Bleach: Soul Ignition Burns Into Stores In June

By Spencer . April 5, 2011 . 11:32am

bsi Sony Computer Entertainment Japan finally set a release date for Bleach: Soul Ignition. The first Bleach game for PlayStation 3 will be in stores on June 23. Select retailers are giving out a Soul Ignition clear folder as a pre-order bonus.


Bleach: Soul Ignition is set during the Arrancar arc with Hollow Ichigo and Second Release Ulquiorra as two of the game’s playable characters. While many Bleach titles are fighting games, Bleach: Soul Ignition is an action game with easy to pick up controls. Check out the demo on Japan’s PlayStation Store to see if Soul Ignition is your kind of game.

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  • To bad it’s not a fighter! I wonder why Sega and Treasure stop making those great fighters on the DS! Hell! Bleach Vs Crusade was interesting, and a sequel could have improved on the game play. Just like the manga series Bleach games have unused potential that will never be used.

  • Seems like Ichi could become Getsuga.

  • CashmereFungus33

    i tried this game out, and found it to be AWFUL. its like dynasty warriors, only worse. and bleach. now i like bleach, but dynasty warriors is like richard nixon being featured on a silver dollar. its disturbing.

    • Guest

      Well there’s always the two DS fighting games, The DS strategy RPG, the 7 Heat the Soul PSP games, the 4 player Battlers games for PS2, and the turn based RPG for PS2, the 3D beat em up for PS2 and that 1st person fighting game for GBA.

  • ZOH WOW! This is gonna be awesome!!! Ichigo is just epic and look at him in that image! I need it now!!! Definitely the most awesome manga anime character that Ive encountered, so awesome and in a new game for the PS3?! Wow. Japan is so lucky to get this! Hopefully Sony shocks and brings it out to use!!!!

    I wonder if the game will even have music from the anime! The Arrancar saga is the best anime saga that I have ever watched and even read and the music is profoundly stunning. Clavar La Espada ( ) better be in the game. Its so awesome when they play it whenever the Espada arrived (and that Ulquiorra and Grimmjow). Speaking of which, it better have my Ichigo x Grimmjow fight in it, second only to Ichigo versus Ulquiorra, and Long haired Ichigo versus Aizen. Love Bleach to deaths!!!

  • @Playstation #SCEA should bring this over, given the guaranteed *mainstream* audience, in contrast to all the niche games they’re too pussy to bring over to America. >.>

  • That promo artwork looks like it came straight out of an ero-game.

    • CashmereFungus33


      that explains why tsunayoshi is all over it! someone in here told me hes got this creepy weird thing for half-naked men.

    • Don’t fuel my fantasies man~! A Bleach eroge would be totally my kind of game!!! :D

      • Wow I could only imagine the artwork for it now!!!! Hm and throw in Ichigo and Grimmjow to that!

        • CashmereFungus33

          dude, not a compliment.

    • Christian Wright

      dont spoil the end game content! :P

  • joesz

    Ichigo looks darn smexy on the article icon.Isn’t that right Tsuna?

    • You know it!!! Definitely my favorite look for Ichigo!!!

      • CashmereFungus33

        you realize hes just making fun of you, right?

        • Im quite sure joesz isnt, surely no one can deny the phenomenal epic awesomeness that is Ichigo!!!

          • CashmereFungus33

            so much fail right in there, it isnt even possible for the worlds greatest game theorists and mathematicians to comprehend it…

            sad too. its like, you dont even realize youre being made fun of. its like you think youre cool. i just figured id at least tell you about it. everyone else in here seems to enjoy stringing you along for their amusement.

            its funny, but its sad too.

          • MPHavoc

            Uh, you have considered the possibility that he’s fully aware that people are making jabs at him and just doesn’t care, right?

        • And you know what?

          No one cares.

          • Guest

            I care. It’s not right.


  • Arcm

    Well, I now have another game to import. : )

  • …The hell is with that artwork?

  • No thanks. I choose Dynasty Warriors 7.

    • Guest

      Guan Yu is shedding a tear of pride now

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