New Patch Rebalances BlazBlue: Continuum Shift, Adds Platinum The Trinity

By Spencer . April 14, 2011 . 5:08pm

bbcs2Arc System Works is about to roll out BlazBlue: Continuum Shift version 1.03. This update has a number bug fixes and network tweaks. The game enhanced counter measures to deal with players who disconnect during a ranked match and you can also select other characters while waiting for an online fight.


BlazBlue: Continuum Shift version 1.03 also rebalances all characters so it’s like BlazBlue: Continuum Shift II as of April 15.


While this update enables Platinum the Trinity, she is a separate downloadable character. You can purchase the additional character for 560 Microsoft Points ($7) on Xbox 360 or 800 yen ($9.50) on PlayStation 3. Only Platinum the Trinity herself will be in the game, she will not come with her storyline.


Here’s a quick list of the BlazBlue: Continuum Shift download schedule for Japan:

On May 10

Title Update for the Xbox 360 version. (11.1MB – free)
Platinum the Trinity will be available for Xbox 360 (761MB – 560 Microsoft Points)
System Version Data Pack Ver. 1.03 for Xbox 360 (761MB – free)


On May 12

Update Patch for PlayStation 3 (431MB – free)
Platinum the Trinity will be available for PS3 (2.5MB – 800 yen)


A Platinum trophy and tip of the hat to Ashgail for the heads up. Thanks!

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  • ….this is also for NA? Or is that for later?

    • Eventually this will come over to North America, whether its the same date or not is a different question. Aksys has not announced details yet.

  • I am sick of them and their expensive DLC. ugh…But I do love me some BB

    • brooklyngamer86

      I’c rather pay for this dlc, than any dlc for marvel vs capcom 3.

      • I regret buying MVC3 lol I plan on selling it anyways

      • Tropxe

        MvC3 didn’t charge about $15 for palette swaps for every character. Palette swaps could be done by anyone in a matter of seconds, charging ANYTHING for them is ridiculous.

      • At least MVC3’s DLC characters were playable in all game modes. There’s a lot I can complain about MVC3, but that is one place where they got it right and BlazBlue got it wrong.

  • Kris

    Interesting that Platinum is two megs on PS3 and 761 on the 360.

    • Because her data is included in the patch for the PS3 while you have to download her separately on the 360. When you’re buying her on the PS3, it’s just an unlock key with a little bit of extra data, since she will have already been patched into your game.

      • Kris

        I figured out that much, but I was more curious as to why they decided to do it in two different ways. Does this mean that you can’t play against Platinums online with the 360 until you buy her?

        • Code

          Nah don’t think it’s the case, I don’t think players will see any difference and will still be able to fight her online; but I have a feeling the two different formats may stem from previous issues that ASW ran into when they were adding Valkenhyann to the 360 version. I have a feeling that’s why the 360 version is nearly 761MB in total, and the PS3 one is only 431MB.

  • Very disappointed to know that this doesn’t give the DLC characters a storyline, like in the PSP/3DS versions, but I’ll still be getting this, as I hear they made Rachel useful again. At the very least, though, considering how long we had to wait for this, it would’ve been nice to make them playable in Arcade mode.

    It certainly took Aksys long enough.

    • Code

      I’m not sure this patch includes the CSII balances or not actually, it looks suspiciously like they may be breaking Platinum and CSII update apart omo;

    • Natat

      The DLC characters don’t have storylines, unless you meant Arcade Mode.

      • PurpleDoom

        EDIT: Apparently I was incorrect on this. Sorry!

        • TokkanRAM

          Uh, no. None of them do. The only things added to story mode in the portable versions are the two “EX Stories”, which are non-interactive. They’re not even set at the same time as the rest of CS, they just provide additional backstory.

          • PurpleDoom

            My bad, then. I just remembered hearing “two new stories added” and assumed they were for characters.

          • You know, that actually sounds even easier to add via patch, so there’s really no excuse for them not doing it, especially with how long it’s taken them.

  • Zefux

    I thought they would release BBCS2 (with the challenges, stories and all) as a patch-on for BBCS on consoles? I think I must’ve heard/thought wrong then…

    • I think we all did.

    • PurpleDoom

      They never clarified exactly what was going to be in the patch aside from the balance update, but for taking this long to get out one would think they would at least have added arcade mode for the DLC characters.

  • PrinceHeir

    what about the story mode? and other modes?

    will probably wait for a retail version that includes everything on disc(same with SSFIVAE)

    • No additional story mode scenarios, not playable in arcade nor legion mode, according to Dustloop.

      • PrinceHeir

        that sucks :

        hope they fleshed this out more, is the PSP version have story mode?

        • Yeah, it does. That’s why I’m annoyed by this.

          • PrinceHeir

            the hell? they definitely need to patch this.

          • PurpleDoom

            Well, they need to have SOMETHING exclusive in the portable versions to get people to buy them… agree that it’s a bit of a bummer, though.

          • PrinceHeir

            yeah, i think they’ll announce it 6 months after the PSP game.

  • hitosura22

    this lost me on this part

    “BlazBlue: Continuum Shift version 1.03 also rebalances all characters so it’s like BlazBlue: Continuum Shift II as of April 15.”

    does this mean the patch comes out tmrw or in May?

    • Natat

      That Continuum Shift II is the one for Arcades

    • PurpleDoom

      It’s a bit confusingly worded, but I think what it’s saying is that the balance patch that releases in May will update the console versions to match what the arcade versions were as of April 15th.

  • Wow. They actually got around to doing this? However, if this is for Japan, I guess it’ll take a bit longer for it to hit the PSN for Europe then. Oh well…

  • RagnaXBL


  • Natat

    About the patch, they have always been at the same time or close to the JP date, right? If so, the balance patch MIGHT come around sooner than we think, right? RIGHT!? Please just sayso, lol.
    Anyway, I guess at least Platinum will have some delay to come to the US.
    I’m still a bit bummed at no Arcade Mode for the DLC characters, and no Legion 1.5, but oh well, the most important thing here is the balance changes to me.

  • VWinds

    Woo! Finally we get our CS II huge balance patch!
    Take your nerfs Bang and Boobie-Lady! Rise back to goodness our Vampire!

  • RagnaXBL

    I hear inferno divider>wallbounce>3C>22C is lots of fun :D

  • malek86

    $7 for a single new character without the story mode?

    Not even the map packs in COD are this bad.

    • Ladius

      Yeah, it makes Capcom’s SF4 retail rereleases look good, if we had to pay for every additional content in SSF4 or SSF4AE as much as we are paying BBCS’s we would have dished out some 70$ on DLCs…

  • a shame we dont get platinum story…..

  • Finally, cant wait to play with the new Haku and Mu :)

  • Still no news about CS II Psp?

  • finally!
    bought mvc3 and… didn’t really get into it…
    heck couldn’t stand all that insane juggling where one char could wipe out 90%+ of a single char health with a good bread&butter combo…
    heck, at least most combo at that level in blazblue requires some SERIOUS setup (an huge amount of heat//whatever resource your char, hakumen, has), proper positioning, etc…
    what’s more, in bb at least if you get fucked you get ONE chance to break the combo… in mvc3 if you get fucked you’re just fucked since there’s no combo breaking of sorts… :/
    I mean, sure mvc3 is fun, but competitive? without all the state-of-art feature of all newest beu it simply won’t cut it..
    either you play it old-schol rigidly(à-la-sf4) or you play it fast&furious WHILE dealing properly with that kind of gameplay (à-la-blazblue/gg)…
    If you ask me, mvc3 for what I’ve played, it’s a too much abusable game, no matter the level :/

  • mikanko

    I hope they add some of the new modes from the PSP version as dlc later, though I still plan on picking it up for the PSP should it hit US PSN.

    Glad Tsubaki will finally be a viable character. Hope this gets people interested with the game again, as the competitive scene for BB has seem pretty stagnant for months now.

    Characters in this game are so different from each other, the work put into one is certainly comparable to 10$ Activision charges for one of their map packs. What’s more I’m all for supporting Arc System Works, a company that actually announces their patch notes, and is improving netcode in this update as well. Wish Capcom could take notes.

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