Hyperdimension Neptunia Mk-2 Brings The Handheld Wars To PS3

By Spencer . April 12, 2011 . 12:20am

imageIn 20XX the world is one again threatened by Arfoire (called Majicon in Japanese). 80% of elementary school kids worship Arforie. Shops are withering and people hunger for creativity. The world of Gameindustri is a lawless mess when three sisters representing handheld systems appear.


The lead characters in Hyperdimension Neptunia Mk-2 are all new. is Nepgear (pictured) is the Purple Sister. Uni is the Black Sister. Rom and Ram are the White Sisters. Perhaps because they are handhelds, all of the characters in Hyperdimension Neptunia Mk-2 look younger than stars of Neptunia.


Compile Heart says Mk-2 will have improved graphics and a revised battle system. You can make parties with up to four characters and combine attacks using the Lily system. The game industry (the business, not the place) evolved too and everyone is using real time chat. Here’s where you’ll see references to video game icons like El Shaddai, Mario, Segata Sanshiro, Toro (the Sony cat), and Tales.


Hyperdimension Neptunia Mk-2 is in development for PlayStation 3 and slated for an August release in Japan.

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  • zhemos

    Please NISA bring this over !!!!

  • maxchain

    I wish I may, I wish I might, have NIS America throw all reasoning and sales data out the window and announce this tonight.

  • DanteJones

    Wooo!! Can’t wait! :D

  • vadde939

    Am I the only one who thinks it’s strange to have a game about handheld wars on a home console?

    • HarryHodd

      It’s a sequel with returning characters. Makes sense to me.

    • heartless141

      at least it’s not a 2nd Valkyria Chronicles.

      • Insisting that would be a bad thing?
        Or insisting the first would be on ps3, and its sequels fall onto the psp? o_-

    • While, narrative-wise, it would make sense to put it on a handheld, I think Valkyria Chronicles 2 showed how that just serves to anger fans of the original. With a niche title like this, they need as many fans as possible to follow the series.

      • Tom_Phoenix

        Ironically, in spite of all the fan rage, Valkyria Chronicles 2 and 3 ended up selling better than the original and at a much lower cost to the developers to boot.

        I am not saying Neptunia would necessarilly benefit from having the sequel on a handheld, but Valkyria Chronicles wasn’t exactly hurt by it either.

        • In Japan they did, in North America, part one still sold the best.

          • neo_firenze

            Yeah, but NA largely ignored both. Worldwide, VC2 and 3 would have to be considered more financially successful games.

          • The first one is close to a million copies right now, worldwide, which considering the type of game it is, is pretty damn amazing, with the majority of those being in the West!

          • malek86

            @Charles: possibly, bu then again, Sega making VC3 for PSP again seems to imply that they were more satisfied with the sales of VC2 rather than the first one. Maybe it just cost too much to produce, or they sold too many copies at a budget price.

          • HarryHodd

            Actually sales of 3 tailed off quicker than the first two. Not sure that its sales are any better than the second or first game.

    • Not if you think the console is a giant world where the pretty little handleds reside. o.o

    • I would agree, but we don’t really have anything to compare it to. XD

    • PersonaBull

      Well, for one, the first game didn’t center on the PS3(the system it was on), but Neptune. There’s going to be a main character aside from the handheld consoles in this sequel, as well. Secondly, the ‘bad guy’ the ‘consoles’ were fighting against was named after DS pirating equipment.

      Sooo, nah. I don’t find it strange at all. It being on the PS3 sounds about right, actually. Development will be much, much easier using a tweaked/upgraded system instead of starting from scratch, and it will keep the niche fanbase happy that they don’t have to “go out and buy another console” like I see people complaining about in certain other series.

  • What kind of name is Nepgear? That’s definitely not a name you’d give to a girl

    • Zero_Destiny

      Neptune + GameGear?

      • I’m not talking about the name origin, it’s just an awkward name for a girl, that’s all

        • OneOkami

          And Neptune and Compa aren’t?

          • Well it’s better than Nepgear, just to be clear im not complaining anything i just think it’s not a very girly name

          • Guest

            It isn’t about that. This is a parody of the game industry and as such should reflect obvious ties to it.
            i still think White Heart should have used Nunchucks as weapons, Green Heart: red rings of death and Black Heart a silver boomerang

            And Nepgear should have low battery life :P

    • Her parents got together because of the gamegear, they were going to buy it and there was that one last gamegear, their hands felt each other as they were planning to take the gamegear. THANKS TO THAT SHE WAS BORN SHE FEELS HAPPY TO HAVE THAT NAME *sniff*

  • PersonaSpace

    Here’s hoping at the very least they can work on some of the horrible presentation issues from the first game. Looking at you crappy frame rate.

    • If you played it in 1080p, try dropping to 720p. I didn’t see much difference, but some people said it improved overall framerates. o_O;

  • HarryHodd

    Ha I feel like I was the only guy saying PS3 on here when this teaser went up.

    Really looking forward to this. Glad that it’s a sequel on the same hardware.

    • MizuMikomi

      I said PS3 numerous times, so no you weren’t the only one. Plus a PS3 release only made sense, seeing as how the original was on teh PS3, jumping to the NGP with a title like this would be suicidal for Compile Heart, no doubt about it.

    • I think your comment was actually censored, if I remember correctly, so I couldn’t tell what you wrote.

      • HarryHodd

        I wrote “PS3 please ;)” because everyone on here seemed so sure it was an NGP title.

  • HAHAHAHAHA. R4, Arfoire – oh you clever bastards, you!

    • Yui

      I swear, sometimes it feels like you only just got here. ;P
      (I jest, I jest! I hope you jest too. :D)

      • I’m reminded of the scene in “Dogma,” where Jay gets the “holy bartender” joke almost at the end of the scene.

        • Yui

          You know, all these comments of yours I’ve seen. Why did I not expect you to be the first to make a reference to Dogma?

          Great movie though. I love Jason Lee. :P

          • I love that movie. I am actually a big fan of Kevin Smith’s early work (and by early, I mean everything before Jersey Girl). Movies are my other big passion besides music and videogames. I usually just don’t bring up one in a forum dedicated to one of the others. But this time, though, that immediately popped into my head.

          • Yui

            Haha, you should consider coming to Bounce, man! I’m a massive movie buff, as is ZD, and we were just discussing doing some sort of Siliconera Movie Night livestream over the next week. We were discussing it in the interests thread (cool thread, you should share yours :P) and it might be cool to have you in on something like that! :D

      • Oh, jesting is all do. :P

    • neocatzon

      hmm, young girls.. fresh meat

      • mini black heart °.°

        • neocatzon

          Oh, my Lolita, I have only words to play with! ~ Lolita (1955)

      • Why don’t you have a seat over there…

  • MizuMikomi

    And here we go time to assault you with the scans I have on hand:
    Nepgear – Purple Sister: http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-KtDVgvScwQw/TaP_pON4qUI/AAAAAAAAADA/yq7FIUdGPVM/s320/Nepgear+-+Purple+Sister.png

    Uni – Black sister: http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-CKGWz9_UXVU/TaQAIRwyX-I/AAAAAAAAADM/ANuujcVVdKE/s320/Uni+-+Black+Sister.png

    Rom and Ram – White Sister: http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-H5pZPGBIO_A/TaP_-M2VmCI/AAAAAAAAADI/qMh_CPxQze8/s320/Rom+and+Ram+-+White+Sister%2528s%2529.png

    Proof on the Uni scan that all the characters from the original will be returning: http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-dZVlfdizmJw/TaQGl3aekwI/AAAAAAAAADY/_uu9uD__-f8/s400/HURP.jpg

    And don’t worry about the hotlinking, these are from my blog so I really don’t care if they are hotlinked. Lol

    • Gg.g…… THE LOLI POWER IS OVER 10k!!!!

    • malek86

      Is this the first game where you are playing as a bunch of grade school kids?

      Well, except maybe Earthbound…

      • Guest

        There’s a bunch of games out there where you play as grade school kids. Sakura Note, Inazuma Eleven, those two annoying kids that are featured in Smash Brothers Brawl etc

        • malek86

          Ok, maybe I should have rectified myself. Is this the first game where you play as a bunch of lolis?

          • Guest

            No. There’s like a thousand of those too.

          • darkfox1

            can you give some examples of those too?

  • malek86

    I knew it was too weird to get a NGP game announced so early. Score one for me. Oh oh oh oh! (here’s for some more ego boosting)

  • NISA BRING THIS <3 ahhhh!!!!! Im so excited to read more. I love how original the concept for this game/ hyper. dimension. is =]

  • z_merquise

    Japan loves Moé. Moé loves Japan.
    -NAY! Almost everyone loves Moé!

    • Like when you see a smaller than normal spoon, or fork, most of the people surely are like, omfg aww >:x!

      • M’iau M’iaut

        Yup when the heir to ‘Life and Death’ Martial Arts is split in two by a cute little kitty, you know there’s great power in that moe!

        Although he still should have reacted more when she was gonna throw that cat like a football.

        • Yeah, i was like “It would had been so cool if keima jumps when she throws the cat!!!” But they were O.O all the time, xD still, gotta love them, good way to start

      • neo_firenze

        Yes, but legions of creepy guys don’t get their kicks from staring at tiny spoons in an overly sexual way…

        • Knowing this world, i imagine there might be at least one xD

          • malek86

            I’d imagine Neo gets a kick out of watching spoons. He loves when they bend, if you catch my drift.

          • hahaha xD i knew there was someone

  • PurpleDoom

    Oh, cool, it did end up being a sequel. I thought it might have been an enhanced 360 port in typical Compile Heart fashion.

    • Let’s be honest. There’s NO chance of a 360 port since there’s no chance of it being released overseas [and thus the only logical reason for one :/] considering how many releases NIS have handled in regards to these companies, unlike Agarest. It’s unfortunate, but that’s the way it is :/.

      • PersonaBull

        Wait…what? I think I’m reading something wrong here. You confused me at “no chance of it being released overseas.”

        • A lot of things were wrong there xD, but i agree that there are no chances for a xbox port… i just cant see it o.0 dunno why, i wouldnt mind if i was wrong though, if NISA brings it, it may give them more sales

          • I’d stop supporting them as much as I do now. I wouldn’t stop buying their stuff altogether, but right now, if it’s a PS3 title from NISA, it’s an automatic first day buy, no matter what. If they put out a Bass Fishing game on PS3, I’d buy it to support them. But if they went multiplatform, I’d only buy their stuff on a case-by-case basis and then probably not first day unless it was something I really was looking forward to, like Disgaea 4.

        • I think he meant no chance of a 360 version being released overseas.

      • OBJECTION!!¨

        Neptune, ps3 exclusive, NISA check
        Ar tonelico 3, ps3 exclusive, NISA check
        Last Rebellion, ps3 exclusive, NISA check (heard it was bad though, even NISA apologized, they pwn, i still feel like buying it because is NISA)
        Atelier Rorona, ps3 exlusive, NISA check
        Trinity Universe, ps3 exlcusive, NISA check
        Soon, most probably, like 90% chances, Atelier Totori >8D ps3 exclusive, NISA check

        Love for NISA, check

        The numbers state the contrary!, who do you think NISA is, uhhh?!

        • I bought Last Rebellion precisely because it was a NISA title. Must admit to having not played it yet. After hearing how bad it was from everyone, it is on my backlog, but I still picked it up to support them.

          • SeventhEvening

            It isn’t really an atrocity or anything, it just isn’t very good. The whole game is only about 20 – 25 hours (Most of my friends needed around 25, I finished it in about 18) and after you get over the battle system’s learning curve, the game is a bit of a push over. I enjoyed it, but I would have been pissed off if I paid full price for it. I just rented it.

          • I’ll play it eventually. It’s just kinda sitting in my collection, right now, waiting for me to be done with the dozen games ahead of it (Enchanted Arms, Killer 7, Y’s: Ark of Napishtim, Zone of the Enders, Red Dead Redemption, 3D Dot Game Heroes, Folklore, and Viewtiful Joe…as well as the PS1 downloads I’ve done on the PS3 like Front Mission 3) that I have yet to beat.

          • malek86

            @Charles: you haven’t played Folklore yet? Drop everything you’re doing right now and go for it.

            Ok, it’s not actually that good, but the atmosphere is top notch. And you’ll eventually get used to the repetitive combat.

          • I actually got pretty close to what I think is the end of Folklore, at least from a narrative perspective, it seemed like the end, but then MGS4 came out, and got sidetracked. I tried to finish up my game of Folklore a few months later, but was completely lost as to what my objective was supposed to be anymore. I’m either going to have to replay it or take some time to figure out what is going on where I’m at.

            It wasn’t a great game, but it was fun, and it was one of the few instances where I felt motion control added to the game a little.

          • Guest

            I tried to play that game I really did. I just can’t.

        • I obviously meant that some games in which they have published have had 360 versions eventually released in Japan, and a number of the other games could have been ported had they been willing.

          You think I’d be so off to think I meant the opposite o.O? The evidence was all there. No reason for a port if it ain’t getting a western release, and considering NIS’ history as you have so kindly shown…

      • PurpleDoom

        As long as there are 360 owners in Japan, there will be 360 games that are Japan-exclusive. An overseas release is certainly not the only reason to make a 360 game in Japan – though it may be small, there is a market there.

        And again, for the three Compile Heart PS3 games preceding this one, an enhanced 360 port came out roughly a year after the original version. One of these (Cross Edge Dash) remained a Japan exclusive.

        Maybe I didn’t make it clear enough in my original post, but I am glad this is a sequel rather than a port.

    • HarryHodd

      Theres no reason to waste money on a 360 port.

      • PurpleDoom

        All three Compile Heart games for PS3 before this – Agarest, Cross Edge, and Agarest Zero – got 360 ports about a year after their initial releases. It wouldn’t be too surprising for a port to have happened.

        • HarryHodd

          Trinity Universe is also a Compile Heart game and it hasn’t been ported to the 360. NISA wasn’t very happy Cross Edge sales from what I’ve heard and they localized the first Neptune game in the West. The two Agarest games are being handled by Aksys.

          • PurpleDoom

            Trinity Universe is actually an Idea Factory game.

            Sales of the English localizations have very little or nothing to do with whether the game gets a port in Japan. Obviously, Compile Heart’s been finding enough profit with their 360 ports to keep doing them, with this possibly being a first exception since Agarest (even the announcement of a sequel doesn’t rule out a port.)

          • HarryHodd

            Compile Heart = Idea Factory

            Trinity Universe and Neptune even share some of the same enemies and design elements.

            Like I said Cross edge was a disappointment sales wise for NIS.

            The first Agarest was put on the 360 so it was natural for the second.

            I don’t think you can expect 360 ports of these RPGs, just like Cave is not porting it’s games to the PS3, or Magna Carta, or Students of the Round,etc.

  • Well it seems like they understood where Hyperdimension Neptune kinda lacked and are working on it, that’s really good to hear! Nepgear, Uni and Roma&Ram look really sweet too, though in one of the scans I see Compa, Green Heart and Black Heart, are these just shots from the PS3 game or is there a chance for the old cast to return?

    • a mini compa would be funny xD

      • Mini Compa is actually my daughter, she appears here in Mk-2 years after the first game after Compa and I married~

        • Well, as long as you dont touch NISA :0 she is mine xD

          • Don’t worry, I’ll stay true to my waifu(at least as long as I’m working on my harem..But that’s another story), we four should go out sometime would be surely funny~ :3

          • Lol, maybe, but with Nisa around i cant assure you a relaxing day >8D, ALWAYS FULL OF JUSTICE ACTION! AND SEXY HAIR AND FACE

  • I hope the sequel finds its way to America. That said, the original did have some serious problems that I hope are fixed in this one, especially the inability to heal when you wanted to. That design choice still puzzles me.

    • I actually liked that O.o, it wasnt that big of a deal, and i liked the change of peace, something different, and you didnt used up turns to heal… I pretty much didnt had any problem having what i used to heal at like 85%

    • PersonaBull

      Pretty much what WildArms said. I had no problems with healing, and I actually liked being able to focus on my combos rather than having to stop and heal every now and then. I don’t know if you were playing on a harder difficulty or running through with no grinding whatsoever or something, but I was having no real problems with survivability.

      • To me, part of the strategy of an RPG’s battle system is deciding when you take time out from your attacks to heal. It only was a problem for me when I started the game, and then I fixed it by, as you said, spending a few hours grinding every now and then, but even when I didn’t have to worry about healing as much, I still wished I had to ability to decide when I would do it.

        At first, though, it was infuriating.

    • Guest

      They should also show NPC’s instead of making them shadows. And maybe have some other companies tie in as cameos like Konami, Capcom, Namco, Husdon etc

  • I might actually get this one. I guess it’s done pretty well, so it has spurred along a sequel, but about handhelds!

  • shouldn’t “one again threatened” be “once again threatened”?

  • oh yeah i cant wait to play it ^^

  • Mario on a PlayStation 3 console? Finally my dream is getting closer.

    • Joanna

      What are you talking about? Mario is already on the PS3. Haven’t you played LBP? ;)

      More seriously though, the word “reference” makes me think these will just be jokes or passing references (like the meme for Shaddai and a passing reference about a fat plummer). I guess Toro, Tales, Shaddai are possible…but I don’t know, Neptune seems really niche to even be considered by these companies as cross promotion. Hmm, out of all those listed, I could see Ignition partnering up since they seem to really want to push El Shaddai everywhere and it’s free marketing, even if really really limited free marketing. Oh well, guess we shall see. :)

  • You sure that’s enough references?

  • I hope it gets here… i enjoyed neptune, it wasnt a great deal, but it wasnt bad either, all i wish is for the monsters to move faster, not move, stop attack, stop, go back… it was funny and good for my rpg blood :D, i would definitely buy this.

  • I am a little disappointed by the names, though. I assume Uni is meant to be the PSP and Rom/Ram the Gameboy/DS, but I wish the names reflected that a little more.

    • I wonder if people would riot if such an idea were implemented assuming the game would cross shores.

  • Kai2591

    Here’s hoping this’ll get localized too~
    With bonus items and DLCs ofcourse!

  • Also, kinda have to ask…is there a war between handhelds? I don’t know about Japan, but in the states, I’ve never seen DS and PSP owners go at each other with the fury I’ve seen PS3/360/Wii owners or even PS1/Saturn/N64, PS2/Dreamcast/Gamecube/X-box owners do. Is that something that happens in Japan, maybe?

    • SeventhEvening

      Eh…Well, There was kind of a handheld war when the game gear came out, but it wasn’t that big of a deal. And there was a handheld war at the beginning of the generation when the PSP and the DS first came out. And then everyone realized the systems are so different that it is worth to to own both. Really I’ve seen the same kind of thing in Japan. Everyone has a DS, and then most people own a PSP on top of that.

      • Yeah, that’s why I was puzzled, because most people I know who play portable systems do own both.

        • malek86

          Well, if you read the premise of the game, it doesn’t look like they are fighting each other this time.

  • Nice assets there, Nepgear.

  • raymk

    Hopefully they have some better costumes this time around.

  • Best JRPG Ever gets a sequel? I’m in.

    • Oh my god! Where did you read they were making Suikoden VI?!?

  • Guest

    This game is not complete without ANON and GEOHOT enemy bosses

  • Darkrise

    LOLIS!!! I’m so happy that my guess was correct! =D
    I hope this one get’s localized too.

  • Loved the first one and now this!!! Loli + Fantastic = This game is gonna be Loltastic =^_^=

  • AzureNova

    Loved the first one and now this! Epic Lolis + Fantastic = Epicly Loltastic! I cant wait! =^_^=

  • Kai2591

    This August? I like how quick they do it.

  • AndyFe

    I am very excited and surprised actually to see that Hyperdimension Neptunia is getting a sequel but I am in no way complaining. I can’t wait for this to come about, hopefully stateside as well.

    I just hope Nisa is in this one as well, she is my favorite character in the first one and i hope to see her in more games.

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