The Little Battlers Is A PSP Game, But It’s Packed Like A Plastic Model Kit

By Spencer . April 10, 2011 . 2:02pm

lbx1The Little Battlers is what Level-5 hopes will be their next big project. First announced as a PSP game, The Little Battlers evolved into a mixed media project with manga, an anime series, and plastic model kits. Level-5 even packed a plastic model with the game. Each copy includes AX-00, a prototype model of Achilles, the battler that looks similar to the White Knight from White Knight Chronicles.


So, Level-5 designed the packaging to make The Little Battlers feel like a model kit. They hope this will bring back memories to when you were a kid and your father brought home a kit to build.


You actually have to build AX-00. This is what the model looks like when you unbox The Little Battlers.




And here’s a finished version of AX-00.



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  • Zero_Destiny

    Sugoi!!! I really want the model. Man the stuff they package in games in Japan are just so great. :D I would love to have that. Well anyways the game is interesting and if we just get that released in the west I’d be happy. It’s like Level-5 doing Custom Robo and that’s two things I love combined so yeah. Really want to see the game. :)

  • You know what? That’s how I want all of my future Gundam games to be.

    I knew I would love this game, and this awesome little kit proves it!

  • DisgaeaGuy11

    is this supposed to be a pokemon alternative? is it coming to the U.S? this is all new to me, but I find this extremely interesting.

    • Phlo

      It’s more like Custom Robo than Pokemon, only with a lot more budget behind it.

    • Not announced for US.

  • shion16

    This gotta come to america

  • It’s probably just a 1/144 HG, but hey, this is some nice extra! XD I wonder if you have to assemble the UMD too :D

    • Exkaiser

      It’s probably the same scale and quality as the rest of the kits in the line, but they are about the same complexity and low price as the HG line.

      They look really nice, though, so this is a pretty good deal.

      • The newer HGs are marvelous compared to the ones in the last couple of years. *Compares his HG Tallgeese and HG Double 00 Raiser*

        I think this kit would be better off in the hands of Bandai.

        • Exkaiser

          It is a Bandai kit.

          That said, HGs recently have been excellent. My last two HGUCs, the Unicorn UM and the G30th Gundam were just lovely, though they’re pretty much as basic as you can get.

    • 1/144 of a small childrens toy…? Damn that would be small, it’s actually a 1/1 model, though that’s probably 1/144 in Gundam kit measures. And lol assembling the UMD, I couldn’t do it if it needs to be painted and glued. xD

      • Oh dear, you’re right. Probably it’ll be the size of a 1/144, but the proper scale is 1/1. Too many gundams XD.

        UMD assembly is an art! Embrace the UMD and it shall pleasure you!

  • Exkaiser

    Ooh, what a fitting package.

    The prototype Achilles kit also looks nice.

    • Hey i like your picture what the name of the show

      • I feel like I’m butting in.., but the name is Yuusha Exkaiser, it’s an oldschool Super Robot show. It’s really cool and if you like that kind of anime you definitely should check it out!

        • Exkaiser

          The only problem with watching Exkaiser is that only the first six episodes have been subbed in English.

          However, the Bravery transcends language barriers!

          • I’m pretty sure it’s one of the next Brave projects Onmitsu subs will be working on, now that they’re done with Fighbird and J-Decker.
            (Both ALSO excellent times, by the way.)

          • Exkaiser

            They’ve got a couple episodes subbed so far but only in Portuguese, but we’ll see.

            I’m a little bit more anxious to see them sub Da Garn first, though, since I’ve been working on rewatching all the Braves in order and I’m working through Fighbird right now.

  • Draparde

    sortof reminds me of Gotcha force. i love gotcha force!

    • Code

      Haha, I just introduced some friends to Gotcha Force last week >w<' Maan it went over great, seriously I wish there was more games like it. I'm looking forward to what Little Battlers has to offer, I'd love to see it localized, but I may just have to opt for importing if it doesn't happen.

      • Draparde

        lol, i did that with my friends a few months ago myself, saw it in gamestop for cheap and just had to reget it! fun four player battles xD

  • My most anticipated PSP title, want it so much! This is my type of game. Hopefully they bring it to the US…hm or I wonder, if it does so well its gets an NGP sequel too, that would be excellent and the anime too!

    • Zero_Destiny

      I’m really interested in the anime too. I really hope someone will at least sub it, last I checked all we got is RAW’s. ;_; I hope it doesn’t end up like the DemiKids anime that only got 1 subbed episode and nothing else. I really wanted to see that one too.

  • Excited about this game. I may have missed something but weren’t Level-5 developing this game called Ushiro for the PSP is it still in development?

    • I do not have clear information, but as far as I remember they canceled it or at least put it on hold as there is absolutely no information of it since 2008..

  • Level 5 you know what we all want…

    Free model + umd? Sold.

    Now.. where’s my Phoenix vs Layton game?

    And is that shop the Hobby store from Inazuma Eleven?

    They are even wearing the Inazuma Eleven P.E clothes!

  • urbanscholar

    Model swag!

  • kroufonz

    now namco bandai take a clue from this, why don’t try release PSP and PS3 gundam game in the west bundled with gunpla

    • My thoughts exactly! Would make the games so much more worth the money~

  • Wait…You have to build the game yourself?

  • Christian Wright

    this is how you release a game or at least draw interest to it!

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