Black Rock Shooter: The Game The Release Date

By Spencer . March 24, 2011 . 5:35pm

brsLuminous Arc developer Imageepoch is finishing up Tale of the Last Promise, a PSP dungeon crawler and their first self-published title. Black Rock Shooter: The Game for PSP is up next and the game is still on track for a summer release.


Today, Imageepoch set August 25 as the release date for Black Rock Shooter: The Game. A retail copy runs for 6,279 yen ($77). Black Rock Shooter will also be available as a PlayStation Network download for 5,600 yen ($70) and for each digital copy sold Imageepoch will donate 500 yen ($6) towards Tohoku earthquake recovery efforts.


There’s also a White Premium Box which includes the PSP game, Black Rock Shooter art works (an art book), limited edition soundtrack, and a WRS figma for 10,479 yen ($130).


whiter1 whiter2


While Black Rock Shooter has not been announced for release outside of Japan, NIS America and Imageepoch have a publishing agreement.

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  • I still feel i dont know anything but the strange OVA of blackshooter, anyhow i know i will want/like it xD

  • Yay! thanks for news :D
    ALSO!: Should be noted that the photos that are linked here are for a first press Charm.
    The figma photos (there’s about 4 or 5 of them) are below it on this page:

    • Kai2591

      Thanks! I was wondering about that.

  • Please have my favorite! The male one is just so epically awesome. Anyway, I just wanna play the game, it looks fun!

    • Zero_Destiny

      lol I’m surprised that even my super Kawaii desu Black Rock shooter can’t escape rule 63. No wait it’s worse. It’s like the opposite of rule 63. :( Why would anyone want to do that?

      • Ren

        Heh, I prefer the male version better myself, BRS just looks too much like Miku for me, and I don’t particularly like her design much, Luka is better. Also, isn’t the rule 63 related to all genderbending?
        For why someone would like to do that… Let’s give you a example. Take Kamina and apply 63, now you aren’t gay anymore. And if a girl(or Trist) want to do the same to a female character she’s entitled to do so.

        • Zero_Destiny

          lol I think Rule 63 only applies to making a male chara into a female one but I don’t know not up to stuff on all my internet terms. :P I don’t mean to say you can’t do the same to a female chare far from it. It more like Black Rock shooter is so great already so making any change is futile!!!!! XD Then again that’s my preferences.
          And why does it make me so confused. @[email protected] *flashbacks to Cloud cross-dressing in Final Fantasy VII* lol

      • Because the male one is just more epic, just look at him, and some other fan arts, he is just epically awesome! Even the cosplay too

        • Zero_Destiny

          Wow I’m not one for dudes but that is a really good cosplay. :3 Reminds me of this. THE MOST MANLIEST OF ALL COSPLAY!!!!!!!!!:

          • Zero_Destiny

            Wow I dig the Kamina but the dude in the fundoshi. :( I guess I can’t knock someone for being a big fan but it doesn’t seem like a sensible and good thing to cosplay as. A little too much “out there” if you know what I mean. Really should of went with something else to cosplay as. Plus seeing as I have like two feet of snow and it’s friggin’ freezing right now I really think this guy is crazy. bbrrrrr. Makes me cold just thinking about it. Put on some pants and maybe a jacket. You’ll catch death like that. :(

          • I finally started watching Gurren Lagann (cant believe I put it off for so long, it seems awesome) just saw episode 1 just now. Simon x Kamina is so awesome too!

          • Zero_Destiny

            Yes. Keep watching it. Simon and Kamina are bros forever and always. Watch as their relationship matures over time. You’ll laugh and cry I can guarantee it. Very good show. Keep watching it. It won’t disappoint. :)

    • Jenova2212

      I don’t know if you’re really a male or female, or what your sexual orientation is…but, dude, I’ve seen be some HARDcore hentai fangirls rage less than you do when it comes to this stuff.

      It just doesn’t seem healthy.

      • Ren

        He says he’s male and straight, but I kind of doubt seeing his Tumblr is practically a Yaoi Heaven. Also, the right term is ovulate, not rage.

        Fangirling is actually quite healthy, I recommend it(not).

        • You mean good fan arts heaven!

          • Ren

            No, I mean Yaoi Heaven. Don’t try to hide it, I saw your last avatar picture.

          • The epic one, I love Naruto x Sasuke so much, oh and Tsuna x Gokudera, Ichigo x Grimmjow, gah I could go on and on, they are all canon too! My three faves, so much fan art I have (Saiko x Shujin from Bakuman is a new favorite, so canon!) (oh and other minor pairings, so cool)..

          • Jenova2212

            @Tsunayoshi Sawada:

            Dude, you need help… Like, we’re talking some serious psychiatric counseling here.

          • Ren

            Oh, come on, he’s just either on the closet, sensitive about it or trolling us, besides, psychiatric counseling only helps those that want to be helped, and I doubt Trist thinks he needs it. And fangirling never killed someone before… yet.

          • Ren

            @last comment
            I agree on NaruSasu being canon, and you can bullshit through KHR, but IchiGrimm, really? Well, I prefer 8027 myself, I was actually into 5927 when I started watching it, but I tipped over half way. And how the hell can SaikoxShujin be canon? I haven’t read Bakuman in one year, but wouldn’t that kinda undermine the WHOLE motive for Mashiro being a mangaka? Come on, there’s fangirling and then there’s asking your friend’s dicksize.

          • But the way Shujin and Saiko stare and smile and each other, and they have their little apartment, literally around each other 20 hours of the day and more. They even put each other first before others. Plus the fan art looks nice.

          • Zero_Destiny

            @Ren Well You know two dudes making Manga, getting all hot and sweaty working hard and having slumber parties at their office. One thing leads to another and well . . . Ops? lol Dumb and shameless Joke I know.

          • Ren

            Zero, your inner fangirl is creepy, no creepier than other fangirls but creepy nonetheless. Besides, wouldn’t it be a bit difficult for it to happen knowing Takagi’s wife is pretty much on 24/7 watch on them(and she doesn’t look the kind to share) and they actually having to work? Well, it is from the guys who made Death Note after all…

          • Zero_Destiny

            @Ren I swear it was nothing more than a joke XD *reaffirms that he can still look at himself in the mirror and say that* lol I think any fan is creepy though. It’s something I have come to accept. Whether you’re a fangirl or a fanboy you’re creepy. lol It’s something we can’t escape. Even I fall victim to it. :P Although when I think about it I’ve yet to acquire anything all that creepy *stare at Sakura Wars and my shameful anime collection* No wait I take that back. lol

          • >>I think any fan is creepy though. It’s something I have come to accept.

            Truer words have never been said… I think I learned something about myself today. ;___;

      • Darkrise

        He rages for shirtless Vaan as well as Naruto Yaoi between Naruto and Sasuke. I’m not surprised anymore.

        • Cause Vaan is epic, I mean, just look at Duodecim, he is pretty epic in that and in FFXIII. Naruto x Sasuke is actually canon, just look at the anime sometime, they only think about each other.

          • What specifically did Vaan do in FFXII that made him “epic”?

          • Easy, there was this

            And other epic moments, he was just really likeable and had good motives, plus he became a sky pirate and showed up int he phenomenal FFTA2: GotR.

          • That’s one picture. What I wanted from you was a specific scenario from the game. I’ll admit he’s a decent character that doesn’t get enough credit from people, but he’s nowhere near “epic” levels.

          • Jenova2212

            Lol. He’s definitely trolling us. There’s no way any sane, stable person could consider some shirtless guy in a creepy pose as “epic.”

            He’s a troll who’s just messing with us. I refuse to believe that a person could…could get so wrong like that.

  • Zero_Destiny

    I’m really wanting an American release it would be so awesome. I’d love to check it out. :) High hopes for this game too.

  • Please NISA bring this over but please please PLEASE don’t forget about Fate/Extra!

  • PersonaSpace

    Despite the fact that this game might actually get an English release, I have the LE Japanese version preordered anyway. I really want the White Rock Shooter figma.

  • MizuMikomi

    So Black Rock Shooter the game will be release on the 25th of August, awesome! That is six days before my 18th birthday, so it looks like I will be purchasing myself an early; or not so early depending on shipping, Birthday gift. =)

  • D: They’re throwing in an artbook. Do want!

  • Kai2591

    Hope this gets localized.
    With Jap voices intact.

    • Darkrise

      It’s NISA, if it does get localized there will always be dual audio. =P

      • Sakura Wars on Wii was dual audio?

        • Zero_Destiny

          That was an exception Sakura Wars had WAY TO MUCH dialogue. The PS2 version was dual audio but only because it was two disc. The sales of the Wii version was a big gamble so NISA took the safe bet and didn’t make a dual audio two disc game. If there was enough room on one disc you better believe NISA would of put dual audio on it. Just like Phantom Brave Wii had dual audio.

          • GVmanX

            How did the Wii version sell?

          • Zero_Destiny

            I’m not sure but really both versions didn’t met NISA expectations. They were kinda bummed by that. :( I don’t know if that means they lost money on it or if it just didn’t preform as well as they liked ether. But don’t worry, it’s not that NISA has given up on the series though. They tried to release I&II on the PSP but Sony of America wouldn’t let them [the whole argument of them not calling a VN a game :(]. BUT maybe sometime in the near future if the stars all align just right we’ll see another one come over here to the US.

  • So that means the west will at least get this around winter/Janurary.

  • Darkrise

    Hmm, was hoping for a maybe mid july release but at least it’s summer release, and it’s so close to the release date of that Miku append figma that has strangely captured my attention. But anyways, you had me at Premium box. I already pre-ordered my copy of the LE =P But I’ll still buy this if it get’s a localization. Also, Tale of the Last Promise.

  • Wackoramaco87

    While I’m not quite as excited for the game as others seem to be (perhaps I’ll get around to watching the anime, one of these days!) I just have to comment on how entertaining and funny some of the comments here are. Very nice, gentlemen (?) and thank you! =D

  • I want the figma … but $130 is too … expensive

  • CHANXCO!!!!!!!!!

    That Chanxco little figure thing shown above is a first press bonus too :/

    I’m only interested in the figma, but not way I’m buying the game for that.

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