Bleach: Soul Resurrección Ignites PS3 In August Thanks To NIS America

By Spencer . May 13, 2011 . 1:02pm


You probably heard of this Bleach game before, but under the Japanese name Bleach: Soul Ignition. NIS America picked up the rights to Sony’s PlayStation 3 Bleach game and It’s coming to North America and Europe under the name Bleach: Soul Resurrección.


Bleach: Soul Resurrección has 21 characters locked in a fight with the Arrancar. The list includes Ichigo, Rukia, Uryu, and, Toshiro. Villains including Tia, Yammy, and Ulquiorra (Second Release) are playable too. Characters can be customized using a sphere grid style character map, which unlocks new abilities.


Bleach: Soul Resurrección arrives in Japan this June and North America gets the PS3 game in August. A release in Europe will follow in September.


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  • Yu_TheKing

     Sankyuu NIS, Chalk this up on my wishlist. Seriously though, NIS America I love you :D

    • This is the greatest news all day Yama!!!!! Oh my gosh!  

      • Yu_TheKing

        I know right Tsuna!!! NISA’s doing bigger and better things. Can’t wait for this and Disgaea 4 (among others) Hopefully they’ll localize many other Bleach games. Just have to see what the future holds =3 

        • We have to buy it, well them D4 and Bleach, NISA is my favorite this year already! 

          •  Though this game wasn’t all that interesting to me in the beginning, I have gradually warmed up to it. And with the info of leveling up characters, unlocking new abilities, while enjoying a great single player experience in the world of BLEACH. I have to say that this might be a Day 1 for me.

            The website to the Soul Ignition character page has already been updated.
            Final Tensa Ichigo is one of the confirmed playable characters.

          •  That ichigo is so awesome! Yus!!! Now if they just get Grimmjow in there, and all the other captains, etc! lol, it sounds like the perfect Bleach game! (are cinematics in the game too?!))

  • malek86

    So we have Atlus publishing Naruto games, and NISA publishing Bleach games! I can smell a rivalry incoming!

    … but, who’s publishing One Piece games then?

    • Yu_TheKing

      I’unno but there’s definitely some good ol’ competition brewing. (hopefully) I wouldn’t mind seeing some One Piece games localized.

    • kroufonz

       no one! the great mastertroll namco bandai will not let such thing happen!

      • Yeshua49

         Isn’t the first Unlimited Cruise has been release in America ? At least in Europe Namco Bandai release them.

        • Didn’t do that well for some odd reason (sale wise) so they didn’t feel like releasing number 2 out in the NA region. I blame those that say ahh I’ll wait till it gets cheaper.

    • Shadow_Raskolnik

      That’s exactly what I thought when I heard this news, Atlus has now published (more like distributed) some Naruto titles and NISA is doing pretty much the same thing with this Bleach game. The only difference is that there is no complaining here about how NISA has sold out to the anime crowd or something to that affect. 

      • malek86

        That’s because for Atlus people were actually complaining about how they sold out to western gaming. Naruto was an afterthought.

        Besides, NISA was already pandering to the anime crowd with their DVD boxes.

      • Joanna

        In the complainers’ defence (I am one of them), Atlus has pretty much abandoned releasing niche JRPGs outside of in-house Atlus games. No one is complaining here because NISA isn’t doing that. We don’t have anything against Atlus or NISA branching out and bringing other kinds of games or forms of entertainment, but well it isn’t pleasant when a cherished company drops support for the games they used to bring over and what made us love them in the first place. Of course, I am in no way one of the extremely bitter ones who is going to boycott Atlus. It’s just saddening to see them drop support for certain kinds of games, but I’m still going to buy from them as long as it’s a game I want.

  • nyoron

    Wow, was not expecting that.

  • tr1gun1212

    Ignition = Resurrección? Is there some Bleach fan that can enlighten me? And why Spanish?

    • rrw

      well most terminology in in bleach is spain anyway. 

    • Yu_TheKing

      Probably because majority of the storyline revolves around the Spanish-speaking hollows. Resurrecion also being the name of their “special technique.” 

    • Guest

      Edit: Nevermind, people have explained it already.

    • shion16

       El español es mas seductor ;)

    • Joanna

      Just to add to what Yamamoto said:

      Kubo seems to like to add in foreign words for special attacks. Shinigami attacks are all in Japanese, but Hollow based attacks (like Chad’s and those of the Espada) use Spanish words and Quincy based attacks use German words. (Plus the titles for volumes/chapters tend to be written in English.) Just putting that out there. :)

  • woa never heard of this one before…the stills make it look like a dynasty warriors like game…if this is what the gameplay is like, and if they keep the original jp voices, i’m so already sold (;;’_’)b

    • rrw

      play the demo. pretty much DW in bleach setting. nothing special. it have camera problem. then again the demo is before Christmas and released date is june (jp). so i expect improvement

  • Chaheezor

    What I don’t understand is, why the feel for a name change?

    • nyoron

      NISA changes the name or adds some kind of weird subtitle to most of what they release, they just couldn’t help themselves.  

      • Yu_TheKing

        Adds to the NISA Appeal, doesn’t it? Epic Titles, Epic Games = Success :D 

      • endaround

         Name changes are often on behest of the original rights holders.

    • I think Resurreccion fits better with the Bleach terminology!  

  • I am so shocked but at least we would get the original japanese voice knowing that it is being released by NISA

    • Oh yus, I love both the dubbed and JPN voices for Bleach! 

      •  I second that comment by Tsuna.^_^

      • mikedo2007

        Me too!!! 

    • Barrit

       Exactly what I was thinking!

  • IceRomancer

    Hmmm well I hope it’s as good as it looks, cuz if the whole game is like the Japanese demo I’m not interested :/

    • PersonaBull

       I’m hoping the customization and growth system along with a lot of different battle styles makes it what I was hoping it would be. I agree, I played the demo and it was pretty bland. I love NISA, though, so if it seems good enough I just might pick it up.

      • IceRomancer

        Yeh same here. Hopefully the ichigo in the demo had like no customization whatsoever cuz otherwise…yikes! 

  • Finalstar2007

    Woho never expected this, thank you NISA

  • Dimentionalist


    • LynxAmali

      I was about to say…How many characters does he voice in Bleach anyway?!

      Despite not owning a PS3, kudos to those who do. Now if NISA could localize the HTS series and Soul Carnival please? 

    • Zero_Destiny

      Behold indeed. ^_^

  • Guest

    So….how bout those Bleach Heat the Soul PSP games then?…

    • Yu_TheKing

      Those and the Soul Carnival Games… but HTS is seriously overdue. 

    • rrw

      it well sell poorly 

    • Only got 2nd game, liked it way more than the Wii game, but at least Sega released the Treasure DS games.

      • Guest

        there’s two Wii games

        •  Well the one that got localized… Shattered Blade.  Dang the other one was made by Treasure. :(  Was that one any better?

          •  The DS fighter ones during the Soul Society arc was somewhat fun. 

          • Guest

             Somewhat? They are probably considered the best DS fighters

          • Guest

             2nd one after Shattered Blade was much better yes

  • kroufonz

    to be honest it is hard for me to be excited for this…………….

    (guess i am just daydreaming that one “mysterious” game nisa announce would be niche jrpg/vn or even niche anime games)

    anyway it is mainstream anime games, and it is still japanese games so hope it can make more profit for nisa so they can bring more niche stuff from japan in the future.

  • NISA wins!  Day 1 Baby, Day 1!!!!

  •  Game looks cool but I won’t be picking it up since its too far ahead and full of spoilers.

    • Locklear93

       If you want to catch up, there are ways of watching Bleach up to where Japan is, legally even. is what I use.  You can stream free with ads in standard def, if you don’t want to pay for a membership.

    • Might as well watch it subbed and dubbed if you want since VIZ put it on their own website free of charge for fans (well and on hulu). One wouldnt want to miss such an awesome game 

  • cj_iwakura

    El Shaddai, is that you?

    • [The Hunter] Doomrider

      No way, El Shaddai looks MUCH better!


  • Locklear93


    This is SO far from NISA’s usual domain, my eyes about bulged out of my head.  Good on them; it’ll probably make a mint compared to their usual releases.  As long as the obscure stuff keeps coming too, I’m perfectly happy to have them pick up a big licensed title.

    • rrw

      no QUITE far from domain. it still anime related. only slightly popular  popular 

      • Locklear93

        “Still anime related” really has nothing to do with their domain.  The “domain” to which I’m referring is RPGs.  It’s extremely rare for NISA to release anything that’s not.  There have been anime made from NIS products, but NISA has never done an anime related game license before, they just work in anime art styles.

        As for popularity, “slightly” popular?  Anime doesn’t run 14 seasons, 322 episodes, 3 (four?) movies, and numerous games (and counting) if it’s only “slightly” popular.  Bleach isn’t a US cultural phenominon or anything, but it’s about as popular as

  • DemonicX

    I’m extremely happy now! =)

  • Conject

    Interesting, hoping to see more out of NISA this year.

  • Well what do ya know, with enough fan demand coming at all sides, things can actually happen after all. Impressive I must admit that most of the bleach fanbase
    pulled this off with NIS America. 

  • nyobzoo

    I love you NIS

  • Well Amazon pretty much has the English Cover Up.
    Not only that but the release date is there as well. August 2, 2011
    Damnit, wish gamestop would have it up for preorder…Probably won’t happen til after a week or so.

  • HarryHodd

    Cool. If the RPG elements I recently read about are true then I’ll definately pick this up.

  •  Another point to love NIS America!!!


  • darkfox1

     this game like Storm 2. going past to where the Dub is cool cool. But unlike Storm 2 this goes to basically THE END. After Ichigo beats Aizen. Inb4 OMG SPOILERS WAH WAH THE END. After Ichigo beats Aizen. Inb4 OMG SPOILERS WAH WAH

  • Croix

     While I am not the biggest fan of Bleach games, I do acknowledge that it has a sizable and growing group of fans in the US, and seeing NISA capitalize on this is just another point in favor of why they are awesome: the fans want the game, and NISA wants to bring it to them.

  • KyoyaHibari

    Nisa…Toradora & Bakemonogatari dub>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Dynasty Warriors: Bleach. If Nisa is having trouble with money they should dub some amazing series like those 2 to get sales up.

  • dragoon_slayer12

    looks good, i just hope this isn’t a Bleach version of DBZ Sagas

  • mikedo2007

    I never thought this would really happen, thank you NIS America!!! 

  • ninjaonizuka

     …………..WTF *MIND BLOWN* awwwwwwwwww yea i always luv nis america 

  • This news made my day!!!
    Thanks NISA! You’re really the star of 2011!

  • thebanditking

    I tried to keep up with the show but its just way too long (and expensive). Still I played the JP demo and thought it was decent so I might give this a go. I am extremely surprised that this got picked up, would this make it the first of the Sony published Bleach games that actually made it over here? Still thanks NIS now at least I have an option to play this.

    • Bleach needs to be longer, I can never get enough.  Im so glad NISA found someway to get it from Sony Japan, I wonder if SEGA just gave up the fight. PSP ones would have been better than the DS and Wii ones…

    • Yes, this will be the first Sony developed Bleach game to be localized. All of the other Bleach titles were from Sega.

  • Lordphantomhive

    Eh the demo wasn’t impressive, but I would give this a try just to play as Ulquiorra and his second release.:P Maybe I give it a rent and try out other characters beside Ichigo.

  • Ok so if Japan gets their’s next month, do we git a demo (NOT THE SAME DEMO) of  the English version? LIke one in Las Noches or Soul Society, or somewhere thats not in Hell, and fighting a Arrancar boss or something. I vote for Ichigo vs. Grimmjow in Las Noches!!!!!!!

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