Gun-Lord Is Ready To Blast The Neo Geo And Dreamcast This Year

By Ishaan . May 4, 2011 . 9:28am

Remember Fast Striker for the Dreamcast and iPhone? Now that the iPhone version is out, the game’s developers, NG:Dev.Team, are focusing on their next title: Gun-Lord. So far, only four tiny screenshots of this game have been revealed.


Gun-Lord is simply described as a “Eurostyle platformer” for the Neo Geo and Dreamcast. The game is planned for release sometime this year.

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  • godmars

    Say whaaaaaaaaaaa…?

  • eilegz

    looks like contra

  • oops dbl post

    • Happy Gamer

      alot of devs been making game for these dead platforms way after it was officially dead. especially shooters. Games like Ikaruga for example one (well it was considered treasures last game on it but the system was pretty much dead, the dreamcast). These games are made more for the fans of the systems than the general audience imo. if u are a retro system and games collector and still play em, this is exciting news. I still own my Saturn and DC and these kind of news are great to me :)

      • it costs virtually nothing to make a game for xbox indie using XNA, cheaper than manufacturing carts at least!

        i dont find the news of ” a new shmup for dreamcast” is ever exciting

        • Happy Gamer

          Like I said though I don’t think the dev of this game’s focus is that. It has to do with the fact they decided to release carts and CDs in the first place. Its like alot of indie artists still releasing vinyl records. Of all the mediums u can still release today, vinyl is the worst as far as profitability, for some time actually. Thats why ppl released CDs which were better now digital etc.
          I think they just want to release something for the DC and NeoGeo on their own accord.

          I am not debating on the fact that this method is better I am just saying why I think the devs are doing this and it may well be a professional hobby. Who knows we may see this on Xbox live :)

          I think of the couple shbumps for dreamcast that made it were Ikaruga, Radio alergy, karous etc.

          • You forgot Triggerheart Excelica

          • neo_firenze

            UNDER DEFEAT. That’s the best shooter release after the “death” of the DC.

          • you are totally correct, it is just a shame because the game graphics looks tight and unike shmups it is not every day we get a ‘euro style’ platformer announcement ;)

      • Pretty much dead != dead. If Treasure were to release Ikaruga for the first time on Dreamcast tomorrow it might garner a couple thousand from the super hardcore but it would do better on living platforms. Pretty sure it did well over 100k on XBLA, possibly more than the Dreamcast version even though the shmup genre was way more popular back then. Basically, nobody wants to plug their old consoles back in once every 2 years for the one or two devs still supporting it for the novelty factor.

        For these kinds of devs, XNA or PC plz! Or surely Rocking Android would be interested in helping these guys do XBLA/PSN

        • Phoenix_Apollo

          I want to plug in my old consoles every couple of years…in fact, I do it way more often than that. Don’t just generalize us.

      • RupanIII

        I quite agree! I still have my DC and other retro systems and it’s exciting for me to see there is still a niche that supports them. This isn’t about making boatloads of money. And even if they did release these types of games on XBLA or whatever, I doubt the sales would be much different.

        • actually i disagree about the sales being different, 25million+ people own a 360 and if this came out on indie it would be in the top 1% of worthwhile games

    • Probably because its ccheaper to develop under mvs and create carts, than it is to get a development kit under microsoft.
      I’m confused if they’re marketing this to private collectors or to arcades so they can make money off it. that’ll affect pricing…

      I’m just wondering how much it’ll cost, I’m hoping under 200.

  • it looks good but i would not play this on iphone or dreamcast lol…give it to me on xbox indie or something

  • Sorry, but what exactly is a Eurostyle Platformer?

    • turrican

      • neo_firenze

        My initial thought of “what’s a Eurostyle Platformer?” was Shadow of the Beast.

        But you know, those pictures really do look a little inspired by both Turrican (the gun blasting) and Shadow of the Beast (the visual aspects like the gargoyles, freaky sky background, etc).

        I’ll give this game a shot.

        • someone plz port shadow of the beast trilogy!!!!!!!!!!!!!! instead of burger time……. lol

  • These NG:Dev.Team guys seem like a super talented bunch but the novelty has worn off – plz support real platforms plz!
    Dreamcast would have been totally fine 10 years ago and iPhone is great for non-traditional games but how about a PC version? Xbox Live Indie Games would also be a great platform if they can’t get XBLA/PSN

  • Phoenix_Apollo

    I really want to play this! Surely there’s a somewhat easy way to obtain it. Amazon, maybe?

  • PrinceHeir

    awesome :D

    the first pic reminded me of Super Metroid ^^

  • xxx128

    New neogeo game? Thats sick! Want :)

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