Sony Welcomes PSN Users Back With inFamous And LittleBigPlanet [Update]

By Spencer . May 16, 2011 . 2:24pm

lbpPlayStation Network is partially back up and some people, after a password reset, are enjoying online games again. As an apology for the downtime and security breach, Sony Computer Entertainment has a "Welcome Back" program planned.


Details have not been announced for North America or Japan, but trickled out of Europe. The PAL PlayStation Blog posted a list of digital welcome back gifts.


Two of the following PlayStation 3 games:

  • LittleBigPlanet
  • inFamous
  • Wipeout HD
  • Ratchet and Clank: Quest for Booty
  • Dead Nation


And also two of the following PSP games:

  • LittleBigPlanet
  • ModNation Racers
  • Pursuit Force
  • Killzone Liberation


Germany’s list is a little different with Super Stardust HD and Hustle Kings replacing inFamous and Dead Nation on PlayStation 3. PSP games Pursuit Force and Killzone Liberation are swapped out with Everybody’s Golf 2 and Buzz Jr. Jungle Party.


All regular PSN account holders also get 30 days of PlayStation Plus for free. Paid PlayStation Plus subscribers receive 60 days of extended service. Music Unlimited members also get 30 days of free service.


An announcement for North America is pending and we’ll update after Sony specifies what content will be available.


Update: Details about the Welcome Back bonuses have been announced in North America and the list is quite similar to Europe.


You can select two of the following PS3 games:

  • Dead Nation
  • inFamous
  • LittleBigPlanet
  • Super Stardust HD
  • Wipeout HD + Fury


and two of the PSP games on this list:

  • LittleBigPlanet
  • ModNation Racers
  • Pursuit Force
  • Killzone Liberation


Free games will be available 30 days after the PlayStation Restored and can be kept forever. Sony Computer Entertainment America will also offer free "On Us" movie rentals over one weekend with titles to be announced at a later date. PlayStation Home users will get a chance to pick up 100 free virtual items including the next addition to the Home Mansion personal space and a playable game called Ooblag’s Alien Casino.

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  • malek86

    Now would be a good time to see just how big LBP and Infamous are.

    By the way, apparently Wipeout HD contains the Fury expansion too.

    PS. the USA blog now has the list. It’s the same, except for SSHD instead of R&C.

  • The USA one is up too now– it’s all the more important that I get my PS3 online. I want LittleBigPlanet finally and inFAMOUS. Or maybe Super Stardust HD. D:

    • Guest

      I can has Arcana Heart 3?

  • nyobzoo

    cool, I get an additional 60 days for extra plus and will be getting Infamous and LBP since I traded them in for the sequel

    • malek86

      I can see the trade-in value for Infamous going down pretty soon.

      • Aara_Malik_Davoodi

        If you mean the value would go down because everyone will be getting that game and trading it in, I believe you are actually getting a free download of any of those games, not a physical copy. Unless you mean the value is going down because inFAMOUS 2 is about to come out, in which case I’ve wasted your time >_>

        • lag0morph

          I think the meaning is that no one will buy inFAMOUS anymore since all the people who wanted it got it for free. The buyback value of the game will plummet since retailers won’t sell many copies. There could also be an influx of people who just end up selling their physical copies and taking the free ones because they don’t like any of the other games and just want some extra cash instead.

          inFAMOUS probably isn’t really worth trading in the first place though, even before that happens. It’s a greatest hits title, and some stores have put it on clearance for far less than retail. I got mine for $5, and it was new…

          Unless, of course, you already have every game. I don’t have every game, although I do have Little Big Planet and inFAMOUS. I guess I’ll pick up Wipeout HD. I was fairly happy to see Ratchet and Clank until I realized that it was not for North America. I’m not sure what other one I’ll get. I keep going back and forth.

          I have a similar, but almost opposite dilemma with the PSP titles. I know I’ll be picking up ModNation Racers, but I cannot decide on Little Big Planet or Killzone. One one hand, I already have LBP for the PS3. On the other, I am not the biggest fan of shooters, and I’ve really only played half of Killzone 3. I did like what I played, but I felt it was a little mediocre. The only PSP game I know I don’t want is Pursuit Force. 

          I was kind of hoping one of the PSP titles would be a God of War game. I’m not the biggest GoW fan, but I wouldn’t be adverse to playing a bit of it on the go. Oh well, beggars can’t be choosers. I guess I should count myself lucky I’m being given anything at all. They could have just given us crap like a PlayStation home avatar hat and called it a day.

          • neo_firenze

            Killzone Liberation is actually quite different than the main series FPS games.  It’s an isometric action game, and it’s really fun.  I personally don’t care for FPS at all, and the main Killzone games don’t hold my interest.  But I tried the PSP game in spite of its brand and ended up loving it.  I’d absolutely recommend it.

            I actually have all of the PS3 games listed, so that’s too bad.  Never did play ModNation though, so I’ll be grabbing that on PSP.

  • No interest in any of them…Sorry to say

  • Shinixis

    That’s great, 2 free games when i already own 4 out of 5. Ahh well can’t complain get dead nation for free. 

    I feel for the guy/girl that owns all 5, not a hard thing to do considering i nearly bought dead nation in the past.

    I guess his stolen details aren’t worth as much as people who don’t buy any games *shrug*, a +credit it would have been fairer imo.

  • I guess they picked games everyone most likely to have possession of. Would’ve thought they would offer better than this.

  •  such a poor selection…i will not even download them…

  • Christian Wright

    wow that is so annoying. why are they offering stuff that most people already own?! give us NEW free stuff. sony better shell out money to developers or give people who already own that content an alternative.

    • Aara_Malik_Davoodi

      For a month you couldn’t use a service that was *free*… Don’t act like you’re entitled to some exorbitant gift 

      • err yeah AND the leaked information…duh

        • Aara_Malik_Davoodi

           Yes, and Sony said they’d cover any identity theft up to a million dollars

    • Most people already own? the nature of sales already tells us that that is false. Didnt LPB only have 2mln sales and Infamous less than that?  

    • Draparde

      I don’t own any of these…and why complain about something that’s free when you could either just not get any of them and ignore it…or download them for the hellofit because its free… 

  • Code

    Kind of disappointed, the games on these lists that I’d want, I already own, what’s the fun in that opo; Worst part was I had only bought Wipeout HD/Fury a few months ago after holding off for a sale, for the better part of like two years omo;;

  • Too bad the US and EU selections don’t really differ (/me has both US and EU accounts)…

    • shion16

      probably thats the reason xD

  • thaKingRocka

    Damn. The only thing I was interested in was R & C. I think it was painfully overpriced.

  • Klarktastic

    Getting dead nation and wipeout fury since I’ve got everything else (except Rachet and Clank for some reason I never enjoyed that series)

  •  So wait, I have a PS3 and a PSP. Would this mean I get two from each selection, or just two overall?

  •  Getting Infamous since I was gonna get Infamous 2 Hero Edition but now I can get the full experience. Super Stardust demo left me with 0% trophies on my account for years, lol, now I can finally correct that with the full game, lovely.

    I love you PSN, SONY, SNEI, SCEA, SNEA, SCEI, Sony Corp!

  • AzureNova

    This stuff is lame -_-

  • psp games wasn’t that interesting.. but.. I am eyeing on infamous and LBP… lol.. 

  • Chow

    Me and my OCD on buying anything on sale and/or Greatest Hits status.  I already have everything in the PS3 list, though I guess the PSP selection works out quite well for me.

    • [The Hunter] Doomrider

       You must have a tough time with Steam, huh?

      • Chow

         I only play console games, though.

  •  Wipeout and Little Big Planet, I guess.

  • Yu_TheKing

    Always wanted to play Infamous, I guess, what with the upcoming sequel and LBP is just an added bonus.

  • darkfox1

     Quest For Booty :D 

    • Yu_TheKing

      That’s a quest that should never end =3 

  • kroufonz

    most of those all probably stuff that already played by most for playstation fans those make the range of choice smaller ,damn you sony.

    0nly dead nation i haven’t played yet, if only we could chose freely from psone classic instead only of those 5 game.

    atleast me still get one free stuff better thatn those that already have all the game(-_-)

  •  “Free games will be available 30 days after the PlayStation Restored and can be kept forever”So to clarify, the download window for the games will only be 30 days and the titles can be kept forever? 

    • Kirbysuperstar2

       Not quite – they’ll be free on the Store for 30 days, but once you “purchase” them (add to cart, ‘checkout’ and start downloading) they’ll always be in your Download list (top right button in the store) so you can go back and get them again if you delete them.

  • badmoogle

     I’ll be honest and say that none of these games really interest me,but i’m thankful that Sony offers them for free since i don’t think they were obliged to do so.They have been hitted hard and unfairly by these hypocrite criminals so they have my sympathy regardless of what they offer.

  • z_merquise

    Wow, thank you for these stuff, Sony!

    I don’t own any of these games so I’ll definitely get all of them but inFamous and Dead Nation would be my first pick. My big bro is a sucker for zombie stuff whether it’s from games, films or comics (even anime, because of High School of the Dead) so I’m sure he’ll be excited for Dead Nation.

    Let’s hope the Japan PSN would offer different free games.

  • FireCouch

    Man, those PSP games they are offering are pretty awful.  I can’t say the same for the PS3 games though, they are pretty decent.  Either way, it’s nice of them to give us free stuff considering they really don’t have to at all.  We don’t pay for the service.

    • d19xx

      Killzone’s pretty decent. I already have it though :p

  • SeventhEvening

     Any news on Japan region?

  • I was kinda hoping they would reinstate something worthwhile like the BC software for the MGS bundles or even Linux since hackers using that really isn’t an issue anymore.

    Putting Infamous and LBP up is the safe move as all the people that want those games have it.  They’ll get new interest in their sequel properties and this move can be seen as a marketing ploy.  People that already have both games get a cheap little downloadable title that won’t cost Sony much as market demand has probably been met already.

    Since I have multiple accounts for different regions, I’m curious to know what the Japanese store front is getting.  Though I guess it’s not really a big deal. 

    The deal hound in me hopes that they aren’t checking to see which PS3’s are registering this data as I’d like to get some freebies from everywhere.

  •  Why don’t I have a PS3! I want Wipeout… ):

  • d19xx

     I’m not mad at Sony anymore. Getting back online is all I need. But the free movie rental sounds good. I hope PSN+ can give me a discount when I grab BlazBlue: Continuum Shift II.

  • Draparde

     I suppose ill just grab Modnation Racers for psp…i like the ps3 version so much better but i might as well..its free XD. dunno which ps3 game i’d get though.

  • Ugh, NA  version ….. sigh. Why not Ratchet and Clank. >:( I was so excited but then I realized it was for PAL. -__-;;

    Though It’s not a bad list, but it could have been better.

    • Same here! I’ve always wanted a Ratchet and Clank PS3 game but haven’t gotten around to picking one up yet. I already have the only two PS3 games I’m interested in (LBP, inFamous), so I’ll probably just grab ModNation Racers for my PSP. Oh, and the free year of credit monitoring.

      (I was also secretly hoping for Flower :P I got the demo a month ago and just haven’t gotten around to buying it yet.)

      • Why would you start with Quest for Booty the sequel to Tools of Destruction, based on the ending of the first it is just an odd place to start.  The game barely last six hours too.

        • The only Ratchet & Clank game I ever played was a PSP game my cousin had. So story really isn’t an issue to someone who’s never played the series before. If it had been free, I wouldn’t have really cared which entry it was.

          It was more just me kind of wishing that it had been one of the US games as well since it would have exposed me to a series I was unfamiliar with and curious about.

  • Exand

    I wonder if these are per PSN account, because I have three North American PSN accounts and one Japanese PSN account. Not that I’m being greedy, but it would be nice to know if I want to take advantage of the offer on my Japanese account or NA account if it’s only one account per person.

    • To my knowledge once its downloaded on one account it is available on that system to all psn accounts on it. So I do not see the benefit of going through it for all PSN accounts beyond just each region. 

      • Exand

        The benefit would be having a slightly different selection of games that are available. If you look at the North American PSN list and the European PSN list, the available games aren’t the same. I would assume that would be the case when the Japanese PSN comes back.

        •  What are you saying? I thought you mentioned that you would download the same game from the different regions?

          • Exand

            I don’t understand why you think what I’m saying is complicated but…

            To keep it simple so you understand, say a person has:

            1 NA PSN account
            1 JPN PSN account
            (on one PS3)

            Each regions PSN store has a slightly different set of games you can download for the welcome back offer.

            So several scenarios:
            — I am locked to only being able to use my own regions PSN store (I’m in NA for instance but have a JPN account) for the welcome back offer
            (in which case I only get to choose from 5 games)

            — or if I can choose between which PSN account to use to download the two games on (the NA one or the JPN one) which would afford me a better selection

            — or if I’m able to download 2 games on the NA PSN account and two games on the JPN PSN account

            Regardless, never mind, I went and looked it up, it’s only your master PSN account that has access to the welcome back games.

  • Ah crap, the free stuff is digital so I’m going
    to have to make room for them on my Ps3 somehow. :P

  • WTF I Do Not Get Nothing Here  I Have ALL This What Do I Get Back?

  • PrinceHeir

    Super Stardust HD Wipeout HD + Fury 

    yes thank god i didn’t bought them, not to mention they are downloadable titles so i don’t really have to worry about tracking down a retail version

    thank you sony :P

  • Wiccan1109

    I’d definitley pick up Ratchet and clank, since its free. When i look at them i think theyre not stuff id probably play or want to buy, but since they’re free i might have a little look at them. Might surprise myself. It’s very cool of them to do this and i can imagine they had to be very careful to not put up certain money raking titles, but i cant help feeling the list is a bit….sub par. 

  • Just as I expected, all of them are western games.   -_-

    Anyway, please Japan, include Malicious as one of the welcome back games!

    • badmoogle

      I approve your choice!

  •  for some people that will be ok, but i am NOT impressed with that selection considering sony vast array of games we could be choosing from.

  • Kai2591

    I hope asian region’s turn will come soon~

    Wouldn’t be able to decide which free games to get though..

  • Why do you call this amazing. It’s Fabulous –

  • karasuKumo

    Awww yeahh! I have been meaning to get LBP and Infamous for so long. Can not complain in the slightest considering they’re free.

  • Darkrise

    I don’t really care much for these games… Japan region had better have a good welcome back package… I don’t want free games that I can just go to a regular game store to buy for $20…

  • TanyaRei

    Wow thats an awesome list
    So awesome I own 4 of the PS3 games
    I dont get the ppl below saying its a bad list
    Would you prefer what MS did for their outage and just give us a crappy game like Undertow?

  • smh I bought Infamous recently too -_- (only $10) oh well guess maybe i’ll pick up Little Big Planet and Wipeout HD…

  • darkfox1

     I wonder if you have a Japanese PSN account can you get the welcome back games still? Im pretty sure they are gonna have WAYYY better games imo. Though I just thought of this hmm wonder if its gonna work

    • The question is, /when/ will PSN in Japan be up again. Since Sony hasn’t (That I’ve heard of anyway..) proven to the Japanese gov. that their security really is what they say it is/will be. 

    • bugmeknot

      Given what was announced for other regions it’s probably going to be limited to first party games, and games that are already available for download. From that you can put together a short list of what’s likely to be on offer.

      Here’s something to type into Google: “PlayStation Network games” “PlayStation 3-only games” “Sony Computer Entertainment”

  • dunno why, but i am very mad at the selections.
    yes i am from germany.
    oh well, gonna start playing LittleBigPlanet.
    Hopefully this doesn’t disappoint me.

  • As many others have posted, I don’t have much interest in the free stuff they have offered, but I respect them for making such an offer.  I believe the lawsuits being filed against them are a bit beyond necessity considering all Sony has done to “make this right.”  Suing them at this point just strikes me as…far too oppotunistic.  Also, “making them pay” will seriously hurt their ability to offer good games/services, why do that to the company?  All these hordes of bleeting lambs jumping on the bandwagon to sue Sony will hardly see a dime, the only winners will be the corrupt and soulless lawyers…

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