Frontier Gate May Look Like Monster Hunter, But It Uses A Menu Based Battle System

By Spencer . April 29, 2011 . 7:45pm

fgateWhile tri-Ace is known for designing games with action oriented combat, Frontier Gate, their first title with Konami, is designed like a traditional RPG.


Before you can get to battles you have to pick a partner. Frontier Gate tells the story of two pioneers, the protagonist and a player chosen partner character, who adventure on an unknown continent called Frontier. There are fifteen prospective partners in Frontier Gate and Famitsu revealed three of them.


Aletio arrived on Frontier the same time as the protagonist. He’s a novice adventurer who carries a sword. Reinwalt carries a sickle-like sword and teaches new adventurers the ropes, so he’s considerably more experienced. Dizzy is a second generation pioneer born on Frontier. The story you see changes depending on which partner character you choose.


Up to three players can link up for an ad-hoc Frontier Gate multiplayer session. Since everyone has a partner, you have six characters in a fight. Details about the combat system were not explained, but Frontier Gate is built like an orthodox RPG where you select commands. A screenshot shows a number of attacks such as Rexion Sword, Blade Bash, Provoke, and Finality B. Each one uses a different amount of AP, which suggests Frontier Gate has some kind of action point system.


Frontier Gate is slated for release on PSP this year.

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  • Man, man, man, was the sky this shiny!? So many promising games!! AHHH NEXT YEAR, GOD, why announce it now T-T they like to make us suffer

  • holyPaladin

    I really hope it will have stories, although tri-Ace kinda bad on this sector

    MH alike with turn-based? (I saw the action word on top right though lol)
    tri-Ace, please release the trailer

    • They are bad on stories? All the games i’ve played from them had good stories though, nothing WOW, but still, they made me beat the games trhough the end…

      • holyPaladin

        Since SO4, I think tri-Ace need improvement on their stories… (I love SO3 plot twist although it kills SO series as a whole)
        And their characters kinda meh for SO4 (except Reimi ~)

        But yeah, I finished most of tri-Ace games, their stories never hold me back to finish their games… though I haven’t finished ROF..

        • Yeah, definitely, the characters on 4th were a letdown compared to games before with some exceptions, but SO1 and SO2, were great because of the characters, but the story wasnt that good, SO3 had good story and chars…, but too short for my taste T___T i wanted moooaar

          • Tri-Ace has never been strong in story-telling. Star Ocean, Radiata Stories, Infinite Undiscovery, Resonance of Fate and others are not bad but are not that good.

            Although Tri-Ace as a designer in making very fun games is top notch. I have never been displeased with there games as games. The combat, exploration, item creation, etc. have always been great.

          • Oh, i forgot Radiata Stories comes from them too, that game is awesome, and i liked that story a lot

          • holyPaladin

            Yup I agree SO1 and SO2 is awesome (my fav game of all times is SO2 :D)

        • alastor3

          ROF isn’t designed for a long story it’s more like short story, devided by chapter, the game is more oriented on how to dress your caracter the cutest and the combat system

          • holyPaladin

            Yeah I think ROF is mission based games
            Still on chapter 5…

  • Tri-Ace has really good Stories, but I know a lot of people who doesn’t understand the background of certain things, and consider those stories as bad ones, because they have to do with metaphysics (clearly seen in SO3 and SO4) and other stuffs, which aren’t a common knowledge for everybody =/.

    • SO3 I agree, but not SO4. SO4 had it’s fair share of good moments, but it was one chiche after another that the story coudn’t be taken seriously. I probably wasted more time making jokes about the cliches than really thinking about the storyline.
      I liked more Resonance of Fate because it’s story was simple and the gameplay was great (but still repetitive).
      This game doesn’t catch my interest because I don’t play Ad-Hoc (few people with PSP here, even fewer that will probably play this game) and I truly wished this to be a more focused single player experience.

    • holyPaladin

      tri-Ace sure got nice storytelling in the past (VP is the most awesome and I love Radiata human&non-human path)
      But SO4 focused too much on fanservice I think…

  • PrinceHeir

    i wanna see some multiplayer videos :)

    looks interesting, love Tri Ace games.

    I would definitely kill for Valkyrie Profile 3 :D

  • PersonaSpace

    Since we’re using the word protagonist here, I’m hoping that means full character customization. And dear goddess, choice of gender.

    • Guest

      Play Fairy Tail Portable Guild 2 then. Or White Knight Chronicles Dogma Wars

    • Ultima Arcana

      It was indeed confirmed in Famitsu magazine you will have a fully customizable character. You can also change your partner’s equipment and clothing.

  • Xeahnort

    tri-Ace has always failed in the story department regardless of the game but i have to admit they put a lot of effort into making a fresh and exciting gameplay.

    Between Infinite Undiscovery, Star Ocean 4 and RoF, I’m done with Tri-Ace this gen.

  • malek86

    Partner character? Sorry, but I work alone. Maybe that guy could be my meat shield, though. It kinda worked with felynes.

  • You better pick up a good partner because the battles are intense.

  • 128bitigor

    Why do they force Monster Hunter type of gameplay in the every single PSP game out there? It won’t make it sell in millions all of the sudden.

    It’s all sound when the games that follow Monster Hunter are good, like Gods Eater, I suppose, but isn’t it getting kind of boring?

    • Considering the main gameplay will be different, i cant consider this one boring O.0, and well… MH isnt boring, all the contrary, it just gets better as you advance, because of the new monsters, and you cant never expect what will happen on every mission. It really makes honor to it’s name.

      Of course… is a lot better if you have people to play it with

  • Next year? The official site ( says “Coming 2011”.

    As a fan of FFXI and PSP2, but not Monster Hunter, this game looks very promising to me. I hope it uses an online infrastructure, lets you use more than just swords (magic would be especially nice), and has better controls than Monster Hunter.

  • Croix

    Something about the apparent style of the designs in this game remind me heavily of VP2. Which means instant win. Thinking I’ll definitely get this (since I get practically every Tri-Ace game anyway).

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