Over My Dead Body, The Family Curse Fighting RPG, Gets PSP Remake

By Spencer . March 29, 2011 . 8:36pm

image Sony Computer Entertainment and Phantasy Star Portable developer Alfa System made a novel RPG for PsOne. Over My Dead Body (Ore no Shikabane wo Koete Yuke in Japanese) begins with a curse. After fighting a powerful demon, you, the only child of a legendary hero, are cursed to age fifty times faster. While you only have two years to live, the gods take pity on you and allow you to raise children (that also bear the same curse) in hopes of finally defeating the Oni.


While Over My Dead Body wasn’t a smash hit, it gained a cult following. Late last year, a rumor spread that the PsOne game was getting a remake. It’s true. Famitsu announced Over My Dead Body for PSP in this week’s issue.


The story is the same, but Over My Dead Body got a visual overhaul. One dungeon has an area that changes between the four seasons. Here’s a quick comparison between the PsOne version (left) and the upcoming PSP version (right).


image image


You can see character portraits were added during battles. Sony and developer Alfa System fine-tuned the battle system too. Families can create weapons in this game, a feature that ties into the memento system where you can pass items to a new generation. Over My Dead Body for PSP also has additional scenarios and characters new for this release. Famitsu also mentions you can import save data, presumably from the PsOne game, and an unannounced ad-hoc feature.


Over My Dead Body is 50% complete.

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  • Woah, never heard of this, sounds really interesting O_O

    • Draparde

      Agreed, i hope it gets localized, i’d be sure to try it out. though this article is gonna make me look up youtube videos of the ps1 version lol

      • Haha, i already saw some xD, old zchool, and it seems the battle play by itself too? maybe it was just that battle, dunno… o.o it was interesting though

      • This is the only video of the PS1 version you need to see:


        I think that dance says it all. ;)

  • KyoyaHibari

    Looks pretty good, story sounds pretty good

  • Yukito

    Saw on Andriasang. Pretty annoyed. It is a first party game, you would think/hope they would have used it to help their PS3 RPG front.

    • whitewhine.com

      game looks awesome

      • Yukito

        Doh ho. Notice, I didn’t say the game sucked. I just wish they would put it on their, you know, “not flooded with RPGs” system, over their system where it will be flooded over BY RPGs. I would think that would make more sense, but apparently, it wouldn’t.

        • Bear in mind that the game is being released with the Japanese market in mind. And in Japan, the PSP and DS are king. Releasing a game on the PS3 would be releasing it into a much smaller market than putting it on a handheld. PSP games in general are just… “safer.”

          Does potentially hurt its chances of being released overseas, where the opposite is true (I think we can all agree the PS3 is a safer market in North America than the PSP)… but we’re not the target audience for this particular game.

          • Yukito

            Might be true, but they have enough PSPs out going in Japan. If they still want to keep their PS3 going strong, they are going to still need more RPGs on it. Relying on Square Enix and Gust isn’t the best idea for it. Though I love Gust, and sure, their games are exclusive for Sony, Square Enix isn’t. Like I said, there are already alot of JRPGs on the PSP, so outside of the cult fanbase, it will be overlooked. When an JRPG comes out for the PS3, it does get known, since there is such a huge gap between the genre releases.

            But whatever Sony wants to do, they can do. I just wish they would give these things more thought.

          • I think they have, though. Simply put, Sony wants to make money — and there’s more money to be made on the PSP with a game like this. The PSP has a lot of RPGs, which means a lot of RPG fans own PSPs… so if you want your RPG to sell, where are you going to put it: on a system that’s known for all its RPGs, or on a system that’s not? Unless you think your game has such massive appeal that it CAN SELL HARDWARE, you’re going to go for the system that’s known for RPGs, since there’s already a built-in fanbase who can be counted on to buy the game.

            And a game like this is far too niche to sell expensive PS3 hardware to Japanese RPG fans, I think.

          • Sucks that after awhile you can’t reply to the person you want to reply to but a game like Dungeon X2 which is a game that wouldn’t sell huge numbers on any console would be better off on something with lower development costs and PSP has significantly lower development costs than PS3 so you don’t even have to use the popularity card here

          • HarryHodd

            Classic Dungeon X2 just sold 5k in it’s first week on the PSP. It would have definately sold more on the PS3. PSP is beginning to be flooded with RPGs while PS3 doesn’t have enough. Point being is that this title would have got more interest if it was a PS3 remake.

          • Do you really think Classic Dungeon X2 would’ve sold better on the PS3? I’m honestly not convinced that it would’ve — I believe it probably would’ve sold far, far worse, especially given that it’s a retro-styled game on a powerhouse system — and people who paid good money for PS3s in Japan wouldn’t take too well to games released on it with retro/niche visuals, I don’t think.

          • HarryHodd

            In reply to Thomas. Disgaea 4 did over 100k, 3D Dot Game Heroes did better than Classic Dungeon x2 and it had a similar art style. Also the atelier games aren’t graphical showcases and have sold very well. Fact is PS3 is starved of jrpgs and PSP is not.

          • Yukito

            Well, the thing there is, like I said, yes, RPGs are absolutely packed on the PSP, but what will make it stand out from the rest? I wouldn’t go as far to say it would sell consoles, but it would definitely be noticed to add to the console appeal with the Tales series and…… okay, with only the Tales series.

            There are just already many, many JRPGs to play on the PSP over there. It just seems like it would also be a waste, knowing that the NGP is coming soon, and Sony in Japan seems to have no big part in the PS3 outside of what….The Last Guardian and Tokyo Jungle?…… The PS3 has been out for years, and their home front is practically ignoring it, not even trying to help it increase appeal or sales. Sure, the system is doing well, but like I said, every bit can help it out.

            Then again, this IS Sony afterall, so maybe it is best not to even bother to argue it out. I haven’t really been too happy with most of their ideas this gen, be it SoJ or SoA.

          • Well, I’m also a bit biased, as I *adore* my PSP, and would prefer to see pretty much EVERY game released for it. ;)

          • Yukito

            Same with me and PS3, though I would like to see ANY (JRPG) game on it. >.>;

  • My body is ready XD

  • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

    If this game makes it over here I’ll have another reason to rebuy a PSP. Akibas Trip, Gachitora, Grand Knight’s History, and now this crazy-sounding game… on top of all those other awesome PSP JRPGs that I’m already missing (though it’s possible none of these will get localized but who am i kidding).

    That’s a PSP, Wii, 360, iPhone, 3DS sooner or later, maybe NGP… To get some quick cash gonna start donating my organs now… all of them. Including the ones I need to live. So sure, I’ll get this game eventually… *over my dead body*. ;)

    • My condolences, Yusaku :(

      Aaaanyways, investing in another PSP is a good idea. Good games came nonstop this month, and it’s preventing me from studying for the exams! >_<

  • So I doubt they will release this outside of Japan?

  • epy

    As much as I would like to see this localized, anything coming out for the PSP has low chances of crossing the ocean, with a few exceptions. Hell, even the DS has a lot of stranded titles that I was sure were going to make it over like Luminous Arc 3, SRW OG Saga Endless Frontier Exceed and the latest Fire Emblem.

    If Gyakuten Kenji 2 and Professor Layton and the Specter’s Flute weren’t such strong sellers I would be worried about them too. Man, everyone is going crazy for the 3DS when it hardly has anything worthwhile out and all these great DS titles get forgotten/rant

  • This kind of reminds me of Infinity Blade on the iPhone, where you play as a knight avenging his father, who gets killed by the same guy that killed your father. Then you get to play as his son, who wishes to avenge his father, and so on.

    You keep going, with stats and whatever carrying over, until you defeat the big bad.

  • katamari

    I’m so glad I recently got a PSP. I can totally see XSEED publishing this.

    Edit: Oh wait Sony.

    • Shadow_Raskolnik

      Xseed can still publish it if Sony doesn’t want to (and I can see Sony passing this game by since there have been very little first-party PSP game released lately). I mean look at Atlus and Demon’s Souls that game was firmly a Sony title and since they showed little to no interest in releasing it Atlus took over for them.

      • Joanna

        Here’s hoping~
        (You know you want to XSEED :P)

        The premise alone has me interested.

  • D: What is this, a lesser known RPG that I have never heard about! Must play!

  • HarryHodd

    I’m disapointed with Sony Japan. PS3 could use some jrpg love too.

  • Fifty times faster? Wouldn’t his children die by age two?

  • Wow…a very interesting story for an RPG. Kind of a rarity.

  • doomspeller10

    And here I was thinking Infinity Blade was original…
    Already waiting for this game.

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