Resident Evil: Revival Selection Brings RE4 & Code Veronica To PS3 / Xbox 360

By Spencer . March 22, 2011 . 6:09pm

re4More Resident Evil games are coming to PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Resident Evil: Revival Selection is in this week’s issue of Famitsu.


Scans have not been leaked, but word is Resident Evil 4 and Resident Evil: Code Veronica are in the selection. It’s unclear if both games are separate releases or in one package. We’ll update this post when we have more information regarding new content, if any, and release timing.


Update: These are remastered versions of Resident Evil 4 and Resident Evil: Code Veronica. So far, no additional content has been announced.

Update 2: Ada’s “Separate Ways” scenario from the PlayStation 2 version of Resident Evil 4 is included in the package. The version of Resident Evil: Code Veronica is Code Veronica X, which has extra cutscenes not included in the Dreamcast release.

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  • Wow, I may be interested, this could finally be my entry into the Resident Evil series as I graduate from being a lover of the movies (I love the RE movies, oh and Degeneration too, LEON!!!

    I cant wait for the UPDATE!

    • You never played any of the games before watching the movies?

      • I would say, “that’s probably why he can enjoy the movies,” but then I remember this is Tsuna we’re talking about and he’d probably prefer the movies even if he did play the games first.

        • People who like the games dont like the movies or something?

          • MakoSoldier7

            well the movies, despite being branded but the same title, have barely anything to do with the movies, they are just cash ins, like most movie-games. that, and they are just terrible movies in my opinion :P

          • The movies pretty much crap on the continuity of the games and get so many things wrong, it’s not even funny. The first one is fairly respectful of the games, but from the second movie on, it just goes off the rails.

          • Really? I always thought they followed after each of the numbered entries in the games. So Raccooon City wasnt destroyed by a big bomb, and the characters didnt leave the city and meet up, or encounter Wesker and Umbrella Corp didnt survive the worldwide infestation?!

          • @Tsuna – In the games, Wesker BETRAYS Umbrella in the first game. Umbrella is gone and destroyed by the time of RE4 and Wesker works for one of their rivals. The world is never destroyed. Only Raccoon City and a couple small villages around the world. Oswell Spencer is the man in charge of Umbrella. Wesker was just a researcher and double agent for them, who rises to power against them, but still as a villain.

            After the government had to nuke Raccoon City to prevent the spread of the T and G viruses, they shut down Umbrella, as well. Hell, you’ve seen Degeneration. That’s after RE4, but before RE5. The world seemed pretty okay, but the T and G viruses are now in the hands of terrorists.

            Oh, and Alice is not in any of the games, at all.

            And in the games, hitting the Nemesis with a helicopter would’ve just gotten it angry.

          • @Charles Lupula wow that all sounds like a fan fiction story. So the only one that was really canon was degeneration? The movies sound like they are so much more epic than the true storyline. Though it sounds interesting (Cause Wesker was cool int he movie, I assume he is epic in the games too (and my fave in MvC3)).

          • The only canon movie is Degeneration. That’s correct.

            The third Resident Evil movie is pretty much just completely made up, having very little to do with the games at all. The second movie is a mash-up of Resident Evil 2 & 3. The fourth movie is just continuing the story they made in the third movie, but throwing in a lot of Resident Evil 5 elements.

            The games actually have a very cool mythology to them, with quite a few characters. Code Veronica, for example, takes place on a secret prison island/base run by Umbrella, where Claire Redfield is taken, and where twin villains, Albert and Alexia Ashford have been running experiments on the prisoners. But then the Island is attacked (it is revealed to be by Wesker, who was thought to be dead at that point, as he is apparently killed in RE1, but shows up here with the powers that he’s known for. In RE1, he was thought to be just a regular person) and Claire gets out of her cell, but has to find a way off the island. Steve is a fellow prisoner whose father worked for Umbrella who tried to sell secrets to a rival company. The story gets A LOT bigger from there.

            No, the world doesn’t get destroyed, but for the individual characters, a lot is at state.

            In RE4, Leon Kennedy, who was one of the survivors of Raccoon City in RE2, is now working for the Secret Service. Umbrella is long gone, but Oswell Spencer is still unaccounted for and Wesker has grown in power over the years. The president’s daughter has been kidnapped in Spain and it’s up to Leon to go and find her. He runs into something, but it ISN’T the T-virus or Umbrella. It’s something potentially worse and just as life threatening.

          • @Charles Lupula Gosh you now make me really want to play the games to experience the story! Ill just start with 4 I guess since Leon seems cool and the description doesnt seem like it is that reliant on many past details from the first 3? Unless 1,2,3 are available in some uptouched form?

          • 1, 2, & 3 are all on the Playstation Store in the PS1 classics section. They have awful graphics and even worse controls compared to what we have today, but they do all have voice acting and I know you like that. lol

            Code Veronica is still related to the first 3 and then 4 is somewhat separate, but it still ties in. Only three previous RE characters show up in it. RE5 kinda ties them all together, as it’s the threat from RE4 but with a lot of the previous RE characters.

          • Guest

            Don’t forget there was that George A. Romero directed Biohazard 2 commercial that initially sparked the whole interest in making said movies… :P

            “In 1999, Sony and Capcom greenlit a Resident Evil film with George A. Romero signed on as the film’s director and screenplay writer.
            Romero’s association with Capcom, the Resident Evil video game series creators, had extended from 1998 when Romero directed an ad campaign for Biohazard 2 (Resident Evil 2) in Japan.
            Romero stated in an official appearance in Universal Studio’s Talk City chatroom that he had his secretary play the entire game through and record the gameplay so he could study it as a resource.
            Romero’s screenplay revolved around the plot of the Arklay incident and included characters from the Resident Evil video games.
            Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine were the lead characters, involved in a romantic relationship. Barry Burton, Rebecca Chambers, Ada Wong and Albert Wesker were to also appear. The ending to the film would have been similar to that of the Resident Evil video game.
            Romero’s script was disapproved of and production was placed into development hell.
            Capcom producer Yoshiki Okamoto explained to the editors of Electronic Gaming Monthly that “Romero’s script wasn’t good, so Romero was fired”.
            In February 2000, Romero revealed in an interview with DGA magazine that “I don’t think they were into the spirit of the video game and wanted to make it more of a war movie, something heavier than I thought it should be. So I think they just never liked my script.”
            As Romero’s script was a close, but not full, adaptation of the game, Capcom believed fans would feel that the film had been altered too much from the game and that newcomers would dislike the premise.
            Hired by Sony, Paul W.S. Anderson wrote a screenplay, which was ultimately favored over Romero’s.
            In late 2000, Anderson was announced as director and writer, and Resident Evil re-entered pre-production stages. Anderson stated the film would not include any tie-ins with the video game series as “under-performing movie tie-ins are too common and Resident Evil, of all games, deserved a good celluloid representation”
            ” – Wiki

            how ironic they ended up with the final result that was so different anyway huh? :P

      • Heh, I got so scared at Resident Evil 1 one back in the day that Ive just been still scared from that moment (not knowing how to shoot, zombies always biting me, oh and then those scary dogs in the mansion, it was just a terrible scary experience that haunts me), the nightmares…

        I was scared to see the first movie, but it (it had a scary moment) but it was just so epic cause the character was just so epic possibly my favorite female actor not named Jennifer Lopez ^_^ (loved her in the back up plan), and the second third and fourth movies were so epic. I loved the movies, I guess thats been the extent of my RE experience (I wish I worked for Umbrella corp!)

        • [The Hunter] Doomrider

          I wish you tried Penumbra.

    • [The Hunter] Doomrider

      4 is not really a good RE, but it’s one of the best action games EVER, so… I’d say it’s a good choice!

      • Honestly, the RE series had started to get very stale before RE4 came out. Mikami himself even said it, when he scrapped some of the previous versions of RE4 for being too much like the earlier games.

        The perfect spot for the series, in my opinion, is the Lost in Nightmares DLC for RE5, which had the scares of the old games, but the RE4-and-beyond controls.

        • [The Hunter] Doomrider

          Yeah, I suppose the RE formula would need to be revised at some point… But it seems like Mikami just scrapped it altogether! I saw footage of the “original” RE4, and I kinda liked the vibe. You got the advanced shooting mechanics coupled with a nice, creepy-looking atmosphere. Revelations seems to be going for that combination, so that’s pretty cool. Then again, I really liked REsident and RE Zero, despite their old formula. But, truth be told, I would never play them again.

          Now that I think about it, Mikami is not only a genius, but also a badass. He created one of the most successful videogame series in existence, and then proceeded to destroy its very foundations, only to create one of the best games ever (opinions, I know), and one that would greatly influence the industry. Just like that. Thank you for existing, Mikami-sama.

          About the RE5 DLC… I never played it =S And that sucks, because all I hear about it is praise! Being able to play it using classic camera angles is a nice touch (even though it is a secret…kinda).

          (In 4’s defense, the Regenerators WERE creepy. But I think that’s because they reminded me of little grays, and those freak me out (the first one you meet was being autopsied… Coincidence? *SHUDDER*))

          • The one problem with using the classic angles is that it then switches the game to tank controls, which wouldn’t be so bad if the controls were on the d-pad, but they’re on the analog stick, which is just awkward.

            And I agree on it being one of the best games ever. It’s actually my second favorite game of all time (behind Metal Gear Solid 3).

          • PrinceHeir

            the reason why he scrapped it because the atmosphere feels too Silent Hill like which is psychological and such.

            would love to see the beta used in future RE games to be honest.

    • There’s a character in Code Veronica named Steve that I’d be very surprised if you didn’t like.

  • This news added with Duodecims release today, have made my day! I hope it’s one package though. It better not be $60 either.

  • [The Hunter] Doomrider

    These are probably ports, but… 4 running on MT Framework would be… =O

    Even if it’s just a port, the game still looks great (apart from the textures), so, no biggie. Leon Badass Kennedy <3

  • I own both games, but I think I will buy them. Although why stop with RE4 and Code Veronica? We never got to play RE0 or the REmake? Put those in there too.

    I do hope they either fix or, at least, make the tank controls in Code Veronica optional.

    • malek86

      “Although why stop with RE4 and Code Veronica? We never got to play RE0 or the REmake? Put those in there too.”

      What? And skewer their chances of selling you another collection later on?

      • I’d actually buy that collection too. In fact, since I never played those, I’d actually prefer that collection.

        • malek86

          And that’s why they can to do it later. More precisely, after you have already paid them for this collection.

          • I’m just thinking from a linear storyline perspective, it would make more sense to release those first.

  • The controls will need a MASSIVE overhaul.

    And hopefully RE4 will support Move.

    • They’d have to totally change the gameplay if they changed the controls, would be too easy otherwise so honestly hope they keep it unchanged aside from graphical upgrades

      Anyways, super super hyped for this, was just getting a hankering for another RE4 playthrough so perfect timing, only thing better would be a complete collection but probably not until next gen for that

      • The didnt change the gameplay at all for the Wii version. I see no reason why they cant apply the Wii ports control mecahnics to Move.

        • Wii version is easier as a result, also feel that part of the tension comes from the challenge of slowing aiming at an enemy before it can reach you which the Wii version sacrifices for intuitiveness

          • The solution is just to do what they did for RE5 Gold and make Move controls (and tank controls for RE: CV) optional. That way, everybody wins.

        • Stephen, there is a difference in terms of the lag you get while playing shooter games on the Wii and Move.

          The main difference between the Move and Wii is this: Move has better waggle (it’s more refined), Wii has better pointing (no lag).

          With RE4 there wasn’t a lot of waggle as much as shooting at stuff. So the advantage here is for the Wiimote. Having no lag in terms of pointing at stuff and shooting at it.

          So I don’t think they can simply port the shooting mechanics and make no adjustments to compensate for the Move’s noticeable lag with these type of games.

    • PrinceHeir

      yes RE4 on Move please :D

    • Feynman

      No control changes. The tank controls in the Resident Evil series are perfect, and absolutely essential in order to maintain proper gameplay balance.

      • I hated the tank controls from the very beginning. I mean, I got used to them so if they’re still there, I guess I could deal with Code Veronica still having them, but they really need to make them optional and have the option to just use the analog stick like every other game of the last decade.

        • Feynman

          The problem is that changing the controls would break the game. It’s an intentional design decision, much like the limited jumping abilities of Arthur in Ghouls ‘n’ Ghosts, or Simon Belmont in the pre-symphony Castlevania games. Zombies are slow moving, and need to make physical contact with the player in order to cause damage. Forcing the player to gradually turn, and stop to aim their weapon, is a way of preventing the player from being effortlessly running circles around every monster in the game. It allows a swarm of zombies to gradually draw closer and forces the player to consider their action in advance, taking their movement options into careful consideration.

          The tank controls are an integral part of the game’s balance, and changing them to standard action game fixed analog movement would completely trivialize the games and render them pathetically easy, which is not something you want in a game about keeping the player tense and wary.

          • You do know that Silent Hill 2 gave the option for either analog or tank controls and it didn’t break the game to be able to move, right? Wouldn’t break it either. You’d still have to press a button to run. You still would have to stand still to shoot (They didn’t even change that in Resident Evil 5).

            The tank controls should be optional, at most. If you want to play with them, fine. But if there’s an option to go analog, I’ll take it in a second.

          • Feynman

            Silent Hill 2 is also much less combat-focused than Resident Evil games are. Monsters in SH2 are almost an afterthought, and not really intended to be very dangerous. The game stands mainly on it’s riddles, locations, and interesting story to engage the player.

            Resident Evil puts far more emphasis on monster encounters, the puzzles being scarcely anything beyond “find key; open door,” and the story doesn’t even try to be engaging.

            Let’s also not forget that Silent Hill 2 was designed with fixed analog controls in mind as an option in the first place. Resident Evil games were not. Resident Evil is completely structured around the tank controls. The controls work perfectly, and there isn’t any compelling reason to change them.

          • @Feynman – The compelling reason is that they’re pretty awful controls that will turn off a great deal of new fans to the series, who have gotten used to controlling characters that actually control like people. Not to mention, it will come bundled with a game that has controls new people to the series will actually like.

            And I don’t know what Silent Hill you were playing if you think the monsters weren’t intended to be dangerous. Ever get hit with Pyramid Head’s sword? On anything but the lowest combat difficulty, it’s a one hit kill. Not to mention most of the Silent Hill monsters have to be tackled with melee attacks, instead of a gun, which makes them even more of a worry.

            Let’s just agree to disagree and hope for different things. I hope the controls or gone or optional, you hope they’re still there. We’ll know in a few weeks which of us gets our wish.

      • the wii version controls of RE4 are the best controls… no other contorl set, not event he move, will come close to the perfection that wii gave to RE4.

        • Yes, because the Move controls won’t basically be the same thing. I swear, you people, sometimes…

          • Yes Charles, believe it or not, the Wiimote is better than the Move in some aspects.

            The Move is better for motion controlled games. However, for shooting games, the Wii is better than the Move. This is because the Move has lag in shooters where the wiimote has zero lag. The cursor jumps around a bit with the Move, whereas the wiimote cursor is as steady as your hand.

            The tech used for making the Move a pointer is inferior to the tech that makes the Wiimote a pointer.

            So there you go.

          • Funny how I didn’t encounter any of this lag when I played Dead Space Extraction. I actually happen to tend to hate motion controlled games, actually, so if that’s all the Move was for, I’d be very disappointed. Time Crisis, Dead Space, even Killzone 3, I didn’t experience any of this lag.

      • Chow

        I agree with tank controls. It’s way more precise. Though, I think most people don’t like tank controls because it’s really wonky while using an analogue stick. That’s why I always use the digital pad while using tank controls.

        Sometimes screen controls can be good, but they can get annoying when the camera angle changes. But this is the best use of the analogue stick in these sorts of games.

        I really liked how Resident Evil: Outbreak gave you the two options simultaneously.

      • malek86

        I never liked tank-style controls ever since Alone in the Dark (awesome game btw, aside from this small problem), but at least at the time they were excusable under “technical limitations”. I guess RE1 was somewhat excusable too, since it took inspiration from it. Later on, however, that kind of controls just became ancient. Capcom had a good idea by moving to something a bit more modern for RE4.

        PS. incidentally, at least “gameplay balance” could be a good reason for wanting these kind of controls. Most people I know who like survival horrors, always tell me stuff like “tank controls are better because your character is supposed to be a normal person, not a superhero!”. Which doesn’t make sense because:

        1) normal people aren’t supposed to run slowly or turn around only while staying still.
        2) despite that, these normal people suddenly have no problem in using and quickly reloading weapons, even ones they’ll have never seen in their life, like grenade launchers and stuff.
        3) while that excuse could be somewhat usable for AITD, it definitely doesn’t fit with the trained personnel of most of the RE series

        • Hah, never seen that “superhero” excuse. God that’s laughable.

  • No RE 2 “Rebirth” Capcom… ? :(

  • skymap

    I hope they re-release REmake for the HD consoles. Such an excellent game deserves to span beyond Wii and Gamecube, although maybe exclusivity deals prevent that from happening.

  • Dimentionalist

    My wallet is now sounding a lot like Leon if Ashley gets killed or captured by the Ganados.

    “Oh, NO…”

  • PrinceHeir

    as much as i like this why not remake RE2 and RE3? or pick one and code veronica. RE4 has been done to death O_O

    still im stoked for both games. i wonder what kind of improvement Code Veronica And RE4 will bring? :P

    Leon and Ada on HD? count me in :D

    what’s the “Ada’s Another Order mode”?

    • I guess reworking PSone games would be too much work. It would need more than just a quick up-rez with cleaner textures… a lot more.

    • On the PS2 version (I think it’s on the Wii version as well), there’s two modes with Ada. One of them is a canon mode where you see where she was in various points of the game. There’s an extra section that Leon never goes to, but it’s very short. It’s still a nice bonus, though.

      • PrinceHeir

        i think your referring to the exclusive mode from PS2(which was also featured in the Wii version) “Separate Ways”. which featured Ada before Leon’s Arrival and how they met throughout the course of the game. the other mode that has been feature from the very start is “Assignment Ada”. that’s only the 2 modes i know that features Ada as the main character(and yes their canon except for Assignment Ada)

        unless “Ada’s Another Order mode” is just another name for Separate Ways or Assignment Ada i guess that’s that.

        • vadde939

          Another Order is the Japanese name for Seperate Ways

          • PrinceHeir

            ohh i see, thanks for clearing that up ^^

  • Great. I was just about to start my RE4 run. Guess I can put it off until Revival pack comes over here.

  • Maybe if they fixed the blurriness. Then again, even Monster Hunter Tri looks as if it was made using a VERY similar engine to RE4…

    • Well, you also have to remember that the Wii is not an HD system. Since this will probably, at the very least, be 720p, they’ll probably up the textures quality and smooth out the graphics a little.

    • malek86

      RE4 was just a letterbox game blown up to widescreen (guess Capcom didn’t feel like re-doing the engine). MH3 rendered internally to 360p, that’s why it looked blurry. MHG is in 480p and looks a lot sharper as a result.

  • icedearthaholic

    Okay, here’s my question, is this going to be DDL only or will it be on disc? If on disc, I’ll definitely get it. Otherwise no dice. I don’t like DDL for games much, unless they’re on a mobile phone, or they’re free.

  • looking forward to this claire redfield is my favorite RE char its a shame shes been reduced to the sidelines and made a lame appearance in the RE CGI movie.

    • Guest

      Aren’t they making another one?

  • DanteJones

    Oh nice, both games were pretty fun so this’d be a nice addition to the collection. :)

    I wonder if the Resident Evil: Outbreak games could see a return? Those were pretty fun to play with other people. Except for the one douche who would hold a door closed with everyone else still inside. Jerk…

  • I am honestly sick of re-releases but meh, might grab it being that my RE4 on PS2 isn’t working

  • ヽ(*´∀`)ノ

  • “Aya?” I think someone’s been playing too much Parasite Eve, her name’s Ada :P

  • Heh Code Veronica was the last Resident Evil I brought. Man that game was awesome so I’m glad its been given the another chance so to speak. Hopefully people will play it for historical sake and thus be kinder to the limatations the game had.

  • Guest

    Call me crazy but I’d also like to have a version of the Gun Survivor 2 arcade game that made it to JPN/EU PS2

  • eilegz

    so HD remix, with achievements or trophies?

    or mostly a compilation port…

    • They will obviously be HD remasters complete with your stat tracking flavor of choice.

  • RE4 and Code Veronica X remastered all shiny like and on 360 / PS3?

    I umm, yeah. That is one hell of an announcement, Capcom.
    Consider me hyped!

    Now just remaster + remake RE2 (RE3 wouldn’t hurt either, but preference for RE2) and I’ll be set for life. =O

    (On an unrelated note, I should probably pass on my RE4 Wii copy to a friend. Picked it up just because it seemed the best version out and RE4 such a good game. Would have easily waited on it had I known a 360 / PS3 version would eventually be released)

  • $30 for both games and move controls for RE4. Will make me forget the garbage RE5 was!

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