Resident Evil: Revival Selection Screenshots Show Code Veronica & RE4 In 720p

By Spencer . March 24, 2011 . 2:12am

Remastered versions of Resident Evil 4 and Resident Evil: Code Veronica are coming to PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Our first look at Resident Evil: Revival Selection is a comparison screenshot. The original version of Resident Evil 4 is on the left and the HD remastered version is on the right.




Both games run in 720p resolution for clearer graphics.


Resident Evil: Code Veronica



Resident Evil 4



Extra scenes from Resident Evil: Code Veronica X and Ada Wong’s "Separate Ways" episode from Resident Evil 4 are part of the game. While Capcom revealed Resident Evil: Revival Selection, the publisher has not set a release window for the game yet.

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  • No9

    I hope they include more than these two games and I’m glad they are including Code Veronica (never played).

    • Xeahnort

      Unfortunately, this Revival Selection only includes RE 4 & RE:CV

      • F.O.X

        Never played CV, but I was hoping for a RE4 remake for a long time.
        Will get it for both trophies and game play, I mean, come on, you gotta admit RE4 is better than RE5

        • RE4 is better than most games, period. As I said in the other thread, it’s my second favorite game of all time.

        • eilegz

          nahh re5 its the best in the series, good story, coop play, better graphics

  • Xeahnort

    I’ll probably end up buying this just for the trophies.


    …I have been spoiled with HD. Curse you Technology!

  • OneOkami

    Code: Veronica X is my favorite game of the series followed closely by the Gamecube Remake of the original. I’m an old-school RE fan who has played the series from day 1 (when the original, cheesily acted original Resident Evil debut on PS-x) and I personally do not like Resident Evil 4 or 5. Maybe I’m just too traditional, but those games, for me, feel like they just trash everything Resident Evil was all about and became over the top action games.

    Personally, thats not what I look for when I play Resident Evil. I look for scary thrills, not frantic ones.

  • An Ada Wong episode sounds cool, love her!

  • I wish there was a better Code Veronica picture.

  • badmoogle

    Both are 2 of my favourite games of last gen so i’ll definitely get this but probably not on day 1.:/

  • CVX looks nicer but RE4 looks awful, hoping it’s just a WIP

  • cpt_Tabor

    I’ll buy CV in hopes of more RE games being made in the classic style. I’ve already bought RE4 twice, that and I hate how it is partly responsible for ruining console horror games and making them glorified action games.

    • Bundled together so a vote for CV is also a vote for RE4

    • thebanditking

      +5 on this, RE needs to go back to the series roots. RE4 and 5 were great games but were not scary. I am not a huge fan of the tank controls but certainly the game can manage a hybrid of the two, I always thought fixed camera angles for normal exploration to provide fear and tension and when shooting move to an over the shoulder perspective for accuracy. Seems pretty simple to me…

  • Subsenix

    Well at least i dont have to play the stretched crap on my big HDTV anymore
    Thats the worst part about all the versions out there.

    I love RE4 but cant play it anymore because i get headache because of this.
    On PC it doesn’t support that well either 1920×1080 i think so its needed at least for console.
    Trophies/Achievements are probably some extra motivation to play it again.
    If they’re good implented im going to get it for both consoles but at first the PS3 because of Move.

  • The most important question: Is Resident Evil 4 compatible with Move?

  • cj_iwakura

    The two best RE games of both styles. Not bad at all.

  • PrinceHeir

    Code Veronica one looks soo much improved. i remember that place used to be all blue and such.

    though after seeing Resident Evil Darkside Chronicles, i can’t wait for them to remake RE2 and RE3 and maybe throw the exclusive story with Krause and Leon as a new game in RE Style.

  • thebanditking

    I hope everyone is excited about this next piece of news, these games are coming to NA but only as downloads…….wooo…ugh I hate download only games. Hopefully the JP version will be on a disc and have multiple languages, other wise this is a no buy for me. Heres hoping that Europe or Asia get a disc one.

  • eilegz

    it dont look that good to me maybe less jaggy and blurry but thats all… lets see how many $ as many said move compatibility its a must for re4

  • Will there be trophies/achievements on these versions?

  • ipatz

    They should remake it with Darkside Chronicle materials.

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