Demon’s Souls Still Selling Overseas, Catherine Sales Off To A "Good Start"

By Spencer . April 14, 2011 . 11:38pm

image Index Holdings, the parent company of Atlus and their overseas subsidiary Atlus USA, said sales of Catherine in Japan were off to a good start in their latest financial report. While they didn’t post specific numbers, sales of Catherine surpassed their initial sales target of 150,000 units for Japan.


Would you believe Demon’s Souls is still selling too? Index Holdings says sales of the PlayStation 3 hit continue to be favorable in North America.


Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Hunter, a social Shin Megami Tensei game that uses a cash-op model, was another moneymaker for Index. This game made its debut on GREE, a mobile phone platform, in November. Index Holdings reports they were able to acquire a great (but unspecified) number of users in a short time. This added a healthy contribution to the mobile content and games division.

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  • Yukito

    Atlus deserves those sales. They are a great company, and I hope they see even more success with Catherine overseas. I will be buying it for the PS3, and I hope enough will too.

  • pridesin

    This is great news. I think Atlus is one of few companies that does not afraid to try new ideas, but still keeps aspects that make fan bases happy.

  • raymk

    Demon souls continues to not disappoint lol. The only thing they need on that game is some better character faces/models. Glad to see catherine doing well to.

  • DanteJones

    Good to see both games are selling well! According to VG charts, Demon’s Souls broke 1 million copies sold world-wide which is nuts:

    Dunno how accurate it is, but even if its a little off thats a ton of profit for Atlus. D:

    • Jellybit

      1m sold was a ton of profit last gen, but not as true this gen. EA said that console developers make about $20 per $60 copy sold after various licensing fees and costs to get it in stores. That means in this case, if they earned $20 per copy (which they probably didn’t get in all regions if there were other publishers), they’d have gotten $20 million for Demon’s Souls. That doesn’t count price drops, which happened not that long after release. Development probably cost around $20 million, making this merely a “little profit”, unfortunately.

      Also, doesn’t Sony own the IP? Making most of the money go into their pocket instead of Atlus’s. But then again, that’d mean that Atlus wouldn’t have funded the original development, so they wouldn’t have to repay that. But it also means Atlus had to pay a higher royalty rate to Sony, reducing their own income. I’m not sure. This is all pretty complicated to figure out.

      But it’s still wonderful that people accepted it as well as they did. It’s also set up a series for them to make more off of, though From Software seems to have gone multi-platform with a different series.

      • Atlus didn’t have anything to do with the original development. It was a first party title in Japan. Atlus just picked it up to be the distributor in America. So, it cost Atlus a lot less than $20 million.

      • malek86

        “Development probably cost around $20 million”

        When the game was launched in Japan and sold 150.000 copies, From was quoted as saying that they were very satisfied with the sales. I say it cost a lot less.

        We need to dispel this myth of HD games being super-duper expensive. If they really were, everyone would be either out of business, or producing for the Wii. But they aren’t. In fact, even small companies are going for the 360/PS3 now.

    • androvsky

      VG Chartz is frequently off by 100% or more. Last time Atlus divulged Demon’s Souls numbers, VG Chartz numbers were close to twice as high as the real sales. They’re almost never even close to being right. I’ve seen them mess up the sales numbers for games that have public sales numbers published.

  • Tom_Phoenix

    Well, you know what they say….sex sells.

    • puchinri

      I would think sex plus cool story on top of awesome adventure-puzzling would sell better. But sales may pick up~.

      • What kind of game is Catharine? Can you detail? BTW, thinking of Demon Souls? Is it fun though? Or is it “this is so freaking hard i must do it?” Because with a baby, the “freaking hard” holds less appeal, i won’t have time. thanks….

        • Catherine is basically a love triangle novel with a touch of mistery/horror, with one girl wanting to marry the main character, and he is scared of commitment, and the other is a girl he met in the bar, wich is pretty hot and he was… seduced…
          So through the story you will be prompted to do different choices depending on what girl you want to favor (or go for) or, i think you can even maintain a balanced stance o.o… But since the game also has a kinda mistery/horror part, there is also a main story regarding to some people that die while they sleep, Vincent, the main character, is also starting to have weird dreams, so he think this is related to those misterious murders… So, in his dreams, there will be puzzle levels, all you gotta do is go up blocks, like a big tower of blocks, and you have to escape from something coming from below, and you gotta climb climb! jump, move blocks in order to be able to keep going up, it shouldnt take that much time or be too difficult if you choose an ok difficulty, these dreams are normally related to what is worrying him on the real life.

          If you are still curious, put on Siliconera’s searcher “Catherine”, and im sure you will get a lot of info from all the articles :)

          Demon Souls… Well, it takes a lot of time, mostly because it is trial an error, so you might even get frustrated some times, is really good though, but it takes time, for your baby’s safety, i would wait a while to get it xD

        • Barrit

          LOL, so true what WildArms said about Demon Souls.

          I’d also like to add for your first playthrough of DS, don’t going the dodge character route. I made that mistake and I swear I nearly crushed the game with a sledgehammer. Use a shield instead. Makes the game a lot less frustrating and more enjoyable.

    • Yep, Demon Souls is very sexy :D

  • HarryHodd

    It’s nice see Catherine exceeded expectations. The demo sold me on it.

    Glad to see Demons Souls paying off. Such a fantastic game deserves all those sales plus more.

    Next up Persona 5?

    • Guest


    • AnimusVox

      As much as I’d like a new Persona, I’d like Shin Megami Tensei 4 even more.

      • It already exists.

        Strange Journey. You should be asking for a SMT5.

        • Testsubject909

          A home-console SMT.

          That’s my vote.

        • AnimusVox

          If I’m not mistaken Kazuma Kaneko wanted to make Strange Journey number 4 in the series but decided not to since the game didn’t take place in Tokyo like the others.

          • It is the 4th game in the main series in everything but name though, isn’t it?

          • AnimusVox

            Yeah it was meant to be but it’s just another SMT ‘spin-off’ (if you will) game like the Persona series.

      • I would love to see a full-on HD console SMT4!

        • AnimusVox

          Edit: Replied to the wrong persion

  • mooncalf

    Sony will be kicking themselves for many a year that they passed over distributing Demon’s Souls for the west.

    • malek86

      I was wondering about that. The sequel will be published by Namco, so it means Atlus doesn’t have the rights to the series.

      So why didn’t Sony try and snag it instead? Maybe they just didn’t care, even after the first one sold well.

      • lurkingsalt

        Dark Souls is only a spiritual successor to Demon Souls, Sony only owns the IP rights to Demon Souls. Sony can’t publish what they don’t own.

        • malek86

          Yeah, but that doesn’t mean they couldn’t try to get the rights to publish it.

        • Sony could make a Demon’s Souls II, if they wanted, but I would hope that they wouldn’t do that without it being programmed by From Software.

  • Darkrise

    Seeing Catherine do well in japan makes me happy. Because that just guarantees that they did a great job on an hd console with a game that was just a test, and now it’s paved a way for P5!

  • I really hope social games like that come to the US!

  • MisterDandylion

    This are very good news! :)

    Atlus is a such a good gaming company, with lots of potential and we all hope there’s a shining future ahead of them. :D

    Devil Survivor Overclock, Catherine, Devil Survivor 2….! DAMN! This is gonna be a good year (not so great for my wallet xD).

    I’m still waiting for Perusona~~ 5! :)

  • PrinceHeir

    awesome Atlus :D

    will buy Catherine and hopefully Persona 5 and a new Shin Megami game in the same vien as Nocturne and Devil Saga ^^

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