Can You Identify The Game References In This Hyperdimension Neptunia Mk-2 Screen?

By Spencer . April 21, 2011 . 12:43am

Hyperdimension Neptunia Mk-2 has its own take on Twitter where video game icons chirp about their products. Can you identify all of the characters in Planetune?



Yes, the girl in the top right looks like a Tales character. However, she is actually a reference to a popular Japanese blog Hachimakiko. They use Estelle pointing while holding a PS3 as their mascot. Notice her name is Hachima Kiko in katakana. It’s kind of like putting in the Destructoid robot or throwing in a giant letter K into Hyperdimension Neptunia Mk-2.


Hyperdimension Neptunia Mk-2 comes out this August in Japan on PlayStation 3.


image image image image

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  • I hope my eyes are not playing tricks of me but… we can have 4 party members?! <3 Yes! It's also nice to see the Goddesses back in that screen. The red chick looks pretty smex. (Haven't beat the game so no spoilers if I missed something :3 )

    Pretty excited to see the map the great looking background in the Nep screenshot.

    Excitement +200

  • malek86

    The semi-cel-shading looks better than the graphics from Neptune. Although it’s a bit mixed on the backgrounds, and a bit too cornery. I still need to see a cel-shaded game that looks better than Vesperia in overall design.

    • Ereek

      I’d argue that in stills, Totori’s character models looks better than Vesperia, but the movement and backgrounds look worse. Not to mention a (relative) stiffness in clothing while moving and whatnot.

      • raymk

        Yeah but namco’s got a bigger budget so we know why that is. This is still good for what they’ve got to work with.

        • HarryHodd

          I wonder how much better atelier Meruru will be. The trailer for it seems to have pretty good animation.

    • HarryHodd

      No No Kuni?

  • I hope they’ll put effort in more than just references this time. The main weakness of reference-fests like this is that it’s indifferent for players who don’t know them. And without it, HDN potentially loses a good chunk of its assets for certain players. (Not to mention some references were vague.)

    Other required improvements would be a battle system with more freedom, more soundtrack variety, smooth/fast frame rates, a less hollow dialogue and script, NPC pictures, enemy variety, more costumes, and of course, letting the players actually play as all of the advertised playable characters. …Wow. You need a lot of effort for this, Idea Factory.

    • I really agree with the npc portraits, I found that to be really cheap they way they put black outlines. It seems, so far to me, they’re showing signs of progress.

      I also hope their DLC is all at once or within a week, I put my game on hold just waiting for the DLC and I’m not motivated yet enough to play it. (Bought some other games Q.Q)

  • joesz

    ROFL~Pink Miku with an eyepatch

    • Kai2591

      Lol you’re right she DOES look like Miku~

  • HarryHodd

    This game looks better than the first and the environments look interesting and nice.

    • Frankly looking better than the first is no great achievement…

      • It is an achievement though. If it looked exactly the same, most would complain. But yeah, I’m looking forward to this game.

      • HarryHodd

        And graphic whores everywhere agree with you

  • Sal

    I see Segata Sanshiro and 2 guys from El Shaddai!

    • Guest

      Indeed! Do you know that Segata Sanshiro was your Sensei in charge of tutorial moves for Sega Dreamcast’s Rent a Hero #1? That was supposed to come to the U.S. to the XBox but it got canceled when the U.S. publisher went under.

      • Thanks, best piece of trivia this month by far!

  • puchinri

    I see Toro and El Shaddai~. Though are the references allowed to be so obvious? Or did they get permission?

  • Kai2591

    Graphics look better. I like~

  • Haha, I see Mario, Segata Sanshiro, Toro… Cooking Mama?

  • The solitary man who devoted his soul to the way of games
    Today, he comes again
    He will punish those who do not play seriously
    Their battered bodies will never forget!

  • malek86

    Weird. I looked in the links section of the official site, and there’s no link to Sega. The copyrights bar at the bottom also makes no mention of them. The official site for the first game had both a link and copyright mention to Sega.

    What happened? They pulled out?

    • They were too busy being farty over the Streets of Rage Remake to participate.

  • Xeahnort

    The pink haired girl could be Estelle from ToV.

  • PrinceHeir

    awesome :D

  • Guest

    What’s stopping them from putting in Steins Gate characters. Atelier characters and maybe even Megazone 23?

  • TanyaRei

    can you guys please start posting bigger pictures?
    i have to look for them on other sites once i see yours

    • Did you click on the pictures? That opens gallery mode where the pictures are blown up.

      • TanyaRei

        Yes I did. They are very small. Bigger ones would be nice.

  • Is it normal to have tears(of excitement) coming out of your eyes????? XD

  • AzureNova

    This is gonna be awesome! >_<

  • is that the Wonder Chef from the Tales rpgs in the lower right hand corner perhaps? the only improvements i want for Nepu Nepu MKII: either make the combat faster and lower the encounter rate; or make the skip battle animation (L2) button a toggle to skip all battle animation. That is all. Ueda Kana as Ai Effu for the win!

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