No More Heroes: Red Zone Edition For PS3 Has Levels Cut From The Wii Version

By Spencer . April 19, 2011 . 7:37pm

nmh2aThe retooled version of No More Heroes: Heroes Paradise with PlayStation Move controls will be released in Japan. Not as a patch, but another game.


Famitsu has the scoop on No More Heroes: Red Zone Edition, which has PlayStation Move support and five bosses from No More Heroes 2. The magazine also reports there will be an additional 10 missions cut from the Wii version plus online leaderboards for boss rush mode in No More Heroes: Red Zone Edition. Konami has not confirmed those two features for the Western release, but since the extra bosses from Desperate Struggle are in we imagine Konami will include the extra missions too.


No More Heroes: Red Zone Edition will be released on July 21 in Japan for 3,990 yen ($48).

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  • Code

    Sign me up! Absolutely love NMH and I felt like leader boards for boss fights would have been a really nice touch for NMH2 for it’s boss rush mode. But having it for the original NMH, well that’s even better >w<' I hope this stuff is included by Konami for us, have to wait and see I guess!

  • So release a game for the 3rd time even though they didn’t buy it the other two. I worry about the Japanese Gaming Industry sometimes I worry a lot.

    • Aoshi00

      The thing is they really should sell the Move support separately as DLC as well for those who have bought the game (Heavy Rain Move patch was free).. at least people deserved a proper patch that fixes all the long loading times and freezing.. I’m still a bit bitter from the first Jpn release I don’t feel like buying this for the 3rd time.. I actually prefer playing w/ the regular controller to the Wii remote waggling, and liked the dual track.. but the loading times and freezing were awful…

      • Guest

        If you waggled while you played this game you were doing it wrong. There is no waggle. There are accurate gestures and motions in this game, it’s why people actually enjoyed the motion controls in it.

        • Aoshi00

          well I didn’t mean I was shaking it like crazy.. but for the finishing move, don’t you need to do a slashing motion, like Okami Wii? Okami Wii drove me nuts, I didn’t find either to be that enjoyable.. It’s like Donkey Kong Country Returns, you need to shake to stump the ground, I would’ve preferred a simple button press given the option… but I enjoyed it much more simply playing w/ the controller.. I suppose Move would be a lot more accurate the the Wii remote.. but I also enjoyed playing RE5 w/ just the controller rather than Move w/ RE5 gold.. or like Okami, I find it the PS2 original much more fun and just easier w/ the controller.. I kept missing the prompt to finish the boss, but w/ the 360 port I got no problem w/ it..

          • PrinceHeir

            well i love “recharging” my wii mote ^^

          • Aoshi00

            lol.. yea that part was funny, and the phone conversation thru the remote mic was definitely neat.. but I still find the waggling a bit cumbersome and inaccurate..

          • PrinceHeir

            i miss the phone conversation from NMH 2 :(

        • malek86

          “accurate gestures and motions”

          To be honest, that’s something I’ve never really found in any Wii game, aside from those with WM+ (and those still have different problems, like constant re-calibration).

          All the games I have tried, will either have difficult recognization for more complicated movements, or like they do so often lately (especially from Nintendo, who seems to have noticed the problem) they will just ask for arbitrary short movements in any direction, the so-called “shaking”.

      • Arcm

        I agree I just hated having to do gestures for finishing moves on the wii version especially since you will be doing a finishing move every 3 to 5 seconds in an action stage. Which nmh 2 fixed that by offering a classic controller option. :)

        Honestly, I like the wii but I hate the wii remote. I have a feeling I won’t like the new Zelda if it’s anything like the wii version of Twilight Princess which makes me a very sad panda. ;_;

  • What confuses me is that every time I see an update of a redone No More Heroes, shouldn’t all that time had been used to implement these redone mechanics for a new game?

    I don’t get why no one has questioned this either. Parts of NMH2 are going to be added to NMH: Hero’s Paradise. To me, that’s like shoehorning a sequel’s game design into its predecessor’s without even combining the two. If you create a redone version of NMH1&2 and pile them in one disk or collector’s box for the PS3, that’s great, but the method that Grasshopper is using……I don’t buy it.

    • PrinceHeir

      Marvelous is doing this not grasshopper :

      this reminds me of RE5 and Gold Edition where only Gold Edition get’s the Move patch and not both.

      well i bought the jp version, will buy the US version just for the uncensored blood :P

      • Yeah, Marvelous’ staff’s starting to act like it does what it wants among other games. I just wanna see NMH:HP in action. :/

    • I just look at it this way. Most hardcore gamers who owned the Wii have also bought an HD system by now. Most of the people who are buying this will be first time PS3 owners, with a few people who owned the Wii version here and there. But if they add enough to it, it makes so people who owned the original will feel like they missed out on something, thus enticing them to double dip.

  • PrinceHeir

    please Marvelous make No more Heroes: Heroes Paradise 2 based on desperate struggle. just add the new modes from the 1st paradise like move support,very sweet mode(Margaret and Alice in swimsuit FTW), dual audio with subs, gallery mode, and why not add a exclusive boss from No More Heroes? maybe Dark Star or Helter Skelter? :D

    well im a big fan of the series, will buy this for sure. suda and his co workers Kozaki and Koyama already said they can make at least 2 New No More Heroes games. so yeah more FTW :)

  • puchinri

    Can’t we just have NMH3 now? With double the Shinobu and triple the Henry? I wouldn’t even mind less Travis. And zero Sylvia. And maybe like, cyborg-clone Holly? Just because it’s NMH and they can.

  • I have actually been wondering what has been taking them so long, since No More Heroes for PS3 is actually one of my more anticipated titles, but according to Gamestop, it’s been delayed into August. I am hoping the reason for the delay is all this extra stuff.

    • xxnike629xx

      Same here… I wonder if we’re also getting an upgraded No More Heroes 2 on the PS3…

      • I think sales of this will determine whether or not we get that. I know I’ll be buying this when it hits the states. And I know a couple people who this might make an excellent gift for, so that’s five copies right there. lol

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