Prove Your Love To Catherine Or Katherine With A T-Shirt

By Spencer . April 9, 2011 . 4:50pm

Atlus re-opened their Japan-only online store and stocked it with a bunch of Catherine merchandise. Each of these t-shirts of the sultry Catherine are available in guys and girls sizes for 4,990 yen ($60).


catherine03 catherine04 catherine05


Poor Katherine doesn’t get as much love. Atlus only made two Katherine t-shirts and only in men’s sizes


catherine09 catherine10


There are plenty of Vincent shirts and these are available for guys and girls.


catherine06 catherine07 catherine08


And if you want to think about Catherine while at work on a coffee break there’s this Catherine mug. It costs 1,500 yen ($17). The tote bag is 1,600 yen ($19).


catherine01 catherine02

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  • maxchain

    I will kiss the head of Atlus him(?)self if that mug becomes available in the US somehow.

  • No Tobias :( :( :( but those are pricey shirts.

    • Actually, that’s funny. I was thinking that just now, too.

      Anyway, are they going to make this into a Team Katherine/Team Catherine thing?

  • That pink kathy shirt is so nice

    • Pichi

      The pink Kathy one is my favorite. Captured her image well. Wish she got another shirt. Atlus needs to spread more Kathy love!

    • Yeah, I like it too, but I don’t like pink color and black version doesn’t look same cool. Anyway, they are way too expensive for me.

    • Joanna

      Yeah, it’s my favourite shirt out of them all and probably the only one (other than the white Vincent shirt) I would wear publicly.

  • PersonaBull

    I’m not manly enough for that Catherine shirt.

    I’d be tempted for the mug and the black Vincent shirt, though. The pink Katherine one is pretty appealing to look at, too.

    This is all just making me wonder what kind of swag Atlus USA may throw our way this summer…

  • pretty expensive for “t-shirts”…

  • I think it would be rather odd to wear that Catherine shirt with her legs spread. I would totally get the looks from people. O_o

    • I find it funny the Catherine design is available in girl’s sizes, but the more tame Katherine design is guys only.

      EDIT: Left out “Catherine” in my sentence

      • I’m just glad that there are things in girls sizes at all. :/ Most of the time it’s a ridiculously large one-size-fits-all type.

        • Yeah it is :( But out of all the shirts, I liked the Katherine design the most, and it’s the only one without girl sizes…

          • Shrink it! :D With any luck, they haven’t been preshrinked yet. 8)

        • I was so happy when i got my shirt from persona 4…

          Now i use it only when i go to sleep -.-

    • AnimusVox

      I’d wear the Katherine one for the same reason and because I like the way it looks.

  • Zero_Destiny

    Wow I hope Atlus gives out a big limited edition bonus set with these bonuses like they did with P4. I missed that but it was so great. XD Would be awesome to see with a Cat release. ^_^

  • IceRomancer

    Definitley digging the Katherine shirts :)

  • I’m really liking that mug…

  • Personally I’d say Katherine’s looks better. Capitalism ho!

  • Is there any remote way for the gaijin’s to buy any of these? :/ I reeeallly want a pink one of Katherine…

  • Aoshi00

    I want that mug, I’ve always loved that logo… too bad they don’t ship overseas.. so far we can only get this royal “Catherine” mug :)…

    • Zero_Destiny

      I wouldn’t want to cheat on a fine catch like that. :)

  • KATHARINE is the best way to spell the name.

    • amagidyne

      I’m partial to KYASHARIN myself.

  • @AtlusUSA should sell some of these in @Amazon; I’d buy the mug and the bag in a heartbeat.

  • $60 for a T-shirt? Is Atlus High?

    • Only limited-run designer tees can get away with that nonsense…

      Or who knows, maybe Atlus will too.

  • PrinceHeir

    I want them all :D

    though i would want a shirt where Catherine poses on the front while katherine poses on the back

    that would be sooo awesome :P

  • Christian Wright

    i. want. all of it.

  • MisterDandylion

    I really wanted that mug. :(

    It would had become my…. thinking mug xD

  • I’d love to get all three of them~ ….but keep the Catherine one at home.
    At least until people play the game here, haha.

  • Ace

    This is expensive!

  • Quite expensive seeing that Persona 3/4 Cospa t-shirts were priced at 2900yen.

  • I really wqnt to walk around with Catherine spread open on my chest! XD

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