Monster Hunter Portable 3rd Will Be One Of The First PSP Games Remastered For PS3

By Spencer . May 22, 2011 . 12:00am

mhp3Soon, you’ll be able to play select PSP games on PS3. Sony made a "PSP Remaster" label just for PSP games that have been upgraded with HD visuals, PS3 controls and for select titles new additional content and stereoscopic 3D graphics.


Monster Hunter Portable 3rd HD Ver. is the first game in the series announced for Japan. Users will be able to import save data from the PSP version to the PlayStation 3 version. Monster Hunter Portable 3rd HD Ver. also supports ad-hoc connectivity through the Adhoc Party application.


Sony Computer Entertainment did not set a date for Monster Hunter Portable 3rd HD Ver. and since this news is for Japan the game has not been confirmed for North America at the moment.

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  • godmars

    In a year if not less Square will announce FF Type-0 for this program – taking bets now!  

  • MrDolomite

    I can’t wait for this to never come out stateside!

    • HarryHodd

      Region free?

      • malek86


        It’s not terribly important in Monster Hunter, but the english language would help a lot when you need to make armor with attached skills, and there is a lot. Otherwise, it’s usually possible to just play the game in japanese. But the more complex the game is, the more difficult it gets. MHG was ok, MH3 had too much stuff I didn’t know about.

  • This… This is kind of big news.  I hope we see some God Eater on PS3.

    • PrinceHeir

      God Eater PS3(new title please) and Phatasy Star Online 2 would make big on Sony and the developers :P 

      • YsyDoesIt

         Heck, I’ll be happy with Phantasy Star Portable 2 getting the upgrade.

  • kupomogli

    So you can play against PSP adhoc party users?  Awesome.  

  • Zeik56

    “Monster Hunter Portable 3rd HD Ver. also supports ad-hoc connectivity through the Adhoc Party application.”

    So does that mean the game won’t have any regular online connectivity? …That’s really disappointing, since I can’t use ad-hoc party.

    • godmars

       Its an easy/free app to install. And it is going to be a PSP port, not a direct PS3 game.

      • Zeik56

        I already have it actually, but I can’t use it, since I don’t have access to a wired connection on my PS3.

    • kupomogli

      It’s going to be a HD remastered PS3 game.  Adhoc party compatibility just means that it will be compatible with someone playing the PSP game over adhoc party.  Seeing that adhoc party is “online connectivity” then yes, the PS3 version will be online.

      • Zeik56

         There’s a reason I specifically said “regular” connectivity.

        • kupomogli

          Ad hoc party is “online.”  Not ad hoc only.  What is “regular” connectivity.  Online is online.  It doesn’t matter if you search for a random match like Street Fighter 4.  Have a list brought up a friends playing the game on Saint’s Row 2.  Send a request to a friend for Resident Evil 5 who is able to join from the XMB, or same with Sacred 2 but from the main screen.  Regardless what type of hub you use, you’re still using a hub to play players online.  So yes.  Ad hoc party is regular, and obviously being a PS3 game and not PSP you won’t use the same ad hoc party hub with rooms about “Hey there.  I’m playing Dissidia, etc.”

          From your post below, you don’t have access to a wired connection. You only need a wired connection because the PS3 has to be wired and the PSP has to be wireless. You can’t run wireless getting signal from the router and wireless on the PSP at the same time. If you play the PS3 version this won’t be a problem at all because… wait for it… you have no need to attempt to use two wireless connections at the same time since you’re not using a secondary device to play the game(PSP.)


          And also. Stop mooching off other peoples routers. Get an internet connection.

          • Zeik56

            If it won’t require a wired connection then that’s great, and I retract my disappointment. I admit I have no idea how the whole ad-hoc thing works, I just knew that I couldn’t use it before because I didn’t have a wired connection. Now they just need add right stick camera control and I’m back on board.

            Also stop being a presumptuous douchebag, I have an Internet connection, I just don’t have access to a wired connection since my router and the room with my PS3 are at clear opposite ends of my house.

          • kupomogli

             Well the NGP playing MHP3 had the right stick control the digital, so I’m assuming that the PS3 version will be the same.  Here’s a video of it.  Mute the volume(seriously.)


    • Kind of odd to be disappointed considering that all details havent been elucidated about the title in this initial reveal.

      • Zeik56

        I didn’t say I was disappointed with the entirety of the product, just one particular aspect that may or may not be an issue for me.

  • OMGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PS3 will sell like water

  • malek86

    Awesome, though I would be more interested in a localization – HD or PSP version, whichever is fine. Possibly both.

    And, wow, so MH is getting 3D after all. Just not in the way I thought.

  • shion16

     uhhhhhhhhhh……. probably its just me, but the what makes mon hun so awesome is to play it anywhere and everywhere, and i cant take my ps3 to the college for hunting with my friends

    • SlashZaku

       Play it on your PSP and just transfer the save when you can to your PS3 when you’re home to play?  They say you can use the same save.

    • Transferring saves from PSP to PS3 at home really nullifies the concern that one has, especially with playing against other psp users via the ps3 connectivity features.  

      • shion16

         yeah youre right, i didnt read that part xD

    • Eh. I’ve been loving Tri on the Wii, so I’m fine with stationary Monster Hunter.

  • RagnaXBL


  • How about re-remastered versions of a few Ys for the PS3?

  • SlashZaku

    HEY SEGA!  Valkyria Chronicles 2 & 3.

    I wonder if that’s why they’ve been quiet on VC3 being localized?  Wait for NGP to launch and then release the game on PS3, PSP and NGP.

    Question though: If the PS3 versions end up with extra content not in the PSP version and you’re using the same save across both, does that extra content get ‘locked’ when you’re not playing a certain version?  Say I’m playing Random RPG 7 on the PS3 and I just finished a PS3 exclusive dungeon and unlocked some Dragon Armor w/ HP Regen that’s not in the PSP version.  When I boot it up on the PSP, would I still have it equipped or no?

    • Isnt it kind of early to have answer to that question when all details havent been elucidated about the title. We do not even know if the extra content are the items, if anything they could always do a forced PSP software update so that any in game extra content would be displayed by people who are on PSP and vice versa, though it could be a non concern if the game was developed with full knowledge that this dual compatibility was going to be in its future…

  • Draparde

    i wonder if this is what capcom ment when they where talking about monster hunter in the west.

    • Draparde

      (forsome reason editing my post wasent working.)  
      I also hope this game ends up being one with added content :P, not that ive played it anyway…but more content is always better.  

    • I was wondering that myself; Capcom said we’d be getting “something” they couldn’t talk about yet, and this would seem to me to be a great candidate for that.

      • Draparde

        Yeah, Especially with them asking if we want it on facebook xD 

  • Omg! This is great news! I’m really hoping we can get both PSP Valkyria Chronicle games like this! Do it Sega! So can we expect Kingdom Hearts and Crisis Core to get the same treatment?

  • kroufonz

    awesome now i can start dreaming other title that could get remastered treatment too MGS PW in big tv with dual analog could be awesome, VC2&3, will be nice too and maybe a lot of non localized title could have second chance to get localized!

  • epy

    I hope (and expect) Square Enix titles to show up  in this new label. Crisis Core, Dissidia and Birth by Sleep among others would look awesome on the PS3.

  • My original thought was that this could allow more financially conscious developers some breathing room, as they can now develop titles for lower cost handhelds while also tapping the home console market.

    I’m not sure how that would play out given the requirement of an HD “remake” over straight PSP emulation (which I kinda would have preferred), especially this late in the PSP’s life, but it’s a promising concept looking ahead at the PSP2.

    • Home console development can be low cost if they budget it right. Development for Wii and 3DS games could rival each other and lower budget PS3 360 games could cost on similar levels of those, so is there really a cost saving mechanic that these developers are facing? 

      Seems beneficial in the future for having multiplatform NGP/PS3 HD titles with cross compatibility play for online etc, assuming this whole remastering is compatible on NGP.

      • PrinceHeir

        pretty sure it is, heck you can play PSP games on NGP(provided you bought them on PSN and not all of them are there) 

  • PrinceHeir

    hell yeah!!!!

    as much as i want a Monster Hunter with MT Framework 2.1(Lost Planet 2 visuals) this is good news :P

    bring this on the west Capcom!!!!!!!!!!

    haven’t bought Portable 3rd yet so this will be good :)

    you people should buy this!!!!

    now i need Phantasy Star Online 2 on PS3 and everything will be good :P

  • PrinceHeir

    hmm im guessing this and God of War PSP games will be the first in line eh?

    i like the idea of playing the game outside on your PSP and continuing it on the PS3.
    still i just think developers will use this as a way of cashing in games that are meant to be portable :

    we’ll see in the near future, i kinda hope the next Nintendo console and 3DS will be cross compatible content.

    meaning if i bought a virtual console game(say Chrono Trigger) i can play them both on my 3DS and the console without having to buying it as a separate title.

    •  You’re going to have to buy them separately until Nintendo gets its act together and makes their digital content tied to your Club Nintendo account instead of tied to the system.

      • PrinceHeir

        your right :

        hope nintendo announce some sort of account system in Project Cafe. 

    • Exactly what is a game that is “meant to be portable”? Im quite sure this whole thing shows that the line between a portable and a console game is getting even more blurry.  

      • PrinceHeir

        the way the game is designed for one, do you think DS games would feel good on a wii and vice versa? some DS games requires a dual screen to enjoy the game thoroughly. i think the mario and luigi bowser game requires that kind of play.

        still PSP’s games are actually designed as console games fit on a small screen. so transitions to PS3 wouldn’t be a problem

        • With the way they are designing the fantastical Nintendo Wii Successor, having a large screen on the controller essentially makes it where it is attempting to be a dual screened system for the home.  Mario and Luigi Bowser game is essentially playing like a Paper Mario game, really, and could be done on one screen, I see there is blowing in the game, so using Wii Speak microphone could replace the DS mic…I dont see how screens is anyway addressing the “game is meant to be portable” question.

          • PrinceHeir

             we’ll see…

            still im also wary how will nintendo surprise us again. the rumored console spec definitely piques my interest.

            also portable, meaning you can take this anywhere you want. you cannot do that on a console(well technically the PSOne can do that with the mini LCD screen and all)

  • shuratan

     yes! oh yes! oh~yes~oh~yes~oh~yes~!

  • PrinceHeir

     there’s also a problem in this.

    the PSP is actually capable of using CW cheat on your PSP. i already saw in youtube tons of people having lots of items and overpowering weapons.

    they could just transfer they overpowering save to the PS3 and play it with those items(of course the cheat won’t be on, but the items will be there)

    hmm i wonder how will they resolve all this? still im excited for a Monster Hunter PS3, now we’ll see how this big boy perform on PS3 :)

    • rrw

       just make software that detect if save file is legit or not

    • FireCouch

       Cheating in Monster Hunter isn’t really a big deal at all.  It’s not like you would even know if the person didn’t get the items themselves.

      • Code

        If you can trade guild cards you can usually tell just against the stat match up against whatever amazing armor set there using >w<' Plus usually cheaters are noticeable bad at MH since they don't put the time in to learn patterns, or at least not 500+ hours opo;

        • PrinceHeir

           still cheating or not, it will make missions more easier and fun :)

          i can’t wait for people camping out and eating some meat during a boss battle. ^^

  • Hehe, watch, Sting is going to put every Dept. Heaven game through this.  At least then I might actually sit down and play Knights in the Nightmare all the way through…

  • If this is Japan-only, then I won’t find it hard to believe, since @playstation SCEA needs to prove to and reassure Capcom they won’t let Monster Hunter get buried by FPS.

    •  The press release states that it is “starting in Japan” so it is not Japan-only. FPS games do not bury other games, seriously. The market is still thriving in the midst of many high selling games that are not FPS. Capcom releases tons of games that one would be odd to say was buried by an FPS game.

  • Peace Walker and Valkyria…

    Nuff said

  • heartless141

    did they just crap this news outta no where? shoulda saved this for E3.
    oh well :D SWEEEEEEEEET

    •  Summer is just around the corner in that it would seem odd to just bust out and announce this a week or two before release in JPN.  I highly doubt that this would be big news at E3 considering the size of Monster Hunter in North America…if anything major E3 worthy news would be if it were coming with NGP support to North America with God of War and other popular series.

  •  Aaaaaaaaaaaa God Eater, Tactics Ogre, YS Oath, YS Seven, V. Chronicles 2 & 3, Persona 1 & 2, Legend of Heroes, Patapon, Phantasy Star Online 2, Dynasty Warriors Strikeforce 2, FF Agito, Dissidia, Crisis Core, MGS, 7th Dragon ;(!!!!

    •  I dunno, Tactics Ogre wouldn’t really benefit from this.

  • Subsenix

    Bye Bye M$
    Now Sony owns Japan to 100%(not counting the race between Sony and Nintendo this time)

    • I doubt this will affect MS’s already tiny market share in Japan at all.

      Also, putting the $ in MS went out of style a long time ago.

      • malek86

        I wonder why people never say $ony. I mean, you’d expect them to be just as interested in profits as every other company. It would make sense.

        Not that I approve of these slantering of companies names. The only one I use is Squenix, and only because Square Enix is too long.

        • “I wonder why people never say $ony.”

          Kinda like nobody says Nintendough.

          Yeah the only ones I use nowadays are Bamco and now Crapcom but only when they frustrate me.

        • M$ is still popular, $ony only used when people are angry with them, for example those replacement fees for a PS3… 

  • ikiryou

    Oh pfft, I just bought a Wii to play MHTri. They’d have to announce this now, wouldn’t they >_<

  • I think we’re all forgetting the true potentual here. Patapon HD. With surround sound.

    • FireCouch

       That would look beautiful.

  • Shuryou

    Putting my bet on 3rd Birthday. The creator already said people should hook their PSP up to their TV. Which is incredibly awkward.

  • I”m half/half on this kind of thing but overall glad they tried it.

    One one hand the more games remastered may become one of the answers for PSP gamers who constantly beg for titles left and right and have a bigger chance of localization… and more people can play it.

    On the other hand, there seems to be a lot of exclusives taken away from the PSP alongside the usual ports/remakes.  Didn’t a lot of Sony’s titles get PS2 ports?  That bugs me.

    • malek86

      Not that the PS2 ports got much sales, at this point.

  • Aoshi00

    Never really played MonHun.. but this is great, for me MGS Peace Walker desperately needs a PS3 port… I got both the Jpn and US ver.. but gave up playing them, just never got the hang of the control w/ one analog stick.. even w/ a digital copy played played on PSP Go on the big TV, the right analog stick on the dual shock 3 still can’t be used.. I’m a huge fan of MGS3 and been waiting for something like this so I could finally finish PW.. the comic cutsceens on TV would look sweet too (not boxed in thru PSP’s video out to TV)

    • PrinceHeir

       you bought peace walker 2 times? hats off to you :P

      actually i’m almost done with Peace Walker, i just need to unlock the 2nd ending by finishing the side missions and getting parts for the ending.

      i need a CO-OP partner, the side missions are tough as hell, i don’t even know how to play online in PSP so this news will make it easier for me finding people and finishing this quest ^^

      you should also try Portable Ops, but that game definitely needs a right analog stick and L2 and R2. here’s hoping they port that also.

      im also amaze you mention the comic style cutscenes in both games. Ashley Wood’s art is amazing ^^

      • Aoshi00

        Actually 3 :(… I got the US ver digitally again, hoping it would be better to play w/ the Dual shock 3 on the TV via the PSP Go (but the 2nd analog stick is still not used…)

        Yea, I’ve bought and played beat the Jpn and US ver for MGS 1-4.. for PW as well, but this is the only game I haven’t finished.. the bosses seem hard for single player and the single analog control just didn’t work for me, either action or shooter mode for very hard…  that’s why I told you the last several PSP games I’ve gotten have been disappointing, PW, Tsukumonogatari (I have not played very much of it, but it just wasn’t that fun..), Kenshin, Tale of the Last Promise (I haven’t gone back to it yet because I’m playing LA Noire and going back to Red Dead Redemption, and playing Chaos;Head Noah on the side, so far pretty cool but not as good as Steins;Gate).  I still haven’t checked out that Black Rock Shooter trailer DVD yet.. I’m thinking their “JRPGs” are anything as special as they claimed :(…

        Also I felt a bit cheated the game is not fully voiced… what’s the point of advertising a strong seiyuu cast.. Also the setting is a bit stupid.. so the enemies attacked and took out 30,000 citizens in the castle, but now they have to try their best to save the remaining 2,000… it just feels a bit trivial.. and I read you need to save at least 1,500 or something in order to get a good ending… I like turn based RPG, but this just feels underwhelming and betrayed my expectation a little… even though it sold a good number of copies, the reviews is actually very mediocre for the most part..

        • PrinceHeir

           i see, well maybe the PSP remaster will fix that :P

          i just want to see the final ending in the game T_T

          Tsukumonogatari seems nice though, still you should try Corpse Party, seems like your type of game :)

          hmm i have Chaos;Head install at my computer i wonder why i still haven’t started yet XD maybe im waiting for other games like Steins;gate and Robotic;notes to be translated XD

          you mean Tales of Promise? is it not fully voiced? haven’t played the game yet :

  • Why does it support ad-hoc party?  Why can’t you just long online and find people instead of using some random round about method?

    • mikanko

      Because it’s still the exact same PSP game, they’re not adding anything new to it, just souping up the resolution and letting it be played on your PS3.

      People will probably be better off not expecting any more than this for other games as well.

  • Hopefully this one gets localized. Dude from Capcom said the PSP was almost the sole reason they weren’t releasing it here.

    •  That is what worries me.

      I’m glad games get localized but if there’s no PSP version you’d be screwing over the gamers who has been waiting for the games in the first place.

      • I’m one of them. I was really looking forward to this on PSP since I mostly play on handhelds now these days. Almost exclusively. But if this version is what Capcom will bring here, then I’m OK with it.

  • mikanko

    this certainly beats the hell out of psp component cables.

  • KyoyaHibari

     What is this white stuff I found in my pants? ;P This is sweet, I hope alot more PSP games come to PS3, and hopefully MHP3 PS3m comes to North America :D

  • Ravage27

    Best news all year so far.

  • ninjaonizuka

     wow this just opens a door of possibilities :3 i must have god eater persona 3 portable peace walker even a soul carnival HD with all new playable character levels items online etc gundam vs gundam HD wud make me explode and .HACK//LINK 

  • To me, this means PSP games that would sell like a pile of wet garbage outside of Japan (irrespective of the game’s quality) can now get a chance to sell on a different platform not plagued by the same problems. I really hope a lot of the very recent RPG announcements for PSP get a “remastered” version for the PS3 and those get published outside of Japan.

    • malek86

      Don’t count on it. The press release spoke of “blockbusters”.

      Essentially, only those games that would have sold well anyway (due to brand power and/or super high budget) are gonna be released on PS3. I’m not thinking even for a second that we’re gonna see Trails in the Sky or Hexyz Force or whatever.

      • Indeed. I’m thinking more long-term if this works out for the heavy hitters, it could become an option for NGP, perhaps. There has to be some way to cost-efficiently “rescue” games that’ll only sell well in one region… I’m a dreamer!

        • Would be nice to see for NGP, though gamers have to be reminded that they should consider buying the game if it interests them instead of just waiting for a console version and let the game bomb.

          Rescuing is a good option to have at hand anyways.

        • malek86

          I don’t see how that would be different from simply making a multiplatform game from the start.

  • HD version of Tactics Ogre, Persona 3 Portable and both Valkyria Chronicles games please o 3o

  • AdventureTimeFinn

    Posting this here just in case nobody read it in the other article.

    They’re asking if we want it in the US on their facebook page.

  • fuzzy_hobo

    So…the PSP component av cable will soon be useless?

  • HPN

    PSP games being ported in HD to PS3? This is fantastic news!!

    I would like to see HD ports of The 3rd Birthday, Kurohyō: Ryū ga Gotoku Shinshō, DJ Max Fever, Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker and Akiba’s Trip to start!!

    I would also love to see a HD port of Namco Bandai’s PSP first-person shooter Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex with stereoscopic 3D, additional PS3 exclusive content and proper Dualshock 3 control scheme, but sadly will never happen.

  •  SO happy! You did good for a change, Capcom. Now….release it in the US! Please! I’d do anything! Anything…

  • Suicunesol

    I think we’re all getting a little too far ahead of ourselves >_>. It’s great to have HD remastered versions of our favorite games, but I imagine only the most successful PSP releases are going to get this kind of treatment.

    You’re probably not going to see any remastered releases from Sting, for instance.

  • Blacksofa

    Peace Walker for the love of GOD. It would be absolutely perfect. Kojima do it.

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