Growlanser IV: Overload Goes Overboard With New Story Routes And Events

By Spencer . April 27, 2011 . 2:12pm

glAtlus couldn’t use the "overload" subtitle to Growlanser IV without adding a significant amount of content. This version of Growlanser IV branches in more directions and players can find new story routes.


A number of new events were created for Growlanser IV: Overload. The original route has been updated too so you’ll see something new even if you take this path.


Also new are two characters that weren’t in the PlayStation 2 version. Growlanser IV: Overload introduces D-MD Type, a new familiar, and Tricia, a cheerful girl who takes care of Crevaniel.


image image


Growlanser IV: Overload is slated for release this summer on PSP.

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  • Yea…but…it’s not coming stateside. :(

    I mean feel free to wholly prove that one when we were on Atlus’s case to get the original on the PSP stateside. Those cries fell on deaf ears.

    • Guest

      Why is that girl on her knees

      • kroufonz

        because she know atlus usa ain’t gonna give a damn about this game :p

    • Day2Day

      Well, that IS what they said about Catherine, and we’ve got it…

  • Growlanser 1 PSP and Growlanser 4 PSP bundle pack kthnxbai~ :D C’mon ATLUS USA :D! *wishful thinking*

    • I would sacrifice humans in order for that to happen… O_o

      At least the random people from subway, i dont know them… but we are all born enemies…. >_>


      • “but we are all born enemies…. >_>”

        Wow, that’s the most rational thing I’ve ever read. Do not worry though, when I have conquered the world every human will be under my banner, so we will all be kyoudai’s!! And everyone gets a harem of at least 10+ persons!!!

        • You can keep this crappy real world!… Meanwhile i will be in THE WORLD ONLY GOD KNOWS! Muahahahahhaa!

    • kroufonz

      add Growlanser VI while at it too, so we can finally get all growlanser localized:p

    • Ryos

      Oh man, as a Growlanser fan, that’d be a dream come true! The best two Growlansers in one bundle! However, as a realist, I’m going to sulk in my corner and lament that more Urushihara is not going to happen in my PSP unless I import.

    • frantisek

      akselziys, sorry if this question is somewhat abrupt, but could you please elaborate more on the “bad taste in their mouths” you mentioned in the gaf thread? for reference, I’m quoting this post of yours, which provided some extremely interesting news about the series (everyone till now thought that growlanser 5 bombed in america, and apparently that wasn’t the case):

      It did pretty decently, definitely enough to warrant a profit :)

      And it wasn’t sales that may or may not have deterred them from doing future Growlanser games, it was due to well, maybe I should refrain from saying since they probably wouldn’t appreciate it, but I guess I’ll just say Heritage of War left a bad taste in their mouths XD;;

      Also, ATLUS USA still holds the Growlanser trademark in America. I would love to see them make use of it :3

      • Haha, not rude at all :)

        But I probably shouldn’t comment for another company anyway, so I think I’ll have to refrain from saying anything further >.<

        My apologies ^^

        • frantisek

          i understand your position, but still that’s a shame, it would have been really enlightening to know if there were technical issues or simply a personal dislike of this series from the atlus american employee because of some localization issue… i remember that growlanser 5’s battle system was changed during its localization to match 6’s new features, but i imagine that weighed more on career soft’s shoulders than atlus usa’s

          i’m happy to see there are growlanser fans in the industry, though

          • cj_iwakura

            Growlanser 5 wasn’t a disaster, but it sure didn’t sell that well. I’m just assuming Atlus USA assumed cost >>> profit for Growlanser PSP.

          • frantisek

            akselziys apparently don’t agree with this thesis since he said that the game sold “definitely enough to warrant a profit”, and given that he works for a publisher in the same field as atlus and probably has access to npd sales data i think we can believe him more than some baseless word of mouth.

            till today i thought the same as you, but those new informations are pretty important to understand what’s going on. of course we are still missing the context, but knowing that sales aren’t the main issue is a big improvement.

  • Atlus, I…would…KILL…for this to be ported to North America…really. Satoshi Urushihara is a God!

  • Silvernale route!? and a new fairy!


  • Croix

    Okay, so honestly, Growlanser V was kind of doomed. From character design to battle system to graphics (oh god, graphics), it just was massively underwhelming compared to prior titles. HOWEVER, I must say that the Growlanser Generations pack with Growlanser 2 and 3 comprised one of the best purchases I have ever made. Growlanser 3 in particular I think is honestly one of the better games I’ve ever played, and I would love to see what followed it get an English release.

  • If @playstation #SCEA wants to make up for their bulls#it policies on localizing, then they should localize this, since Atlus USA gave up on Growlanser’s US chances, as noted in a similar topic.

    • kroufonz

      +1 for that, but still no chance in hell they gonna do that, they pass wkc2 and demon soul, not ot mention upcoming psp jrpg remake of over my that body will get the same fate too:p

      SCEA really should in general change their policy for retail release of japanese game especially more niche JRPG and VN, SCEA should open the door and give opportunity to make small publisher have some chance to bring more niche japanese titles.

      • @playstation #SCEA will only get more butthurt, when 3rd-party publishers make money on their niche in-house games, as they learned the hard way with Demons’ Souls.

        They can stand to lose “alternative (in music terms)” gamers who have been swearing off FPS, while burying these types of games, while depriving such “alternative” gamers the opportunity to play these games, which, in their eyes, as the alternative to generic FPS.

        • kroufonz

          i guess SCEA busy with more shooter. santa monica studio just opening recruitment for folks with experience developing fps/tps and in game combat vehicle:p

  • Come one Atlus, you can still take this gamble! i would so buy this

  • raymk

    Come on atlus give us this one :(. You just have to i’m begging you atly.

  • Ladius

    Would insta-day one this if Atlus USA localized it… heck, I will probably buy two copies just to support their effort : It’s really a shame that the best Growlanser games haven’t been translated, I played 4 on PS2 and highly enjoyed it even with my absolutely lackluster knowledge of Japanese.

    Moreover it’s a stand alone game with no ties to the other chapters (well, there is “Returns”, but that’s a lost cause), so it hasn’t the issues 1 and 5 had.

  • PrinceHeir

    why is she kneeling? :D

    • DanteJones


  • neo_firenze

    If Atlus USA can justify Divinity II, The First Templar, and The Cursed Crusade, and not Growlanser IV… [fill in your negative comment of choice].

    • It’s not like Atlus is translating any of these…. right? <,<

  • DanteJones

    I haven’t played any of the Growlanser games, but they do look pretty interesting. I’ll have to see if I can find any online or something.

  • cj_iwakura

    Listen up, Growlanserians.

    That is your best bet. You want Growlanser IV in the US? TELL ATLUS USA. Show them there’s interest.

    Fans can make a difference. Let’s prove it.

    • Zeonsilt

      Sir,i’m there with you!
      But well….chances are……beyond zero.

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