Take A Look At Key’s Next Visual Novel, Rewrite

By Ishaan . April 6, 2011 . 2:38pm


Key’s next major visual novel is due out on June 24th. 4Gamer report that the game’s development staff consists of people involved with previous Key titles, but also some interesting newcomers.


For instance, Ryukishi07 of 7th Expansion, who you might know as the creator of the Higurashi no Naku Koro ni and Umineko no Naku Koro ni series, is working on the game’s scenario, alongside Yuuto Tonokawa and Romeo Tanaka (CrossChannel).


Meanwhile, the character designer for Air and Clannad, Itaru Hinoue, will be providing character designs for Rewrite as well. Hinoue was also responsible for drafting the plans for Rewrite


You can view the game’s intro movie above and screenshots over at 4Gamer.

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  • OK, Key + Ryukishi07?

    I’M THERE.

    • Given how crazy both Umineko and Cross Channel are, I’m really curious to see how this ends up… ><

  • I’m probably the only anime fan in the world who didn’t liked Air OR Clannad, so I was going to say that the art isn’t really for me, but the Opening sure does look cool, so maybe it’s better than thought~, but the scenario sure as hell is promising enough if it’s from the same one who made the ones for Higurashi and Umineko!!!!

    And man I knew I heard this voice somewhere..Psychic Lover!!! They’re awesome! I love their opening for Gaiking and Witchblade!!!

    • Phlo

      No, I’m not really a fan of Key stuff in general. Too much forced melodrama.

      • Kibbitz

        Count me in as another guy who isn’t much for Key. I like the characters themselves, but I never like how the story turns out, even before the huge tragedy segments. I also prefer Leaf/Aquaplus in terms of music.

        Edit: Forgot to say, totally wasn’t expecting Psychic Lover, especially for Key. With JAM Project, Fukuyama Yoshiki and Psychic Lover so far, wonder who else will show up.

        • Wait Jam Project and Fukuyama-san made songs for Key works? Why can’t I remember that~ >-<

          • Kibbitz

            No, they didn’t make stuff for Key. I meant that I am surprised that they got Psychic Lover to rock out the OP for a Key game.

            As for JAM and Fukuyama, JAM did songs for the Muv-Luv series. I can’t remember the name of the game that Fukuyama sang for though right now, but it did have mecha iirc.

            Edit: Quick googling indicates that Fukuyama did Kemono ni Nare! for the game Okiba ga nai!

          • Ah I see, please excuse my misunderstanding on this~
            Yeah I know they made two Openings for Muv-Luv alternative, but hell I don’t know the other game, though now I’m curious about it! xD

            Edit: Okiba ga nai! huh? Alright need to look it up now! xd
            Edit2: Lol from the Opening of Okiba it looks like a Super Robot Parody VN, great!! Will totally see if I can read it!

        • I’m going to be the positive dissenter, and proudly proclaim that I *love* Key. (: Though admittedly, I’ve only seen their anime adaptions… but I rank Clannad: After Story as one of my favorite shows of all time, and also quite enjoyed Clannad’s first season, Air, Kanon 2002, Kanon 2006 *and* Angel Beats! alike. I have yet to watch a Key-VN-turned-anime I haven’t loved, and this definitely does not look to break that trend. ;)

          (Admittedly, though, part of why I love Key stories is that they’re such a wonderful mix of truly sympathetic characters, beautifully-written character development, and HIGHLY ILLOGICAL, UTTERLY BIZARRE events. Want a faculty sponsor for your drama club, but he’s already signed on as the chorus club’s sponsor? No problem: just CHALLENGE THE BASKETBALL CLUB TO A BASKETBALL GAME. That will… somehow… get the job done?)

          • Kibbitz

            Take your positive dissension elsewhere >=P After all, I’m sure pretty much everyone outside of Raioh, Phlo and myself here are here because it’s Key anyway, let us gather in solidarity! It’s not like we’re here screaming that Key sucks or such anyway!

            Interestingly enough, I only finished Kanon 2002. Didn’t last through anything else and haven’t watched Angel Beats and Air.

            Edit: Didn’t expect them to give me an alternate ending to Clannad which matched what I wanted to happen though. That was nice.

          • Angel Beats is very different from their other works, and is the only one NOT based off of a visual novel (or anything else, for that matter — it’s an original anime). It’s probably my least-favorite Key work, but I quite enjoyed the change in style, and I thought the setting was legitimately VERY CLEVER and VERY UNIQUE. I recommend giving it a look sometime, if only because it’s a great example of Key spreading out and trying something different, which you might appreciate. (:

          • Kibbitz

            Sure, friend of mine said it was awesome and touching and while I suspect I won’t appreciate it as much because I’m a hateful bitter cynic, it should be okay =P It’s only 13 eps, right?

    • Zero_Destiny

      I love those series >8( You Baka!!! lol I do dig Psychic Lovers too. They did the opening for GX and Dokkoida

      • Ohh…I’m sorry~ xD
        True I remember the one for GX, loved it and man Dokkoida…it’s like forever since I watched it. xD

      • Ren
        • Maaan you made it look like there is some sort of anime for Blazer Drive, but it’s “just” the game op~ Still great, though. :D

          • Ren

            Yeah, I’m still bitter over it. It makes me remember 666 Satan never got an anime either. I’m still waiting for the TiTS and Alive the final evolution animes.

          • True 666Satan deserved an anime, well same goes for Mx0, but that too never got one :(
            Alive the final evolution gets an anime? That’s the first I heard of, great news though as I really like the manga!

          • Zero_Destiny

            Yes ^_^TiTS and Alive would be great. I love 666 Satan and Blazer Drive. They do deserve an anime. Which reminds me. It looks like there is some more music to shove onto your profile *grins*

    • PrinceHeir

      love the music in Witchblade :P

      glad to 07th expansion working on this :D

    • Zefux

      That eyes! I can’t t-take it! Nooooooooooooooooooooo!

  • The trailer looks really awesome! I’m sure the it’ll be great and be one of these games that I desperately want an English translation for.

  • Darkrise

    Ryukishi07!? NICE! For some reason the art style reminds me of an anime adaption of a visual novel called Tayutama. =/

    • mirumu

      Tayutama’s characters were designed by Moekihara Fumitake. There is a similarity although there’s also a difference I can’t quite put my finger on. I would have picked it as Itaru Hinoue’s work, but not until near the end of the trailer. Looks like she’s evolved her style a bit to me.

  • malek86

    How long have they been working on this? I remember seeing it for the first time while I was playing Little Busters. That was at least three years ago. Anyway, without Maeda doing the scenarios, who knows how it will turn out. The girls scenarios in LB had mixed receptions. At least there’s Ryukishi07.

    And why no Na-Ga for the chara design? I like his art. Hinoue feels a bit too… uhm, how should i say it… retro.

    • Sometimes you can’t go wrong with Retro, though, not in this case, I agree there are better choices~

    • Kris

      Hey, at least Ryukishi07 isn’t doing the character art, right?

      • Holy please no!! >_< That's why I love the anime and the PS3 version of Umineko, the art is beautiful there~

    • Skua

      Work was put on hold for a long time because the contracted writers were so busy with their own things (like Umineko…….). Key accommodated their schedules and not the other way around.

      As for Hinoue, this is her project. She submitted the proposal and is also serving as director.

  • Istillduno

    Hmmm, they call it rewrite then draft in a bunch of people who’ve worked on VN’s with time loops in them, this can’t be a coincidence.

    Heres hoping this gets an anime, english patch or the planets aline in some strange way as such to give us a disk based localisation. (Although the seas would boil over and the world would end before that happens)

  • Anyone know if this is a porn game or an “all ages” game?

    • its all-age

    • Kibbitz

      Peeking at the main site yields no sign of HCG in the character profiles and getchu.com (NSFW) classifies it as a standard PC game instead of an adult game, so I guess it’s “all ages”.

      • Put an NSFW in there while linking to Getchu next time. ;)

        • Kibbitz

          Ah, right, sorry about that. Too used to having NSFW not be an issue (I work from home… sorta)

          Edit: Actually, I just remembered… is it the editor autoconverting it to a link? Because I am sure I was only mentioning getchu without putting a link, and that the link actually links to the index page and not Rewrite itself.

  • Natat

    As soon as I read Romeo Tanaka was in this… I was sold… twice.
    Not to mention it’s Key we’re talking about, obviously

  • …Is this a NEW opening? Because the only OP for Rewrite I’m familiar with so far is Philosophyz…


    See? I mean, the OP you posted looks more like an Anime opening rather than the actual VN’s opening.

    I’m not debating your right or wrong-ness, I’m just genuinely confused.

    • They’re both going to be used. This is only a guess, but the video in the article is probably a pre-title screen video, and the video you posted is probably a post-prologue video.

      • Now that kinda makes sense…

        …But it still makes me sad that we’re probably not gonna see a Rewrite adaptation anytime soon…

        …Unless PA Works is planning to adapt Little Busters! in the fall.

        • kyuketsukimiyu

          I am still hoping to hear about a LittleBusters! anime adaptation. I want to see the lovely Noumi Kudryavka in full motion.

  • Been looking forward to this since I read about it in ’09.
    Hopefully someone translates it, or it gets licensed relatively quickly.

  • keriaku

    I just have to say all the comments here are awesome. I like you, Siliconera. I’m excited for some Ryuukishi goodness, and along with Key and the writer of Cross Channel (which I’m just beginning to read, but I’m sure it’ll be awesome) there’s no way this could not be amazing.

    SO GOOD!

  • Yukito

    I loved back when I was watching Air, and Key wasn’t even so big then. I love that these guys are becoming part of even game media sites like this. I would love to play this game in English, but unless it gets patched, it will not happen. I believe it will get translated though. Everything Key has gets translated….


  • Jun Maeda not involved? Im in. And Little Busters? even more.

    • The credits say he’s in charge of quality control and some of the music.

      • Well, its not like hes involved as much as Angel Beats so I’m still good! Little Busters scenario writer is keeping me highly optimistic.

  • Not sure if body is ready for a mix of Key tearjerkers and Ryukishi07 mind screws.

  • kyuketsukimiyu

    It has DINOSAURS! I am so totally sold!

    But seriously, I think about 2 years ago when the web page was nothing but a splash page, and have been counting down the days. Key+ 07th expansion has the potential for infinite awesomeness and I am psyched!

  • This needs more Urobuchi Gen.

    …Hey, if it’s going to be crazy anyway, they might as well make it really, /really/ crazy. ^-^

    There’s my ATLAS Translator!?

  • Ultimate_Tifa_Fan

    OMG the MC ISN’T A NUB… REJOICE!….music is cool too d-_-b

  • Ryukishi07 + Yuuto Tonokawa + Romeo Tanaka????


    My voice can’t scream loud enough to express the sheer Q+#)FK#@)_FKM$#_MGG%MG# <333333333 I'm feeling at the moment.

  • Yes! I’m glad we get good art this time. The trailer looks awesome.

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