20 Minutes Of Final Fantasy Type-0 Cam Footage

By Ishaan . May 21, 2011 . 2:46pm

Square Enix held a Dissidia 012[duodecim]: Final Fantasy tournament in Japan this week, where producer, Hajime Tabata, also showed off around 20 minutes of footage of the upcoming Final Fantasy Type-0:



It’s a little slow to get started, but you can spot battles, the world map, airship battles and more if you sit through it all. Type-0 is slated for release this summer in Japan, and will come on two UMDs when it ships. You can catch up with our coverage using the game’s tag.

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  •  It is so shocking to believe that this is a portable playstation game. It just seems so stunning! 

    • OneOkami

      Something tells me the NGP will make me say the same thing. I have to say, terms of graphics and presentation, Square Enix’s PSP efforts have definitely been among the most impressive for me.

      EDIT: Heck, I may as well say quality, too. Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep, Crisis Core, Dissidia, The 3rd Birthday (I purposely left out the remakes/ports because of their nature but they are still high quality), and I am very much looking forward to this game.

  • I watched this on the livestream itself, and god damn it I want this game. Pity it most likely won’t receive an international release, so I’ll have to wait for months and months and months… ):

    • malek86

      Squenix not releasing a new FF game worldwide? What makes you think so?

    • OneOkami

      I’d be a little bit hopeful that if Square Enix plans to localize this (i’ll be surprised if they don’t), it won’t take TOO long for them to do it.  IIRC, Yoichi Wada has expressed multiple times his desire to close, or at least minimize the gap between domestic and foreign releases.

  •  I can’t believe myself but I’m actually looking forward to this game.

    Too bad that Shiva looks derpy (I really miss the old version of her ;_;)

  • Guest

    airship dogfights? I’m down.
    btw… did SE quit FFXIV for ps3?

  • Yu_TheKing

     A-MA-ZING! Fast-paced action, airship fights, etc. When are we gonna see this stateside?

  • So the PSP’s limitations are forcing Square to make a more traditional FF game?  Maybe that is where they should start to focus more of the development seeing as how the last two numbered Final Fantasies turned out.

    • RupanIII

      heh maybe next gen we need less technology advanced systems for them to start going back to what works

  • joesz


  • Oh, it’s you, Random Encounters.

    • exhume

      Not a fan. I find them frustrating and they sometimes make me confused as to what direction I was heading afterwards. Not to mention when you can’t run away from a fight because you’re TOO LOW A LEVEL (yeah, let’s give the players a world map to explore and then punish them for exploring it!) 

      Still, everything else about this game looks ace. Can’t wait.

      • “yeah, let’s give the players a world map to explore and then punish them for exploring it!”

        Lightning: What have you gotten us into this time?
        Snow: Easy sis. Follow my lead. Everything’s under control. STEELGUARD!

        *GAME OVER*

      • Both methods can be frustrating to be honest. Whether the encounter rate is too high or visible enemies on the field are unavoidable and/or significantly faster than you, making avoiding fights impossible.

        About the only pro for visible enemies in my mind is being able to attack them from behind for preemptive strikes, rather than that and back attacks being randomized.

      • heartless141

         then get the item decreasing the RE rate. bleh,

        • exhume

           That can work well (repels in Pokemon are a fine example, and I buy them in bulk – caves would be unbearable without them) but there are also many games that don’t provide that kind of item. Another system that works well is the one in Ar Tonelico 2, that has a kind of radar indicating the likelihood of a random encounter.

          • heartless141

             lots of final fantasy games have em, if not all of em. and in most of em, they said decrease, but as far as things go, i think they eliminated the RE rate.

          • Both have pros and cons.
            Random makes me get more levels as I go.
            The surprise adds the the game IMO

            But visible can make it less regretful to retrace my steps to get something I missed.
            And sneak attacking and avoiding can make the game more fun.

            Legend of Dragoon had the arrow above your head change colors to indicate how soon you will get in a battle.
            And enemies were visible sometimes.
            That was neat.
            *goes and plays*

          •  Eh, I never really did care about the repels and stuff. Thought they were a waste of money. I guess I’m old fashioned and just don’t give a crap about random encounters. Plus really, Pokemon isn’t really that notoriously famous for incredibly high RE rates.

    • thebanditking

      Random battles or not this looks a heck of a lot more like Final Fantasy then anything S-E has put out in a while (I like 13 for the record but it was not a traditional entry by any means)

  • Not entirely sure if I’m the only one but did anyone spot any slowdown while watching this?

    • mooncalf

      The graphical performance of this game is incredible, looks way too smooth for a psp. Hype level increasing. 

      • That’s what I’m thinking. For dissidia duodecim, I only encounter slow down during overworld but thanks to having custom firmware, I can overclock it to fix it. Might have to do the same thing for Type-0.

        • Ren

          Where did you see the slowdown? And the game might allow for internal CPU speed options like BBS did.

  • Suicunesol

    Hard to believe this was going to be a cell phone game.

    • OneOkami

      Same thing I said about The 3rd Birthday.  I’m glad they up-converted them. 

  •  Best FF this gen.

  • kroufonz

    square portable output rarely dissapoint me this gen, and this look awesome

    one thing that worry me in the FY result they only list JP release for this game

  • d19xx

    Dat ground shadows. Seriously, I never thought any other developer besides Ready @ Dawn can pull kickass graphics like that. When I saw some of the earlier screenshots, I first thought, those shadows will turn to circles during battles. I’m glad to be wrong.

  • eilegz

    looks great somehow seems like a portable version of versus XIII 

  • mooncalf

     It’s monster hunter, it’s Ys, it’s final fantasy, it’s freaking incredible!

  • Syltique

     Looks like the GOTY to me.  

  •  SE’s handheld output has been pretty great this gen. I find myself looking forward to these smaller titles than the big ones these days. =/

  • hell yeah random encounters!! now were talking SE!! easyer to grind! 

    • Guest

      you can grind just as easy with enemies on screen what are you on about

      • heartless141

         you can’t rubber band your analog…
        whoops wrong place :P
        seriously though, if it has a low respawn rate and not near a gate (or near a gate and the loading time is huge) then err yeah i prefer RE

        • Guest


          • heartless141

            you don’t always get what you want in life.
            and AI was never smart. that’s why multiplayer competitive games are popular.
            btw, if AI is too smart, it’s a turn down point for the game as well. like how they are able to block all attack perfectly, dodge and punish the crap outta you.
            or just something annoyingly hard like megaman bosses.

          • Smart AI pretty much does not exist.
            What happens is that they make them do things like be stagger proof and auto-guarding.
            And be faster and stronger than you.

            In FPS their bullets are homing and will even turn around corners slightly.

            The player is the one who is supposed to be smart.

          • doomspeller10

            @Chad Erdman you’re right, it’s artificial but in a very literal sense, like in “the computer is a cheating bastard.” Take Dissidia 012 for example, most maximum strength characters (regardless of their level) will block like 90% of Tifa’s attacks even when you feint strategically. It’s an instant reaction based on your input. Or Ex Death and Jecht, they’re very likely to block perfectly even sniping-HP attacks (Sephiroth’s Hell’s Gate for example) rather than just dodging like normal humans. Unblockable, cheap enemy attacks just aren’t enough now. All your chars have access to the skill “precision block” that allows you to block many (previously unblockable) HP attacks, but your reflexes have to be frame-precise, just like the computer’s. Now try to pull that off in an online match, not so easy. Still, the challenge is acceptable, at least for me.

          • Guest

            Demon’s Souls

          • heartless141

            lol, demon’s souls AI is smart? arn’t they just blindly attack?
            if you visit the place the 2nd time with the same route, guaranteed they will move exactly like before.
            not to mention you can half hide behind a wall to shoot a big one from afar while they keep shooting at the wall.
            what’s hard about DS is the punishment, not the AI my friend.

          • Guest

            No Demon’s Souls falls under ‘challenging gaming’.

            Also I didn’t exactly find FF XIII a walk in the park at times either.

          • heartless141

            read your above statement again, we are talking about AI.
            there’s a crapload of factor can make a game hard and/or challenging, not just AI.

            and if you wanna turn into FFXIII, grinding at end game has never been so annoying, i would love some RE in that game, instead of beating one or two turtles, walk half way through that plain, save, quit, return walk some more then beat up turtle.

      • if you only knew!

      • do you know random encounter’s make the grinding alot faster? i think that what gama was talking about. going back to old times grinding! 

  • amagidyne

    Wow. Don’t have much more to say, just wow. This looks fantastic.

    Loving those uniforms too.

  • imaguni

    Gameplay footage!! Haha, I’m so ready for this game, it looks so cool to me! I think that the summon crutch is pretty interesting, summoning doesn’t feel like ‘free’ power anymore.

    I think it’s neat that you actually take control of the airship in such a big way, in regards to the fighting. The feeling of being on hostile territory and being at war/having to face many possible battles just feels so strong with this game. And I can see myself having a lot of fun with the battle. And the game looks gorgeous.When I was way younger, I wanted to go to Balamb, but forget that, lol.

    I am going to miss the standard moogle sound effect. :( I am also going to be crushed if this game doesn’t make it here! But it would really surprise me if it didn’t.

  •  Whoa, this actually looks really cool. Hopefully it’ll come over here.

  • IceRomancer

    Hopefully we get a winter or fall release!

    That gameplay looks amazing! So fast and action packed! And summons look actually useful! Yay I’m excited :D

  • PrinceHeir

    looks awesome :D

    guess it’s kinda mission based now huh?

    Airship looks awesome ^^

  • cmurph666

    So, this is like the best Final Fantasy game ever?

    • am sure it will be for the psp at least.  

  • hush404

    Honestly, I love my PSP for stuff like this :)

  • mooncalf

     It really makes you wonder why developers and publishers hold back pure gameplay footage so often. It’s not unusual to have to wait until a game is leaked that anyone can watch a bit streamed on justintv. Instead we get movie style trailers that leave you wondering if you just saw bullshots or the real deal.

    Until I saw gameplay footage I was ambivalent about Dragon Age 1, Red Dead Redemption, and LA Noire. Now add Type-0 to the mix, this cruddy youtube video has made me more interested than anything drummed up by the SE marketing team.

  •  Square please make a demo for this game!!

  •  Wait, so the psp’s limited capabilities pushed square to make a true FF game? I’m so happy I still have my psp 

  •  I am really looking forward for this *might be the last that square enix will develop for psp* game! As seen, this will be EPic!

  • Christian Wright

     i approve! 

  • karasuKumo

     I can’t fault this game at all so far, the battles look amazing and the airship battles are genius. 

    What are they doing though when the enemy is pretty much dead and they’re absorbing something? It says “-2” when they do it? It happens at 8:05 and again at 8:20.

  • jacedeedee

     I do want to try this one.

  • jotun_of_greed

    20 minutes?
    better prepare some popcorn

  • Ravage27

    Getting very strong FF8 and FF12 vibes from this one.

    And since both of them are tied as my all-time favourite FF, i guess it’s safe to say that my hype is officially through the roof :3

    • They were my favorites too! Plot-wise, anyway. 

  • Nice… I’m officially pumped now that they’ve elaborated on some of the elements the game’s gonna have. The graphics look incredible for PSP, I love the return of the world map and random encounters… much better than Crisis Core’s random encounter which wasn’t really that random, but more like “hotspot” encounter, and you could easily avoid lots of encounters as long as you walked on the edge of them.
    Also, the new elements like airship battles and the large scale battle thing halfway through the video, the large cast, and the music seem to be going very nicely. I’m looking forward to Ishimoto’s soundtrack as he’s composing an original one and not remixing tracks by Uematsu save the Prelude. He has a lot more potential of being a great composer when he isn’t remixing a composer legend’s music.

  • If I couldn’t get anymore hyped for Type-0! It’s another reason to show my psp more love. Seriously, the graphics look amazing! It kinda does have a 12 vibe to it, at least some of the gameplay wise. Switching characters during mid-battle is always a good thing. :D The airship itself and the battles look great. Though I couldn’t hear the bgm to well.

    And I’m glad to have Random Encounters back. Easier to grind.

    Two last things: When’s the localization for Type-0 and the demo. :3

  • dose anything have the link to the tournament battles?

  • MrRobbyM

     Not gonna lie, this video restored my faith in SE. This game looks amazing. Am HD version on the PS3 would make my year.

  • HistorysGreatestMonster

    I really had started to miss random battles. I’m glad to see them back in this.

  • thebanditking

    This looks really great, the atmosphere here reminds me of the school setting from FF8 (which is my favorite FF) and the OST sounds gorgeous from what i hear here and the website. I am cautiously hoping this is the return to form I have been waiting for.

  • Aigis

    wow this is awesome :D i really like random encounter like the best ff original version, thou i can’t even imagine that it will be just in settember for us :( gnè gnè italian people like me will never see it in our language, but i’ll wait for the usa one :D

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