Odashima Wanted To Call Soulcalibur V “Soul Edge 2,” But Namco Said “No”

By Ishaan . May 15, 2011 . 11:59am

Earlier in the week, Namco revealed the name for their upcoming Soulcalibur title, and yes, it’s Soulcalibur V. Game director Daishi Odashima says that Soulcalibur V’s story takes place 17 years after its predecessor, and that the main character will be Patroklos, the son of Sophitia. That’s a sketch of him to the right.


Odashima also tweeted a few other interesting tidbits about the game recently. Keep in mind that some of these were tweeted before the official reveal.


In reply to a fan asking for skimpy outfits:

“Character creation should remain. But I’m not sure about your request for skimpy and fetish outfits…”


On Nightmare and Siegfried in Soulcalibur V:

“They get stronger each time so I gotta be careful.”


On the game’s title:

“Actually, I asked the company if we can call the game ‘Soul Edge 2’ but they said ‘no’.”


One fan also asked if there was a chance for dynamic stages and stage interaction in Soulcalibur V, to which Odashima simply replied: “Maybe.” Soulcalibur V is planned for a 2012 release on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

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  • I guess we’ll be seeing Mitsurugi with white hair now then :D

  • Chow

    Ivy would be pushing 50. =_=”

    •  And yet still have gravity defying breasts :| I guess it takes place in a era when plastic surgery was being introduced

      • Guest

        It’s kinda funny (and sad) how people always complain about the western pursuit of realism destroying modern gaming but when it comes to big breasts they have to sag as realistically as possible.

        And since when does age have anything to do with looks when it comes to fiction?

        • Guest

           could you just talk more about boobs

        • Or it could be that I was implying that as the game’s series has progressed, Ivy’s boobs have gotten bigger, hence the term “gravity defying breasts” in which I expect them to be bigger. Maybe “planet shaking” would have been better *ponders*

          But I am interested in the fiction you have been reading that have ladies over 50 with “gravity defying breasts”.

          I think you must be the first person who has been defensive about video game boobs o_O *recalls uni…* okay second.

          • Guest

            I think the more important question is why do you think that the laws of physics have to apply to surreal videogames.

            And no I haven’t been reading any fiction “that have ladies over 50 with gravity defying breasts” recently. What does that even have to do with the topic at hand? Stop diverting.

            Do you watch Anime? Do you complain every time that the eyes and heads are too big, noses and lips are missing and that the proportions are not “right”? Does Etna look like a granny to you?

            I think the one being defensive is you trying to evade the topic and all.

    • Exkaiser

       As if that’ll stop her.

    • godmars

       Could always have had a daughter.

    • I don’t think she can age based on SCII….or was it SCIII?

    • mikanko

      She needed to win the sword to stop her curse from killing her, since her winning isn’t likely to be canon it’s possible she died.  I’m going to go out and take a gamble and say she might become undead like dear old dad.

  • damndamndrum

     I actually love that they’re willing to age their characters and push the whole storyline forward. I will miss certain characters if they are left out, but I’m always up for new storylines and adventures. 

    Plus, I’m really looking forward to seeing everyone’s new designs!

  • Letiumtide

    Hopefully I’ll actually be able to create a normal looking female in this one, you could either be really anime looking or just kind of ugly. You also couldn’t use any faces from the game’s actual Characters, like Hilde’s face was not an option. 

  • On Nightmare and Siegfried in Soulcalibur V:
    “They get stronger each time so I gotta be careful.”
    Naturally they do, every game needs their game breaker and uberpowered plot armors!! Also, Nightmare ends up being more and more of a monster in every installment(design), I’m not sure if I want a full monster Nightmare or not, but I definitely want Nightmare, my favorite fighter rival!!

    In reply to a fan asking for skimpy outfits:“Character creation should remain. But I’m not sure about your request for skimpy and fetish outfits…”
    Moah…what’s the fun of creating characters if you can’t dress them with crazy fetish outifts and weapons… :(

  • z_merquise

    Most buyers were into brand-familiarity, thus the decision for SoulCalibur 5 instead of Soul Edge 2. (I personally preferred Soul Edge 2 for the title)

    I hope someone requested the director Odashima not to include paid DLC costumes this time.

    As for the skimpy outfit, I won’t mind if they include it or not. It’s better if they did, honestly. Besides, what made character customization fun is the wide variety of options of you can do with a character whether it was normal-looking, silly, cool, sexy or just plain weird.

    Also, I just hope they retain some of the armor set in SC4 like the Tiger Lily armor set were though skimpy, it’s  actually well-designed.

    • About the DLC, I do see where you are coming from, but that’s like asking the company to not try to increase their profits. 

    • PrinceHeir

      and no more exclusive characters please

      •  well it’s bound to happen. :/ I just hope they blend in well.

  • IceRomancer

    I’m hoping they introduce a couple of Characters with different weapons! Ever since heihachi in sc2 I wanted a hand to hand specialist! It just looks badass to have a character blocking giant swords with just some gauntlets on lol

  • PrinceHeir

     im glad fighting games are making a comeback.

    games like SSFIV, Blazblue, Tekken 6, Marvel vs Capcom 3, Tatsunoko vs Capcom, Soul Calibur IV, Arcana Heart 3, Mortal Kombat.

    and upcoming games like SF X Tekken, Tekken X SF, Tekken Tag 2, Virtua Fighter 5 FS(Console), KOF XIII(Console), Under Night In-Birth, Phantom Breaker, Ougon Musou Kyoku X,Shin Koihime Musou, AquaPazza, Skullgirls, and now this

    add potential future games like:

    KOF Dream Match, Guilty Gear 3, Arc System Works vs SNK, Darkstalkers 4, Samurai Shodown VII, Melty Blood HD, Dead or Alive 5, Bloody Roar 5(make it happen konami)

    i cannot wait for these :P

    hopefully Soul Calibur get’s playtest in the arcades first, let the pro’s handle the bugs and release the title once they sort it out.

    • ASW vs SNK? Bloody Roar 5? DO WANT!

    •  Still waiting for Dead or Alive 5…..

    • mikanko

      Vampire 4 might happen, and a new Guilty Gear game definitely sounded like it’ll happen. 

      Most of the staff who worked on KoF XIII having apparently left the company, and the word on the console port being pretty mute (though I think it’s eventually coming), future of SNK seems pretty uncertain.  A significant move at the top of the company will be needed to see them resurrect the fighting games we want to see, and at the moment it just seems very doubtful.  They’re pretty near bankrupt… again…. =/

      The people who make Melty Blood are pretty busy with Under Night Inverse that’ll be out in arcades maybe by the end of the year.  Melty Blood HD seems pretty unlikely, but the newest arcade iteration that’s coming(or just came out, I don’t remember) might get a PS3 port in the future.  Arcana Heart 3 is hardly an HD game after all, so no reason the newest SD Melty can’t see an HD console release with netplay. 

      Soul Calibur V will most certainly not be getting an arcade release, Namco sees it as a cash cow in the US/Europe for consoles that they can make money from while Tekken Tag 2 and an upcoming Tekken 7 spend a year or two in arcades sorting out their bugs.  The emphasis SC has on single player, character creation and other things that’ll never be in an arcade game are further proof of this. That’s just kinda how Namco’s decided to run their fighting game series. 

      If we’re lucky SC5 will see an eventual update and arcade release with balance improvements similar to what happened with SC3 arcade(which was a huge improvement) and that eventually gets released as DLC.  Here’s hoping, but still doubtful since they left 4 as is with 2 characters the tournament community bans and considers broken.

      • PrinceHeir

         yes im 100% sure will be seeing Vampire Savior and Guilty Gear 3 in the near future :D

        kinda sucks SNK is having a hard time once again. i mean they already reborn themselves as SNK Playmore hope they don’t die on me. I love SNK, games like KOF, Samura SHodown, Garou, The Last Blade, Metal Slug, Neo Geo classic games etc…. Arc System needs to buy them out, i don’t want characters like Kyo, Nameless, Vanessa go into waste.

        Under Night In Birth looks promising, but i want a more bigger cast(of course this will be expanded in the coming years after it’s initial release) hopefully they do release one on consoles :D

        still i hope they do release an arcade, but your right Soul Calibur isn’t kind of a arcade game to begin with. it is intentionally a console game right from the start. 

        cannot wait for Tekken Tag 2 :D

        the new Bana Pass rocks :D

        yeah the exclusive characters becomes useless since not everyone can use them in tournaments. hence why they should refrain from doing any.

        • mikanko

          Algol and Hilde are both banned from tournaments… wasn’t even thinking of console exclusives or guest characters because those are a given.  SC4 was a good game but without patches or updates it fell off pretty quickly as a competitive game.  Similar to how MK will stop being played if Nether Realm doesn’t adjust a lot of the game in the coming months(something they’ve promised to do).  Namco seems to treat SC as their casual friendly fare, and hoping they can adjust that stance in light of so much more competition these days.  Not that they shouldn’t have all the single player console stuff to attract casuals, but also update the games balance and include a competitive game too.

          Under Night Inverse had at least twelve characters last time I remember seeing the design sketches.  More than that for a new game is asking for a lot.  Skullgirls for example is likely to only have 8 or so, but they’ve said they have 40 characters or so lined up as concepts by the artist, and hoping with success to have those come out as dlc.  They’re a team of only 12 people I think, so I’m guessing it’ll take some time.

          Arc System Works buying SNK is pretty much impossible seeing that they have their own ownership of Guilty Gear intellectual property to worry about, and are a pretty small company.  If someone buys SNK’s IPs it’ll likely be someone much bigger than ASW, if not Capcom likely someone with no fighting game department who wishes to start one.

          • PrinceHeir

            hope that’s true, Soul Calibur needs some serious balancing.

            Under Night In Verse looks promising :D hopefully we get to at least 20+ characters :)

            still not sure about skullgirls :

            oh ant btw any anime fighting game you want to be made? for me Higurashi and Darker Than Black would fit perfectly in a Melty Blood type. especially Higurashi ^^

            speaking of Melty Blood, here’s the new updated version in the arcades ver 1.05


            and no, i don’t want Capcom buying them. they would ruin the series staples if they were to handle it in the future. i think Marvelous Entertainment or Aq Interactive might be a better choice. SNK Playmore needs all the help it can get and as long as they have the right people.

            Ex. the team that did XI, 2002UM. the gameplay in those games are amazing and Hiroaki’s art is just tooo godlike O_O

          • mikanko

            I doubt most of the staff who worked on KoF XI and 2002 still work at SNK. We’ll see.  I’d love for ASW and SNK-Playmore to work together similar with how ASW released Arcana.  KoF XIII is too good not to get a decent home port, but current SNK hasn’t shown us any indication that they can do that.  SNK-Playmore stays making money because of their pachinko business.  The
            SNK portion is deemed unprofitable, and It’s unlikely anyone wants to buy them, and it sounds like the higher ups aren’t very proactive to help change that. =/

            I’m more interested in Skullgirls than any other fighting game set to be released this year.  I really like Alex Ahad’s artwork, the soundtrack will be awesome and it’s already getting GGPO netplay.  The game designer has a lot of fresh ideas, while still being a high level MvC2, Blazeblue and GG tournament player so I expect it to come together nicely.

            Yeah, the new Melty is set to be released pretty soon, or just was.  There’s slim chance of a console port, but if it gets one it’ll likely be on PS3.  I just don’t see them having time/money to make an HD Melty for quite a few years, and I’m assuming they’re putting most their hopes on Under Night.

            I don’t really want any anime specific fighting games.  I kinda prefer original stuff, and really only care how good the game stands on its own.  Aquapazza being handled by Examu is pretty cool though.

  •  I just hope they bring back (and of course add more) Custom Character  Weapon styles.

  • mikanko

    I’m kinda hoping for a mature mid 30’s Cassandra, and an old samurai Mitsurugi.  Amy and Raphael and a few other characters probably have ways to get out of aging, but I think a generational shift in the overall character roster will be pretty neat.

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