Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together Was The Best-Selling PSP Game In February

By Ishaan . March 22, 2011 . 3:01pm

Square Enix released Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together on the PSP in February, and while the game didn’t crack the top-10 best-sellers list in the U.S., it was the best-selling PSP game for the month, according to Square and the NPD Group.


The catch is that Square Enix haven’t provided any sales numbers for Tactics Ogre. This means we don’t know how well it really did, as opposed to how it did in comparison to other PSP software, which has a reputation for not selling very well in general, due to the large-scale piracy situation on the system.


That said, Square Enix’s high-profile PSP games have a reputation for doing well. When it released in March 2008, Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII sold 301,600 units in its first month on the market. In August of 2009, Dissidia: Final Fantasy sold 130,000 units in its first month. Finally, Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep, released in October 2010, drew in 225,000 sales.


Square Enix have even more PSP games slated for the rest of 2011. March 29th will see the release of The 3rd Birthday, with Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection showing up soon after. Finally, Final Fantasy Type-0 is slated for a summer release in Japan this year, and given Square’s newfound love for quick localizations, we can probably expect to see that published overseas not too far in the future as well.

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  • It deserves it, i loved it.

  • Didn’t have the stiffest competition, but it’s a great game and its success is well-warranted.

  • Zero_Destiny

    This pleases me greatly. :D Tactics Ogre deserves every sale it made and then some.

    • Testsubject909

      Now how about we get Episodes 1 through 4? Huh?

      I mean. Ogre Battle on the Snes was Episode 5: March of the Black Queen.

      Tactics Ogre was episode 7, despite being released after Ogre Battle on the Snes.

      Then we had Ogre Battle 64: Person of Lordly Caliber on the N64 (obviously), which was Episode 6 (Odd to release Episode 6 after Episode 7… But hey.)

      So yeah… Maybe this will give them a chance to release the missing four episodes?

      And I for one would love to see another battle system similar to Ogre Battle.

      • They don’t actually *exist*. The Ogre Battle Saga was planned to be 13 (I believe, though I can’t remember where I got that number from) episodes long, but like Star Wars, it begins in the “middle” (ANH is episode four, afterall, eps 1-3 came years later). Several of the earlier events are referenced specifically if you go out of the way to get all the qualifications for the World ending of MotBQ, though. It’s been a very long time since I’ve done so, but I think I remember that they mention the Dragon Knight rebellion occuring after the actual Ogre Battle (which presumably is Episode 1), as well as Galf’s insurrection and subsequent imprisonment in Antanjyl. Also, there’s the implicit events occuring between the Two Lanselots (spoilers in next paragraph!).

        (Tartaros losing his eye to Hamilton) that’s not actually shown in any of the games we’ve gotten so far, so I’d presume that’s possibly E4 (Remember, Endora created the Xytegenian Empire for the goal of stopping a Lodis *invasion*, and Hamilton was a Xenobian Knight under the old king). And there’s the giant enormous bit of unfinished business with said eyeless bastard, seeing as he leaves Valeria and returns to Lodis still in one piece and very much alive at the end of LUCT. It’s also possible with Dorgula’s war to unify Valeria, given it’s ultimate end may be an “epsiode”, but as it appears they’ve, um, retconned King Rodderick and the Forbidden Power out of existence (or at least, he’s not lurking in the Hell Gate/Palace of the Dead anymore, and Mreuva doesn’t mention it at all, unless I somehow failed to trigger that in the remake), perhaps not.

        TO: A Knight of Lodis predates MotBQ, however it’s not actually titled Episode IV.

        Anywho, long nerdy rambling post aside, I absolutely love me some Ogre Battle. It’s long been one of my favorite series and I had given up hope of ever seeing it again with the series of corporate mergers its creators went through. Seeing it doing fairly well given the PSP’s generally awful sales here gives me hope that, considering how well it did in Japan, that if they do indeed revive the series, it has a good chance of actually reaching American shores.

  • Phoenix_Apollo

    Now, let’s see how The 3rd Birthday does. March has been kinda competitive for PSP games.

  • Fonic

    Really hope it did well in a general sense and not just comparatively. It’s a great game and this remake/port was excellently done.

  • Alexisonfire

    Even if its a remake, it still will probably be one of the best ten games I play this year.

    An amazing game.

  • This game is gorgeous, one of the best SRPG on the history. Awesome OST, intriguing history, but few classes.

  • ToSeektheChosen

    Square Enix kept the PSP alive. =)

    • Testsubject909

      Give some Kudos to Atlus too.

      “Why Atlus?”

      They’re the ones who originally published/distributed all previous Ogre games to the US: Ogre Battle, Tactics Ogre, Ogre Battle 64, Tactics Ogre on PS1.

      All Atlus.

      • TheTimelyHoward

        Uh, Ogre Battle: March of the Black Queen on the SNES was published in North America by Enix. It says so on the box.

        • The SNES original was released by Enix, yes, but it was released in a very limited quantity and went out of print very quickly. Atlus brought the PS1 port/update to the US. The PS1 version’s slightly enhanced — re-recorded soundtrack, improved magic spell effects, some slight graphical changes (mostly the unit icons), and a slight retranslation as “OB: MotBQ ‘Limited Edition’. Until Squeenix remakes this one too (Please!), that’s the definitive version of the game, to me.

          Interestingly enough though, now thanks to Square re-releasing the original English/SNES version on the VC, it’s wound up being the more common version. The PS1’s still the way to go though just for the much better sountrack and other improvements, IMO.

  • This game is THE BEST THE BEST THE BEST THE BEST THE Best the best…


    I felt like I had to do it. Sorry if it annoys you guys (and gals).

  • rock1644

    I proudly purchased this game during that sales period.

  • Ladius

    Well deserved, I hope this means new Matsuno projects from SE. PSP is really a gold mine with titles like this, Trails in the Sky and Valkyria Chronicles 3 (if it’s localized, let’s hope E3 brings good news).

  • raymk

    This game is the best game on psp,even with valkyria chronicles and other games on it. Its that good of a game.

  • Testsubject909

    I’m greatly pleased about this turn of event. What I’m not so pleased is the lack of commentary in this article.

    Makes me wonder how many people here have enjoyed it/enjoys the Ogre series/cares much for how this game does…

    Or… If they’re all just too busy playing it on their PSP, in which case. I can’t blame them.

  • Tactics Ogre: LUCT is probably going to go down as few of my favorite games of all time. I bought my copy the moment it was released, and it was worth every penny. Well, one disappointment is that the EBgames here didn’t get the Tarot cards, but whatever. THE GAME IS GREAT, AND I’M HAPPY THAT IT SOLD WELL.

  • I got Tactics Ogre finally this past weekend, since it was on sale– one of the better purchases I made. After how much slog and lag was in Final Fantasy Tactics PSP, Tactics Ogre was like a breath of fresh air. The system is quick, the rewind feature is a complete godsend if I make a stupid mistake, and the graphics are beautiful to behold– I have a great soft spot for the isometric grid style, so it really appeals to me more than FFT’s graphics have.

    Definitely a good purchase indeed.

  • Good news. I reckon Square wil continue this trend next month as I feel The 3rd Birthday and Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection will be the two top selling games.

  • Tom_Phoenix

    “This means we don’t know how well it really did, as opposed to how it did in comparison to other PSP software, which has a reputation for not selling very well in general, due to the large-scale piracy situation on the system.”

    I am preety sure the poor sales of PSP software in the US (and elsewhere outside of Japan, for that matter) have less to do with piracy and more to do with the fact that most of the PSP software released there is just plain terrible. It doesn’t help that whatever decent games it has are mostly spin-off titles of game series that tend to be more competently executed on home consoles.

    Don’t believe me? Just look at how things turned out in Japan. When poor games were being released for the system, software sales were pathetic. It is only when developers started releasing QUALITY titles (such as Monster Hunter Portable) did PSP software sales pick up in a dramatic fashion. And this happened all the while Japanese gamers could obtain pirated software just as easily as their Western counterparts.

    For that reason, I am not even remotely suprised that Tactics Ogre topped the US PSP software chart. Not only is it an excellent port of an excellent game, it hardly has any competition. Considering the sorry state of the PSP library outside of Japan, the release of Tactics Ogre was probably like a breath of fresh air.

    Nowadays, the only quality PSP software that is released comes from Japan. So unless you are a fan of Japanese games, you won’t have much of a reason to buy PSP games. As such, is it any wonder why PSP software sales outside of Japan are so poor?

    EDIT: Also, I hope Tactics Ogre did well in Europe. It would be nice if Square Enix’s decision to release Premium/Limited Edition copies in Europe was rewarded, since I would like to see more of that. I know I already did my part.

  • I hope it sold well enough to encourage more games from Matsuno, and more PSP RPGs for the US.

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