Duke Nukem Forever Delayed By A Month

By Ishaan . March 24, 2011 . 10:31am


Yes, Duke Nukem Forever has been delayed again from its May release, and is now slated for release on June 14th, 2011 in the U.S. and June 10th everywhere else.


“We thank Duke’s fans for their continued patience – I promise this won’t take another 15 years,” says Christoph Hartmann, president of publisher, 2K Games. In the mean time, you can read the game’s amusing ESRB rating in this older post.

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  • Testsubject909

    Here we go again!

    Oh and, good work. Kotaku’s got it written up as: Duke Nukem Forever Delayed.

    It’s just a tad bit more suggestive as to how long the delay is.

  • Lenne

    im not suprised its delayed forev- err i mean by a month. :P
    just means its gonna be more awesome when its finally released.. i hope.

  • Aara_Malik_Davoodi

    15 years is about the same as 15 years and one month. No biggies. As evidence indicates this will be totally worth the wait

    • “Well, it’s only one month.”

      -Customer placing pre-order, 1998


  • doubletaco

    Not a very creative publicity stunt.

    • I suspect it’s more schedule shuffling than just a publicity stunt. They would have been competing with L.A. Noire in May, and I wouldn’t bet on Duke’s sales against that.

      • neo_firenze

        I don’t know that I agree that the timing is a good thing for sales.

        DNF was supposed to come out in the first week if May – a couple weeks before L.A. Noire, and after a fairly dead April. It would have been all alone for a while, with no other recent AAA action game to compete. Now it’s coming out a week after a couple of heavy hitters in Infamous 2 and Shadows of the Damned, and competing with L.A. Noire after it has had a few weeks to build some buzz.

        • L.A. Noire already has plenty of buzz; it’s a Rockstar sandbox title. It’ll top May’s NPD. Might top June’s NPD as well, but like RDR there’ll at least be a decline in sales—it won’t be the hottest new thing.

          If Duke had been due in April, I’d probably agree with you. But I don’t believe the average gamer has the kind of nostalgia goggles/gaming budget necessary to prioritize DNF over L.A. Noire, or buy both within such a short time frame.

          Infamous 2 is definitely notable, but I don’t think it’ll take as many sales away from DNF. It’s fairer competition. Shadows of the Damned…well, maybe it’ll be a dark horse. Personally, I don’t see it cracking 100k, much less the bottom of the NPD.

          • neo_firenze

            I don’t know about you, but if I’m looking for mainstream gamer dollars, I’d rather launch two weeks BEFORE L.A. Noire than two weeks after. I agree that a lot of people will only buy one, but I’d rather give myself a chance that someone walking into a store in early May and seeing DNF and nothing else they want, as opposed to walking into the same store in early June and seeing DNF AND that L.A. Noire game they’ve been hearing about.

            And again, why wouldn’t you want no competition instead of some other games that you’re now launching a week behind in Infamous 2 and Shadows of the Damned (don’t forget it’s EA publishing it, so there will be a decent media blitz).

            I’ve gotta think that DNF’s delay wasn’t for strategic purposes, but because they really couldn’t make the initial early May date for some other reason.

          • Even if DNF was on shelves, why couldn’t our hypothetical gamers see the promos for L.A. Noire and say “Oh, that’s coming out in only two weeks? I’ll save my money and get that instead.” I also posit that the “oh, I only just now heard about this cool new game” isn’t as much of a factor when the name is as big as Rockstar.

            Your conclusion certainly has merit, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it was true. Hell, P3 got held up because of mini-artbooks; maybe there were manufacturing issues with the stuff in the DNF LE. But if I was at Gearbox, I would have raged when Rockstar revealed the date for L.A. Noire one day after the date for DNF was revealed. I think the only thing that would have been worse would be launching in the same month as CoD. If they did want to do a strategic delay, when would they announce it if not at some point much closer to the release date? If they’d come out right afterward and said “Err, no, wait”, the reaction would have been a lot worse.

            …We’ll only know for sure if somebody at Gearbox lets something slip. :)

            I’m still pessimistic about Shadows of the Damned. But hey, maybe the sales figures will prove you and EA right.

    • I feel the exact opposite.

  • I am literally in disbelief

    Also i really want this game :(

  • Guest

    Now they’re just trollin

  • PrinceHeir

    oh don’t worry we don’t have to wait 15 years. we just have to wait 14 years this time :P

    • Aoshi00

      And then we’d be all old coots by then, w/ copies in our frail hands.. We’ve waited “Forever” :)!

      • Wake


  • Not a perfectly timed publicity stunt for this infamous game. They better make it worth the wait, else they’ll be the butt of all jokes.

  • Christian Wright

    i don’t mind. i still have plenty to keep me occupied

  • neo_firenze

    “now slated for release on June 14th, 2011 in the U.S. and June 10th everywhere else”

    Hey Rock Paper Shotgun… gonna bitch about this date since it isn’t a simultaneous worldwide release?

  • Flashback: http://www.ripten.com/2010/09/07/gearbox-making-pigs-fly-and-robots-dance-and-why-theyre-just-getting-started-part-iii-getsome/

    ‘DO: So, When it’s Done is now 2011. It’s definitely 2011? No more pushbacks?

    MN: It’s 2011. Gearbox and 2K don’t do the pushback thing, when we say a date, we mean that fuckin’ date.’

    Words are meant to be eaten.

  • Am I surprised? No, not in the least. We should have all expected this.

    Nevertheless, still a little saddened by it. =(

  • Ah, see, guys, now I’m not getting it. June has too many good titles that I had more interest in. I mean…I’m not choosing Duke Nukem Forever over Shadows of the Damned or Infamous 2. Oh well. Maybe when it’s on sale.

  • alundra311

    Duke Nukem Forever delayed by a month………………………….. and fifteen years.

  • Kudos for making an entertainment trailer. And also it’s quite funny how America went from getting it three days early to now getting it four days later :D

  • June 10th everywhere else….everywhere else as in not including the U.S
    “ಠ__ಠ Excuse me while I go… break some walls or something.

    (Nah, just kidding but. Hey, people have been waiting 15 years, what’s another month, right?…..errr.)

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