One Of Ragnarok PSP’s Earliest Chapters Is A High Priestess Rescue Mission

By Spencer . May 23, 2011 . 1:08pm

GungHo is bringing Ragnarok Online to handhelds again. Ragnarok: The Imperial Princess of Light and Dark is a more story driven game where players can see the narrative through multiple perspectives.


Ragnarok for PSP is also played in chapters. The game’s opening chapter follows the protagonist, Torene, Cynthia, and Yui as they flee from monsters. In chapter 2, the group visit an orphanage from Torene’s village. There they discover Riberia, an Aura-ite and director of the orphanage, and Fiona, a shy high priestess, we’re attacked by thieves. Now, you have to rescue them.


019[1] 020[1] 021[2] 022[2] 023[1] 024[2] 036[1] 035[1]


Ribeira is on the left and Fiona is on the right. Below we have Guston (a lord knight), Berkut (a sniper), Veda (a shaman), and Gillesde, the head of council in Aura.


 037[1] 038[2] 039[1] 040[1]


013[1] 014[1] 015[1] 016[1] 017[2] 018[2] 025[1] 026[1] 027[1] 028[1] 029[1] 030[1] 031[2] 032[1] 033[1] 034[1] 001[1] 002[1] 003[2] 004[2] 005[2] 006[1] 007[2] 008[1] 009[1] 010[2] 011[1] 012[1] 041[1] 042[2] 043[1] 044[2] 045[1]

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  • Silly game, How could a beginning adventurer help a rebirth 2nd job :/

    •  duh 99/10 novice saving a 65/05 high priest…… ok priest doesn’t need a novice help anyway lol

  •  Looks like a typical JRPG to me, judging by the screen shot, is this turn based?

    • solbalmung

      Yeah looks like it.Anyway I hope the story is good enough if not thenis gonna be a generic Tactical JRPG that is having Ragnarok Online as a background.
      Btw was it Xseed that released Ragnarok Ds in the US?

      • Yes, XSeed were the ones that brought RO DS to the states.

  • xNekux

    Is it just me or does this look NOTHING like RO?

    • theworldofnoboundries

      Umm the same question, Is this even still count as RO?

      • Testsubject909

        I cannot bring myself to care mainly because of tits.

        I mean… yeah, no, that’s what I mean.

        (That and, if it’s better then that rather simplistic MMO, since those genre are hardly compelling or interesting to begin with.)

  • PrinceHeir

    badass :P

  • uhmm….
    this smells like some some brand band-wagon…
    they just tossed tidbits of RO mmo in the game concept and “et voilà”, enjoy your Ragnarok (though it has close to nothing that ties it to RO!)…
    Hopefully the game won’t be THAT bad, but given the amount of backlog i’m running with, unless it’s a GOOD game, I’d just eventually take it off the discount bin :/

  • TenRX

    Looks like they’re polishing the story, that would be great.

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