This Bleach: Soul Resurrección Trailer Is Filled With Slashing

By Ishaan . May 13, 2011 . 3:27pm

Shortly after announcing that they would be publishing Bleach: Soul Resurrección (known in Japan as Bleach: Soul Ignition) in the U.S and Europe, NIS America sent out a trailer for the game:



Bleach: Soul Resurrección is due out sometime in August in the U.S. Europe will get the game a month later in September. You’ll be able to choose from 21 playable characters once you get your hands on it.

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  • godmars

    Hope they put out a more impressive demo. The one on JP PSN turned me off, but these trailers are getting my interest back up.  

  • Hm has Bleach even reached this arc dubside?

    • Revorse

      Lol. Hell naw.

    • The dub already passed the Ichigo Grimmjow bit, but is just now in the midst of the turn back the clock arc. I cant wait to rewatch the entire arrancar saga dubbed.

  •  Glad to see this game get the Rev.3, UNS2, SB treatment (Releasing and showing content the U.S fans aren’t meant to see for another so and so months/years) but I think I’ll pass since it isn’t a fighting game like I expected; still regardless it looks decent as hell.^_^

    • Guest


      • Hmmmm….Then it shall be considered.^_^

        • Guest

          OK THEN

  • oooh! dynasty warriors meets Bleach! just what i wanted! nippon ichi just has to guarantee me Morita Masakazu, and then i’m there! (good thing they’re usually so dependable when it comes to the original vocal track..)

    • Sria Lightfoot

      They’re working on it, and it should hopefully happen

  • I hope NISA didn’t just “send” this trailer, but rather show us that they licensed this. And if they did, this is definitely a huge step they’ve taken.

  •  Wow they actually have the Ichigo Grimmjow fight, woot!  This game is definitely my game of the year 2011 already! Apart from the “empty” backgrounds which seem to be a direct representation of the manga artist, everything looks splendid and I like the art direction. Day 1 Baby Day 1!

  • LynxAmali

    I take it they aren’t interested in Fate Extra if this, Cladun 2 and whatever the other title was were all that got announced today. /sadface
    Oh well, I don’t own a PS3 to begin with. Kudos to those who wanted and got this game.

    Also; bad trailer…just bad trailer quality…*cringe*

  • Finally.. Bleach gameplay should be like this a little more… this is so cool lol.

  • Balmung

    Wow i really dont like grimmjows voice (used to the jap voices) though i am very excited for this game!! But didn’t ichigo pronounce resurrección wrong?

    • I guess Im used to them both since I watched concurrently, slightly. Whats the correct way to pronounce it? 

      • Yu_TheKing

        You’d probably just put emphasis on the ending. But seriously, epic trailer. Definitely leaves me wanting more.

      • GamerKT

         Based on the Japanese pronunciation and how it looks, I’ve always said it like Grim Joe. In the dub, they say Greem Jau. Never understood that. 

      • Balmung

        Well ichigo pronounced it like resurrection but in the jap ver i believe Ulquiorra pronounces it resure see on and says the on part differently which is why its probably written ó. But its been a while so im not to sure

  •  sooooooo wheres that bleach ps3 fighting game? #amirite

  • brooklyngamer86

    As long as this game has jp voice overs, it’s a definite pick up. 

  •  Been a long time since I watched Bleach, but I like the way the cel shading was done.

  • DanteJones

     I’m kinda surprised we’re getting this to be honest, but glad we are! I wonder if it’ll have dual-audio, hmmm..

  • ufoflash

    wow. this is looking good. don’t understand why they changed the title
    from Soul Ignition to Soul Resurreccion but that dose not matter. anyway
    21 characters? i guess that’s not bad this is their first bleach PS3
    game so that’s a good starting number i just Hope this is the first in a
    long line of bleach games for the PS3 and i hope this also means that
    more bleach games will come to America to like the Heat The soul series.
    anyway heres hoping this game is good and their is more to come!

  • KyoyaHibari

     Yay, finally Sony gets a North American Bleach game, and wouldn’t you know it, it’s the monotonous Dynasty Warriors one…

    • urbanscholar

        I laughed. Hard

    •  Don’t compare this crap to Dynasty Warriors. Dynasty Warriors has style, this game doesn’t (based on this trailer).

      •  hey no officialese but who cares dynasty warriors been in a rut so far with there recent games like 6 and dynasty warrior 7 was OK but and pluses bleach is great anime and great game so don’t judge a game buy look alone

        •  Bleach is overrated.

        • The DW franchise has not been in a rut. You only say that because they haven’t tried to increase their fan base to include gamers like you.

          Koei knows the types of players who like their games so they stick by them and more or less keep their game formula the same.

          I’d say that I’ve played enough hack n slash games to accurately judge a hack n slash games by video. And it’s not like I have anything else to go by. I don’t have access to a demo or anything.

      • KyoyaHibari

        True, on occasion DW games have managed to be ok. 

      • Who cares about your opinion?
        And don’t ever compare the greatness of Bleach to the crapy epic fail Dynasty Warriors!
        I played the demo and it was so much fun and it’s not even comparable to the boringness of DW.

        • Draparde

          Personally…saying “who cares about your opinion” really doesn’t make you much better than the person calling what you like stupid.   make you much better than the person calling what you like stupid.  

        • Asura

          “greatness of Bleach”

          I ROFL’D.

  • Asura

    They stayed true to the series and incorporated the most bland environments ever.

  • Yukito

     I got to say, just because of the name, and the fact Bleach is still on TV, this oughta get some revenue. NISA deserves it though. They really do seem to be there for the people IMO. Grabbing all the games no one wants to localize…… and they been so busy this year. I hope they get their sales.

  •  SInce this is NISA, I wonder what the preorder bonus/CE would be. 

  • in august right? good, i think will be around sep -oct XD 

  • Covnam

    Doesn’t look too bad, but I think I’d prefer a fighting game as well instead of this dynasty warriors looking gameplay. They can use the plot for a single player mode, but the focus should still be on verses.

  • Slashing EWWWW

  • I hope they include the japanese voices, Grimmjow’s english voice doesn’t sound sexy at all D: (no homo)

  • AzureNova


  • ninjaonizuka

     hmmm  i wonder if we will get more bleach games in america now like idk HEAT THE SOUL!!!!

  • noctis_nox

    Really thought this was a fighting game until this trailer. LOLNever thought this gonna be localized so I didn’t bother looking at the gameplay even though I like the anime and manga. 

  • Shinixis

     Ahh, dubbing at it’s finest. I though Arrancar was a plural like sheep, Arrancar’s just sounds weird.

  • eilegz

    lets hope they put the japanese audio option… other than that it looks great

    • Actually what I hope more for is the soundtrack of the show, they weren’t present in DWG and the Fist of the North Star game(except for the ultra hardcore instrumental of the opening!). Bleach has some nice tracks I would love to hear in the game, especially the arrancar ones.

  •  Ok, even though the trailer was awesome, where were Renji and Chad?

  • Ok, even though the trailer was awesome, where were Renji and Chad? I mean they should have been in there at least once.

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