Atelier Meruru Gets A Stylish Prologue Video From Gust

By Ishaan . May 2, 2011 . 3:28pm

You’ve seen a picture of Atelier Meruru’s opening movie, but now there’s in-game footage and a lengthy prologue video, courtesy of Gust themselves. We’ll begin with the prologue:



And here’s in-game footage:



Atelier Meruru: The Alchemist of Arland is slated for a June 23rd release in Japan. NIS America haven’t announced localization plans for the game yet; we expect they’ll want to talk about Atelier Totori first, seeing as how that game has been out longer.

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  • HarryHodd

    The prologue is very well done. Captures the mood of the first two games well.

    The gameplay clip has some very beautiful environments that seem alive and I thought the running and jumping animation looked pretty good.

  • Maybe I’m really tired, but the gameplay video bugged me out. She’s always in the direct center of the screen while, like… the world moves as she runs in place. It just struck me as funny.

    • Neckbear

      I’d say Meruru’s character model stands out from the background, but that’s it. Not exactly standout, though.

      Honestly, looks pretty much like Rorona with more detail and different icons. Not like that’s a bad thing, though.

      …Which reminds me, Mister. Where’s my Atelier Totori: The Flat Alchemist of Arland?

      • We gotta be patient, im like 95% sure Totori will come :D, and NISA has been kinda quiet besides for Disgaea 4, IT WILL COME WHEN WE LESS EXPECT IT!


    • Apollonis

      Haha, aren’t all third-person games without a fixed camera like that? Get some sleep :P

    • Oh new avatar, WELCOME TO THE NEW GENERATION, neptune! >8D!.

      As for your comment, while i was watching the video, i didnt felt anything weird actually o.o, i thought everything suited really good… She looks colorful of course, the pink of her cape kinda stand out a bit, but it doesn’t looks bad, at least for me.
      And she being always in the center didnt bugged me much, maybe playing i will feel weird, but i dunno… it didnt felt bad.

      Get some rest~ and try watching it again xD we are grateful for your work so far.

  • LOVE the music, as always, and looks great, i might (finally) get atelier rorona this week lol, will be looking forward to atelier totori :33

    i better not watch the prologue vid, seems to be spoilerish

  • Sakurazaki

    Toto ri, Roro na, Me ruru.

    What’s next, Gon gaga?

    Game’s looking great though.

    • It’s the last of the Arland games,so I think it’s unlikely they’ll continue with ‘such’ names.

  • I want this gameeeee

  • kroufonz

    i want this game and i still want totori, come on nisa give us totori release date already:p

  • Letiumtide

    I cannot believe how they a pumping out these amazing looking games. It breaks my heart that more JRPGs haven’t taken up the cell-shaded banner as these games are positively gorgeous.

    Then again, I have always for Cell-Shading since it first came to light. Love it.

    I do so hope we get a Totori announcement at E3, if all goes well we may see this and that’s very exciting. I pre-ordered Atelier Rorona and will most certainly continue to buy Atelier games.

  • Rarutos

    I only watched the first half of the prologue because I want to go into Totori with a relatively clean slate. Hope we get it soon! :(

  • puchinri

    I like the look of the game, did Rorona and Totori have settings like those?

    And I’ve been wondering, I’ve been interested in Marie and the earlier games since forever and always wondered why we never saw them. Was it just because of the market? Or something else? Are they on the PSN (JP or our import sect.)?

  • IceRomancer

    NISA Please announce something Atelier Totori related! Like that you plan to release it in North america or you wanna or something! xP

  • PrinceHeir

    the music in the atelier series are always heart warming :D

    • Xeahnort

      Gust hire wonderful composers and singers for their games, unfortunately they are underrated.

      • Or the majority people’s ear are simply really bad

  • I know it is too much to hope, but maybe one day they will release a combo pack with all of the Atelier games that never came out in the states. They really are some of the best games in recent memory.

  • Oh, the Gust flute… I always miss you.

    Wait, no I don’t! Gust always use you in all of their games; you’re not getting old anytime soon. ^_^

  • The music, graphics and concept are all so wonderful. I really hope this gets released outside of Japan. I’d pick this up in a heartbeat!

  • Kai2591

    Premium edition localized version (if any) instant get.

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