Who Are Square Enix’s Heroes Of Ruin?

By Spencer . April 7, 2011 . 10:30am

image Square Enix, more specifically Square Enix Europe, might be working on a game titled Heroes of Ruin. Since their European division filed the Heroes of Ruin trademark in Europe this is most likely tied to something on the Eidos side.


While Heroes of Ruin could be for a new IP, it sounds like a subtitle to me. I thought of the now dormant Legacy of Kain series. Ishaan came up with a better idea, the Commandos franchise. Commandos: Heroes of Ruin has a ring to it. Perhaps, Square Enix Europe is developing that game?

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  • Yukito

    Something obviously a shooter with a possible Cloud cameo.

    • Shame there’s no “flag for retarded” option.

      • Yukito

        There is the “Like” button you can press however. Yes, the idea is retarded, but you know, something similar happened before, so don’t act like it is something so far out there.

        • Whatever you want to believe, bro. World doesn’t run on hypotheticals masking thinly-veiled hate.

          • Ren

            It’s Sqeenix. The worse is always possible, Mister McNuggets. Besides, don’t start with the hate talk. This place isn’t Kotaku, let’s all be friends okay.

          • Yukito

            Dirge of Cerberus came from Square Enix. Gun Loco was coming from them as well. I forget what game, but I heard some US or EU game had a FF cameo in it on a poster on the wall. It is more possible than you think.

            @Ren: Thanks. Glad someone can see that I am not being as hateful as I am being actually truthful to this.

  • New Legacy of Kain please

    • PrinceHeir

      yes with the same atmosphere of Nier and more darker than the previous entries. that would complete the revival of eidios IPs(Deus Ex,Tomb Raider,Hitman,Theif)

  • landlock

    Since they already cancelled the next Legacy Of Kain game once. I’m going with a new IP.

    • malek86

      That was before Squenix took over though, so they might still want to resurrect the IP someday. But even then, I’m afraid it would be a reboot (much to the chagrin of everyone wishing for a conclusion ot the story).

      Anyway, this one doesn’t sound like a LOK game.

  • Well, the most recent news on Legacy of Kain was a 2004 game titled “Legacy of Kain: The Dark Prophecy,” and it got cancelled during development. However, as a fan of LoK since the first Blood Omen, I would kill for an ending to the story after the cliffhanger they left us with in Defiance.

  • Oh c’mon I know thaty joke already. “SE Heroes of Ruin? That would be all the latest Final Fantasy games”.

  • “Commandos” belongs to Spanish developer Pyro Studios. Eidos was only the publisher, so it cannot be that, I think.

  • Zach Boardy

    Ryt i need help!, im proper confused at the end of defiance when The Sarafan Lord proccessed Jonas body is that from blood omen 2 where the The Sarafan Lord keeps Jonas prisoner, for younger kain to save. So like really defiance is the past in a kind of way??? lol I AM PROPER CONFUSED! Or is it like The Sarafan lord is about to re open the hyldon gate for the second time and ended with a cliff-hanger ?

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