXI and all add ons just finished wings 2 weeks ago! and FFXIV am still working on and hoping for new content XD!

    i pre order this and look forward to IV complete collections!

    i didnt touch the crystal series neather did i touch the GBA tatics.

    waiting for a new mana game and chrono game and happy to know PE3 will be here next tuseday!

  • four_black_hearts

    Are we somehow going to see Nanashi no Game? Even if we could only get the “cursed games” as DSi Ware, that’d be incredible!

  • Now, I’m torn apart, whether to get the DS remake, or the PSP complete edition. >.<

    • Get the PSP Complete edition. The DS version didn’t do it for me, but I’m looking forward to this complete package.

  • Now I feel a little foolish for investing $37 in to the WiiWare version.

  • I’m really tempted to buy this. I’ve never played Final Fantasy IV before and this is the complete collection so I think it would be wise for me to go preorder this whenever I pick up my 3DS on Sunday.

  • Interface23

    Bringing up Nanashi… now if we don’t get it you reopened old wounds Spencer..

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