Unlocking Costumes In The 3rd Birthday Might Be Easier Than Japan [Update]

By Spencer . March 30, 2011 . 1:05pm

Update: Square Enix changed the unlockable system for the North American version of The 3rd Birthday. In fact, it’s much easier to acquire Lightning’s costume compared to the Japanese version. The majority of unlockables can be obtained by completing challenges on each difficulty setting. This includes the shower scene, which would take 50 playthroughs in the Japanese version. One weapon requires six playthroughs, but most bonuses can be obtained by just playing through the game in different difficulty settings.


imageOriginal Post: The Japanese version of The 3rd Birthday is tied to Square Enix Members accounts. A hub for the PSP game was created for players to join in cooperative Twisted killing missions. If everyone succeeded they were rewarded with costumes. This is how many players unlocked Aya’s Knight costume in Japan.


Unfortunately, the North American version of The 3rd Birthday does not have this feature. We confirmed this with Square Enix who informed us players will have to unlock costumes and other bonuses without help from the members page.


One way to get Lightning’s costume is to beat The 3rd Birthday 30 times. Yes, 30 times for the Japanese release. The Japanese version gave players another way to unlock this outfit – clear the game once and have seven members stamps. You can earn members stamps by visiting the site consecutively and by getting friends to sign up as Square Enix members.

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  • SolidusSnake

    Sweet jesus, who in the hell would play a game 30 times to unlock a costume…

    30 freakin’ times?! Someone at Square Enix is either a) mentally retarded or b) has a sick sense of humor and 0 respect for the players of these games. Probably both.

    • Guest

      The game isn’t long and no one said you had to do it on hard difficulty setting.
      I’m sure any non-casual gamer would be up for it.
      Just sayin’.

      • SolidusSnake

        Implying that I am a casual gamer for not wanting to play 3rd Birthday 30 times, are we? That’s fine, I would rather be a casual gamer than batshit insane. :)

    • Not probably. It’s a fact. I will probably resort to cheats again for unlocking the costumes like I did in the JPN version, I see absolutely no reason to play a game more than 20+ times if it doesn’t have seriously different endings. >_>

      • AnimusVox

        The most times I replayed a game was 6 times (Dead Space) and I enjoyed the hell out of that game, but it was pretty short and that’s the most I’d play a game except for a game like ‘Heavy Rain’ (different ending game as an example). Don’t get me wrong I’m liking this game so far……so far, I’m barely in episode 1 though.
        This is kinda ridiculous.

  • I heard that the only way to see the shower scene is to play through 50 times.

    • SolidusSnake

      Play through the game 50 times, or pay youtube a visit. :D

      • get a save file or resort to cheating.

    • Youtube is yor friend =)

    • Tiael

      Actually, to unlock it on the video log is 50 times, but you can see it during the second episode, just can’t rewatch it.

    • Hexen

      Youtube has unlocked this for me though.

    • Wrong! you actually hire a Aya Brea model and get her to have a shower. But you must buy a video recording device first.

  • mikanko

    Wondering if a “buy it as dlc” option will appear.

  • Aiddon

    why would someone play through piece of crap ONE time let alone thirty?

    • AnimusVox

      haha ouch

  • Tiael

    Actually, they changed it for NA according to the guide.

    To get Lightning’s outfit in The 3rd Birthday US version, you have to achieve a score of 50% or more on the bonus missions on hard or higher difficulty. We don’t have to beat the game 30 times like with the Japanese.

    • doubleO7

      Is that true? Thats the first I’ve heard about that, but that would be great if it is.

  • I’m seeing the comments here and thinking “okay, there are probably/hopefully/hadbetterbe alternate ways to unlock the costumes”. But bare with me for a second here, and let’s consider if there aren’t alternatives:

    Beat the game 30 times. Even for those who find this acceptable, let’s assume they do it. You just played through a game (that most internet peeps don’t seem -too- enthused about) 30x times to unlock a single outfit. The real question at the heart of it is once you’ve finally gotten that costume, are you really going to want to play a 31st time just for the sake of seeing that damn costume you tried so hard to unlock?

    That’s the inherent problem. Even playing through that many times, you still have to play it enough -after unlocking- to warrant even seeing the stupid thing in-game.

    I don’t think the toll will be worth the prize for anyone here, even the most hardy of PE fanboys/girls.

    (Although, hey. Hopefully this doesn’t matter because there are other ways (that make sense!) to unlock said costumes!)

  • cmurph666

    I’ll just wait for someone to upload a complete game save.

  • 128bitigor

    It’s more of a rumor and yet we have an another hate-fest. This is an alternate solution for the Japanese version. The game, as far as I remember is not even out yet here in the West (at least not in Europe) and no one can confirm that – the web feature has been cut out and there might be another way to obtain it easily. Western Duodecim has got Mogweb castrated and yet we can exchange ghosts, quests, and profiles (in a rather last decade fashion, but anyway). No one clarified on the news that SE directly said that you have to beat it 30 times, right? That is an assumption based on Japanese version of the game, and we all now it’s not the first time when the game has been tweaked slightly for the western release.

    Stop panicking like a bunch of hormone-buzzing girls.

    • SolidusSnake

      I don’t think anyone’s panicking, just observing how bizarre and insane it is to beat a game 30 times just to unlock a costume.

  • lmfao wow…

  • Fun game so far but I only plan a second playthrough (leveled up and all that). There’s no way I’m going to play more than that.

  • Zero_Destiny

    Wow I have bought and beaten every version of Final Fantasy IV SE has put out and that still doesn’t come close to 30 Times!!!! I never beaten anything 30 times. That’s hardcore!!!!!!!!! XD I know if I ever met a man with that armor, that he must be hardcore. Kudos to him. *gasp* I just had a very scary vision that SE will release Final Fantasy IV some 20 more times. *gulp* Please tell me I’m just paranoid. lol

  • Whoomp

    I haven’t even played the games I consider my all-time favorites more than 10 times so I guess I won’t be seeing that costume. Not that I really care since Aya looks kinda fugly in that outfit. I just hope the maid one won’t take the dedication of a lunatic to unlock.

  • NoElixirs

    I’m on my 3rd playthrough and I’m enjoying it. Go Hard or go home!

  • If you beat the game 100 times you unlock the shower scene costume.

    • Wait…what would animations be? I mean does she take the shower and shower door with her? What’s her defense like? and are there any cheat codes to make the camera zoom in?

      • cj_iwakura

        Meaning the steam.

        • No no…I’m pretty sure Ale meant like Aya in a shower…cubicle…thingie cause that’s far more weird.

          • cj_iwakura

            Well, maybe that’s what you want…

          • That’s what we all want deep inside :|

    • lol THIS! At least they should add it as DLC. Sadly it seems like there won’t be any DLC for The 3rd Birthday.

  • PrinceHeir

    only I can do this :)

    but seriously square really? did you just pick a random number and put it out just like that? PSP AR Max has not been updated since Aug 2010(what the hell datel?) so i can’t cheat this :(

    they’ll probably put this on DLC. which i might buy it just so i’m a fan of Aya :)

  • Tiael


  • thaKingRocka

    If you beat the game 30 times, you might also manage to unlock an unemployment check.

    • Blacksofa

      And a “Get a Life” achievement.

  • AnimusVox

    I’m enjoying the game, so far, at least but 30 times to unlock a costume?

  • Guest

    This is worse than that age old rumor of unlocking Gotenks in Dragonball Final Bout for PS1 by beating the game 30 times because this time it’s actually true

  • cj_iwakura

    Most people won’t even play a game that much in their lifetime.

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