• Christian Wright

    i think kizuna drive is much worse. that retarded AI makes that game so damn hard. it’s probably impossible without actual people playing the game with you.

  • http://papped.webatu.com papped

    I don’t find the AI players nearly as cumbersome as a lot of the reviews state. They tend to help out a lot. But yeah, it’s hard to split the monsters… They do tend to track together and once they find you they will chase you all over the place.

  • Code

    Generally I find myself using MH clawing a lot less in God Eater. Locking on monsters while in blade mode is helpful but I find mixing that up with a little ibt of clawing works best. Also one thing I immediately had to do was drop the camera speed one or two pegs, helped make it feel less “flicky” with it’s tracking, and while manually working the camera.

    I’ve been enjoying GEB, although I haven’t quiet gotten time where I could really gun it just yet — but it’s been fun so far. Storyline/characters are pretty interesting, and I feel like they did an excellent job implementing the story without making it feel too imposing for people who wanna just dive right in. GEB in general gives me a strong nostalgia for the JRPG days of PS2, but maybe I’m just unconsciously noticing traces of Dot.Hack in it >w<; Overall I think God Eater got a whole lot right and hopefully other MH-style games in the future might lift a few notes from GEB too opo'

  • Barrit

    I love this game so much! I have around 165hrs in it so far.

    The default controls are bad, I’d suggest changing them as a different options makes more sense. It’s Type B, the one where you can “step” while running, instead of having to stop running to “step” (which is how it’s set by default for some reason). The controls did take a bit of getting use to at first, so I agree with you there. Changing them was a HUGE help for me though.

    I have yet to play MH, so I can’t make a direct comparison, but there were some pretty tough missions in GEB. The NPCs help a ton though, and I use a mix of player avatars and story npcs. One thing I noticed about players online is they won’t always equip their good bullets and sometimes have two joke, useless bullets equipped. The reason for this is because you can duplicate someone’s bullets and use them yourself or edit it when you trade avatars with someone. The cool part is that since their good bullets are still in their bag, even though not equipped, they will still use the better bullets if you take them on missions with you in single player mode.

    I only have ONE mission left to complete, it’s a free mission called “New Moon in the Welkin” It is such a pain in my ass! You have to complete this mission solo. The mobs run around as if they are in enraged mode and constantly look for each other. This is the only mission I’ve come across like this. Much different from how mobs generally wonder around, but walk really slow. Although it is possible to stun mobs and separate them that way, it won’t be long before they come back around and join in the battle. It makes sense though since the target is a pack leader you have to take out. It’s a pretty insane mission.

    A pleasant surprise to me was the variety in guns and swords. At first I thought there wasn’t going to be a whole lot of variety since you can’t use any other types of weapons, but you can choose: short, long, buster swords, and sniper, assault, or blast type guns. There’s also 3 different classes of shields. The weapons work very differently, so there is a choice to fit your play style. This also can effect the types of bullets you use/create, control units and upgrades you equip. Just thought I’d throw that additional info out there for anyone who thought the weapon choices were going to be a bit more simplistic like I did.

    • Christian Wright

      thanks for letting us know about the controls. im def about to change mine to B

  • http://twitter.com/gabriel_may_uk Gabriel May

    The gun control is awful. And yeah I agree that the game is very daunting, more so then MH which I thought really couldn’t ne possible. And you will die lots of times on one mission unless your reflexes are astounding.

  • eilegz

    and somehow this kind of game still cant top the phantasy star portable saga wich have balanced between using gun and sword mode. im enjoying god eater but somehow while its better gameplay wise compared to the MH its still unrefined. the same i can say about lord of arcana

  • Roses4Aria

    I’m definitely interested in this, but I have been hesitating since I’ve never been a very big fan of mission-based games. If it doesn’t have a story that pulls me in, I usually end up getting bored with it and giving up. For example, I didn’t care much for 358/2 Days because it felt like there were way too many missions and not enough story to back them up.

    So I’m wondering. Just how involved is the story here? Is it just a series of vignettes tying the missions together, or is there a bigger more involved plot arc?

    • http://www.facebook.com/kismet137 Fanchon Chance

      The story is kind of a combination of both, if that makes sense? God Eater has a pretty good story if you’re into light dramatics, I’d say. It never feels as though I’m just dragging through missions that’re lazily slapped into place to fit the story, but that’s just me personally.

      • Roses4Aria

        Okay. Thanks for filling me in. Maybe I’ll give it a shot. Honestly, sometimes I surprise myself with the games I end up liking. I really enjoyed Resonance of Fate and that was very mission driven. (Though that might have had more to do with the fact that I really liked Zephyr and Leanne. They were just so adorable together, lol!)

    • Barrit

      I agree with Fanchon that the story is pretty good. Sometimes I would want to hurry up and finish some of the missions to find out what happened next if that says anything about it. The beginning starts a little slow, but it gets better as you progress.

      The way the story is cut up is a little weird. At one point you’ll see an anime cutscene, and then the credits. The story doesn’t stop there though and you’ll see credits again later on in the game. That was the weird part to me, but it has nothing to do with how good the story is. It was actually a good thing to me since I didn’t want the game to stop when the credits first rolled.

      As far as your character being involved.. you are involved in the story, but for the most part you’re just silently standing there and answering other characters with nods, shrugs, etc.. just body language.

  • patapataponpon

    My problem with God Eater Burst is that it is just too easy. Everyone tells me that I should take out the AI partners to make the game more challenging but it shouldn’t be my job to balance the game, it is the job of the developer. I loved the game for the first few days and then lost interest. If I want to play a game that is impossible to die in, I’ll play Lego Star Wars. If I want to beat up on amazing monsters, I’m going to have to stick with Monster Hunter Freedom Unite. This is my biggest disappointment in 2011.

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