The Goal Of 7th Dragon 2020 Is To Reclaim Tokyo After Dragons Cover It In Flowers

By Spencer . May 11, 2011 . 11:03am

7th7th Dragon’s sequel takes a futuristic turn by making Tokyo in the year 2020 the game’s setting. Why are you battling seven dragons that arrived from outer space without warning?


Because they took over Tokyo and covered the capital in flowers called Flowaro. A similar event occurred in the original 7th Dragon too where all near the Flowaro died out. Your character is part of Murakumo, a special division set up to reclaim Tokyo by defeating the seven dragons.


Before the hunt begins, you create a party. 7th Dragon 2020 lets you select a character’s outfit, class, and voice. Famitsu notes its possible to create characters that have the same job, but look different through customization choices. Refugees and soldiers are holed up in the former Tokyo Capital Building, which acts as the makeshift headquarters for the Murakumo. Inside the building, you can exchange materials to strengthen your dragon hunting weapons. Natsume Hikasa is head of the Murakumo and wants to train people with unique talents to fight against the dragons. Ayafumi Kirino is a young scientist studying the dragons and acts sort of like a mentor to guide hunters towards the goal of defeating the dragons.


While 7th Dragon featured mota’s art, manga artist Shirow Miwa will take over for 7th Dragon 2020. Rieko Kodama, Kazuya Niinou, and Yuzo Koshiro reprise their roles as producer, director, and sound composer, respectively. Imageepoch is once again working with Sega and designing the game. See Famitsu’s report for more screenshots of 7th Dragon 2020 before the PSP game’s fall release.

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  • Christian Wright

    is this another first person dungeon crawler?

    • Tommy Lee

      Only combat is in first person. You see your characters walk around in dungeons from an isometric viewpoint.

    • If it maintains what made 7th dragon, 7th dragon, then i hope it doesn’t

  • lostinblue

    Seems… Way less chibier than the original? :(

    • Guest

      Different artist. Super deformed Polygon models

      • lostinblue

        I’m apprehensive! I’m not a big fan of 3D on PSP, jaggies and dithering meh.

        Buying a PSP go with the smaller dot pitch has eased it a little though.

        • Guest

          3D enemies on Final Promise Story look good though. This seems similar (except with chibi heroes)

    • I think the character 3D models on map will be chibi-like

  • solbalmung

    wow looks kind of neat :O
    Love first person dungeon crawler, I’d love to try the first 7th dragon but unfortunately it never garced the US shores,Hope this one gets localized :( !!

  • Will be looking forward to more info about this >8D

  • godmars

    Was exited about this, even if it may never come West, until the polygon and SD thing. Rather it be sprite animation.

  • KotaroInugami

    Dragons covering the world in flowers… How horrible… The fiends…

    • IsaacGravity

      *extends index finger matter-of-factly* Flowers that are destroying all life, spawn more dragons if left unchecked and pretty much drains your life as you step on them (you’ll always be at 1 HP as you do this so while the Flowaro never outright kills you a tough random encounter or worse off, a dragon encounter however…)

      Yeah, I know you’re joking but I couldn’t help but get all nerdy when it comes to this game so just bear with me.

      That said, I’m gonna miss Mota’s character art and since the setting is a futuristic Tokyo I’m worried about the Rushe race but the news and information all around excites me!!

      Can’t wait to learn more about the classes and such!

  • Robot classes, possibly? :D

  • AdrianHeng

    “Dragons come from space. Dragons sprout flowers. Kill Dragons”. Excuse plot at its finest.

  • If this game doesn’t get english localization… I’m gonna kill myself…(joking)

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