Tale of the Last Promise Has Promising Purchase Goodies

By Ishaan . April 6, 2011 . 8:25am

Tale of the Last Promise’s release isn’t far off (April 28th), and it looks like Imageepoch know exactly how they want to promote their first self-published game — with sultry phone cards, naturally.


You probably know how this works by now. Different retailers get different bonus goodies to give alongside a copy of the game. Depending on the kind of store you’re buying from, you’ll either get something that looks cool, sexy or genuinely useful. Let’s take a look:


Animate (left) and AmiAmi (middle) and Magical Garden (right) are giving out hand-drawn library cards. These will be available in limited quantities, so people that want them will have to buy the game early.


Meanwhile, Girls Game Shop Messe are going with a “cool male character” look on their library card with a picture of Jayro. Putting their own spin on things are Sofmap  (middle) and Famitsu (right) with telecards.


Seagull and Messe Sano are offering telecards as well.


As always, Wonder Goo are in on the action as well, and they’re giving away an A3-size desk mat.


The biggest (literally) bonus comes Gamers, who are offering life-sized tapestry and phone cards (above). Meanwhile, COMG! have an original bromide, picture below:



Other outlets like Theta Comm Road and Media Land have goodies to give away as well, although these don’t have sample images yet.

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  • malek86

    And once again, the line between RPG and eroge is blurring.

    • This is eroge? I thought this was normal in japan by now. I mean, we haven’t really seen any ero related stuff on the game itself…

      I seriously can’t consider this eroge O.o so i think you are giving it too much weight, it’s just, a kinda pervy way to call attention, really japanese-like, that’s what they love, that’s what they do.

      • malek86

        Different phone cards from retailers were a typical practice for hentai games. I know because… well, I just know. Anyway, it seems that their use for RPGs has started only recently, essentially a couple years or so.

        • Haha, i dont think i wanna get into the reason on why you know xD.

          I can already see kids hiding those cards they find on the street :P

  • The one from animate would be my choice, or the bromide one.

  • Holy damn……damn! They look so great if I was an anime dude right now I would be bleeding fountains out of my nose…~
    The AmiAmi one is my favorite, but I would pick Magical Garden, Famitsu, Sofmap, Gamers and Wonder Goo as well. The Desk mat especially sounds great!
    Ho damn I can’t stop right now, beautiful art of even more beautiful girls…that’s the reason why I still live!!

  • Ren

    “…library card with a picture of Gyro.” His name was romanized as Jayro in the trailer.

    Hmm, AmiAmi, Girls Messe and Famitsu for me.

    • Thanks for pointing that out. Will fix. :)

  • Zero_Destiny

    Well if I lived in Japan I would go to Gamers XD
    A3 is second choose and then rounding out my trifecta of ecchi bonuses will of course be AmiAmi and Magical Garden. ^_^ Yes the money I would waste.

    • I would totally pick Gamers too. Who wouldn’t want some delicious twintail S&M police cosplaying loli hanging from their wall/ceiling/any other place imaginable?

      I do not kid, I would!

  • Barrit

    Dat phone card.

  • The artist really needs to release an artbook. His/her art is just stunning.

  • PrinceHeir

    looks like japan loves those telephone cards. VC III, No More Heroes 2, and now this.

    not that i mind though :D

  • The word “Sample” is now my mortal enemy.

    • It’s the mortal Enemy of anyone since the beginning of sample watermarks on art my friend, and it’s a war we may not see the end of…

      • i has ar tonelico 3, i love the world, was the world this shiny? was it?

        • The world indeed seems a lot shinier with a copy of Ar Tonelico 3! xD
          I have to go back an play it, still at chapter 1…But it’s great as always! <3

  • karasuKumo

    Amazing! My favourite is the last :) Actually they are all brilliant ^^

  • *commits suicide*

    WAIT!! *sees ar tonelico 3 lying on my bed. *REVIVES* LIFE IS STILL GOOD!!! *Currently being installed on my ps3* OMFG

  • Guest

    2nd card: “Oh hi…excuse me…I didn’t know you were using this shower…sorry. Oh I can join you, you say? Don’t mind if I do thanks”

  • Darkrise

    I want the one from Gamers… And Amiami. xD

  • Wow, who was brave enough to “Like” this post on Facebook? I’m really curious.

    • Dunno, but i will be the second

      • You are a braver man than I. >< And to think my Japanese teacher occasionally looks at the site…

    • Tropxe

      Yeah, I always wonder that when I see “Likes” on websites – and not just for “guilty pleasures” like this. I actually made a new Facebook account to play the Dragon Age Legends game, so the idea of “Liking” something like this on my actual Facebook account seems pretty odd.

  • Smart promotional tactic? The artwork is pretty stunning.

  • Aoshi00

    oh wow… I pre-ordered the regular game from AmiAmi because they didn’t have the picture up yet before… now I wonder if I should pay extra for the shower card lol… nah, as much as I love the sexy artwork, $12 is just too much for a card I have no use of.. and again what do these “Library cards” do anyway? Anyone know, they let you rent/buy things from libraries or bookstores in Jpn? These stickers look pretty awesome too…http://www.amiami.jp/shop/?set…I hope the bonus “artbook” would actually have some nice arts in it, most likely won’t have these exclusive ones…

    • Just preordered the one with the card…gonna hate myself…always falling for sexy money traps~ >_<
      It's the first I see the stickers though, not that expensive at least.

      • Aoshi00

        lol.. yea, the shower card is very irresistible indeed :)… these art really remind me of Senko no Ronde.. when I pre-ordered they didn’t have the image up yet, otherwise I might’ve gone for it as well..still I don’t like the idea I can’t “use” the value on the card (whatever a library card does..) and now I don’t feel like e-mailing them to change the order.. recently I bought a couple of bad games though (like the Rurouni Kenshin fighting game, kinda want me money back.. that’s why I don’t know if I should blind-buy Black Rock Shooter..), so I’m trying to not buy much and just finish what I have on hand (I’m trying to finish Gyakuten Kenji 2 and Steins;gate now, I love the 2nd investigations game! much better than the first one)The stickers look good and aren’t too expensive, but I’m not getting them because I know I would never have the heart to peel it off and apply to my PSP :)…

        • Hm, now that you mention, even though I never played Senko no Ronde myself, the art surely has some similarities. That’s my question: What are these library cards?? Meh, whatever always nice to have some sweet artwork in your room~…Same here man same here, I bought the Kenshin game myself, I mean I’m a really big fan of Watsuki-san’s works, but a bad game is a bad game :/
          Oh man I wish I could read Japanese as well as you do(I do understand some basics, but not enough to buy a text heavy/only game like that..), I can’t wait for the localization of the 2nd Investigations game, I loved the first if the second is going to be even better I have nothing else to wish for~ xd

          Haha, I can totally feel your way, it would be a shame if the nice art on the stickers is damaged.. :P

          • Aoshi00

            I’m curious too.. no one has an answer yet.. I know telephone cards give you minutes to make calls, but do library cards let you rent/buy books? The Kenshin game was pretty bad unfortunately don’t even feel like playing a 2nd time :(.. did you see some of the horrendous artwork, who drew them?? I couldn’t look >.<Steins;gate has a lot of Jpn internet slangs and physics terms, but the glossary is very useful, so takes a while to read.. I’m very early though just on the 2nd chapter, it’s quite funny and suspenseful at the same time, there would be a cheaper double-pack including the first game and sequel too.. I liked the first investigations game okay, but I find the cases and music to be more exciting and engaging (the chars have so much wacky animation it feels quite dynamic).. also Edgeworth and Kay are closer now, and I love the old chars from the trilogy making a comeback instead of Apollo where everyone disappeared w/o a trace. I’m on the 4th case now, they’re all quite long.. I actually go back to play the first game in English too (the Wild wild west case :). I need to finish that and Steins;gate so I could play the dating sim sequel.. and maybe watch the anime.. and I need to read the “Borrowers” before watching the latest Ghibli flick, anyway I’m “reading” a lot instead of playing lol..

            Oh, I forgot to mention, the female judge! She appears frequently to take sides (the opposite side), so it feels more like court cases too :)

  • puchinri

    The ones with the girls are nice, but I’m going to have to ask that they start making ones with guys in the shower and posing sexy-like, exposing themselves.
    One of glasses guy (Jayro) would have been especially nice… Mmmhm.

  • DanteJones

    Headphones add +10 to sexy, just sayin’. ;D

    (Bet you can’t guess which one is my favorite, lol)

    • You say it man! Headphones are some of the sexiest accessories ever~ :D

  • Tropxe

    Anything with cute, short-haired girls gets my interest. More so if they’re in sexy uniforms, too. That girl in the first image, Rizetto, according to the katakana, really fits the bill – and it’s nice that she’s not just another moeblob. Though this is probably doomed to be “one of those PSP games that sort of makes me want a PSP, but not enough to actually get one”.

  • No skimpily dressed/provocatively posed male character artwork? Double standards, I say!

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