PSP Remaster Series Won’t Include PS3 Trophy Support

By Ishaan . May 23, 2011 . 2:33pm

PSP Remasters for PlayStation 3 sounds like a fantastic idea, and is bound to make a lot of people very happy…save for those that like their trophies. Unfortunately, trophy support won’t be included in the PSP Remasters line.


The news comes via PlayStation-CS Blog, who got in touch with Sony Computer Entertainment support to ask about trophy inclusion in Remasters. SCE in Japan confirmed to them that trophy support will not be included.


This is just speculation, but one reason for this could be that in the case of games like Monster Hunter Portable 3rd HD Ver., save data will be transferrable between the PSP and PS3 versions of the game. Since the PSP is hacked, people might potentially be able to use it to acquire trophies by cheating.

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  • Guest

    I asked this before but…..

    Can I play online with others on the PSN without having to hook up my PSP and use Adhoc Party since this is basically a PS3 game?

    • godmars

      Sounds to me its more a PSP game retooled to play on the PS3. Which I suspect will turn off a number of people even if you can play between PSP and PS3 owners 

    • TanyaRei

      It has builtin support for adhoc party

      • Guest

        Yeah but my point was….if I play the PS3 game online do I need the PSP to do that or cant I just log into PSN like a normal PS3 online game?

        • TanyaRei

          No, it uses adhoc party

          • Guest

            Well that sucks. Whats the logic in that? Do you still have to hook up your PSP to it?

          • TanyaRei

            No it doesnt suck.
            What dont you understand?
            It has adhoc party built in

            Look up adhoc party

          • Guest

            I do not understand. If the MH3 game is saved to my PS3 hard drive….do I need to hook up my PSP to the PS3 to play it online, or do I have to hard line (ethernet) hook up to my modem (which Adhoc Party needs) to play online? Or can I play online using PSN only??

          • TanyaRei


  • Draparde

     Booo, and here i was hopeing to see some crazy trophys from monster hunter, oh well. something so little wouldent sway me in buying it or not. 

  • US release?

  • jellyman223


  • HarryHodd

    Not a trophy whore so it doesn’t bother me. Just give me the games.

  • Its all good, sometimes I need to be reminded to play games for the fun of it and not for digital nonsense

  •  no trophies no buy

    • kupomogli

      If you by chance own anything from the Wii, DS, 3DS, PSP, or any system prior to this gen.  Sell them all, because there’s no trophy support on them.

      • HistorysGreatestMonster

        Is that fair? Those systems were all made before achievements and trophies became the norm. It would be like being upset that a fighting game has no online multiplayer. It was fine ten years ago. Unacceptable now.

      • How much work would it be to include trophies? I just don’t get Sony…

        • Testsubject909

          If you read the entire thing, it’s mainly a matter of keeping things fair as they’re worried about hacked save files that’ll provide unfair advantages to those who’re seeking to up their bragging rights/levels/trophy acquisition through illegal means which belittles the entire idea behind it for the community that’s building around the whole trophy/achievement hunt.

          It’s pretty simple actually.

          They won’t add it because they noticed a possibility that people will cheat the trophy system and cause those who take the trophy system serious to be pissed about the trophy system, most likely making them wish that it wasn’t added in the first place.

          Personally? I don’t give a rat’s ass about the trophy system or the cheevos system. They can both go do whatever they want. If I want to fulfill a trophy challenge or achievement requirement. I’ll go look up one of them “Finish the game with 1 level” challenges people are constantly building.

          Hell, just the Cosplay challenges for Demon’s Souls that the fans have been building are damn good enough (basically, gather equipment for your new game +, on your new game +, wear nothing but the gear that’ll make you look exactly like one of the characters in game, that includes the weapons and accessories they possess… Often, that means no shield.)

    • deCarvalhoVitor

       No buy, your loss

    • Code

      rar, guess you don’t like Monster Hunter very much omo;

  • SolidusSnake

    Does anybody actually care about this crap? I mean trophies not the game. Trophies and achievements are both completely pointless.

    • kupomogli

      Completely agree.  Are we now playing video games to increase the size of our e penis or are we playing to have fun?  With many people always buying up certain games because they have an easy platinum/1000 points, etc, it really does seem that way.

      • I’ll have you know I have a 12.61 inch ePenis, good sir and/or madame.

        • kupomogli

          Mine’s 12.65 if you’re talking about trophy level.

          • Awww man. A kupo has me beat? :c
            ( And, yes, I was. )

          • Testsubject909

            Don’t underestimate a Moogle.

            They’ll probably beat you in a dance off too… And steal your girl.

      • I agree about the hardcore trophy hunting being quite pointless if it’s all about showing off, but it’s nice if you want a challenge or are otherwise bored, I myself don’t hunt for them, but I’m always pleased if I get a trophy or achievement, while playing~

        That said the decision of buying a game really shouldn’t depend on if there are trophies in the game or not.

    • maxchain

      They’re kinda neat to look at, I guess.  I don’t spend a game scavenging for them or anything, so this won’t be a dealbreaker for me if it ends up in the US.

    • Syltique

       It’s mostly pointless, but it can add more replayability for me.  I prefer that they’re there, rather than not there.  That said, it’s not a big deal for me and I’ll still get this regardless.

      • shion16

        replayability??? This is a 500 hours long game

        • Gelsa

          I think he/she meant in general and not necessarily in this game.

      • KyoyaHibari

        I agree completely, still driven to get this, if it comes over here that is, hopefully alot less load times on PS3, and maybe they can fix the camera &  lock-on if they haven’t already in the PSP version, idk much about the changes in MHP3 from the others ;P, but hopefully it will be smoother on PS3 camera and loading wise, and who knows maybe they will patch in trophies later on?

    • Zeik56

      Trophies sometimes keep me playing a game longer than I might have otherwise, and occasionally makes it more likely I’ll come back to a game later, but it’s definitely not dealbreaker if they aren’t there.

      I always found it ridiculous when I saw people refuse to buy games from early in the PS3’s life that don’t have trophies.

    • Even though this doesn’t apply to me personally, judging by the comments below yes – people do care.

    • RagnaXBL

      agreed, trophies are a complete waste of time

  • LynxAmali

    I’m simply astonished. Sony really like’s blurring the lines between console and hand held. It seems like they’re trying to kill the PSP earlier. Oh well, I still have my imports. 

  • Zetsomaru

    Um… Okay? 
    You’d  think the satisfaction of carving out a giant monster’s carcass to make weapons and armor would be enough.

  •  Than I wonder what other features PSP remasters will have beyond 3D support and being in HD?

  • eilegz

    one more reason to no buy this game… i dont think that they will fix the crappy, dated and broken gameplay . but dual analogs would help a little.

    • I’ve always preferred dual analog. I hate having my face buttons choked up with the attack buttons. It worked much nicer back in the first Monster Hunter.

  • IceRomancer

    Fine by me! Just happy to play some HD psp games on my ps3

  • JustaGenericUser

    Who cares? Being able to play PSP games that SHOULD have been on the PS3 (*cough*ValkyriaChronicles*cough*), and being able to play them on both the PS3 and PSP should be way more important than “OH NOES I WON’T GET A TROPHY FOR TAKING 10 STEPS WOE IS ME!”

    • NL37

      Thats not a fair comment to make, Im sure you know that their are way harder trophies than a mere 10 step trophy.Trophies to me is a measure of gaming achievement, sounds like someones just hating because they didnt get the ten step achievement ;)

  • Ladius

    Couldn’t care less about trophies. I want my Valkyria Chronicles 3 localized, and if a PSP remaster on PS3 can help it I’m all for it! 

  • admiralvic

     Hatsune Miku Dreamy Theater is basically this and supports trophies. 

  • Aoshi00

    Major Boo from me.. (not that I play MonHun).. but why so much hate for trophies/achievement?  I love to be able to see what games my friends are playing and how much progress they have made..   It’s like Shadow of the Colossus/Ico or God of War Collection.. some addt’l trophies are something nice since you’re replaying the game…  it’s like Gunstar Heroes or Ikaruga on PSN or XBLA, it’s better to have them than not have them.  They’re not absolutely necessary, but boy do I wish for trophies for the Wii for games like Last Story and Xenoblade.. not to boast, just a record of what I have played for easy reference.. I love to shift thru the trophy/achievement list since sometimes I forgot what games I haven’t finished, some of my games are buried away in boxes..

    Like I’m playing RDR now.. if not for the achievement, I wouldn’t have tried to challenge myself by lassoing the bounty alive.. shooting him is easier.. or like Pac Man Championship Sp Ed, the achievement are fun, and some of them are kind of a guidepost to hone your skills… or for shmups how long you could chain and keep a high score other than the leaderboard.. And LA Noire now.. achivement for driving different vehicles, just nice incentive to make you explore more..

    If they’re doing this for MGS PW and no trophies, I would still get it for the 2nd analog stick.

    • admiralvic

      I dont think many people get the SCOPE of this and see it as “so no icons for me? /care”. However trophies have a lot of perks/reasons to care!

      This would help boost the online community.
      This would force people to play longer.
      This would help people work together.

      Most importantly its a missing feature! No one complains about too many features, but the second something is less than anything else (ala blazblue 3ds) its the #1 thing stated. Blazblue lacks online so its automatically worthless than SF/DoA yet I personally hate playing fighters online (too many spammers) yet thats a common argument.

    • Code

      Yeah I agree; I think trophies and achievements can be a good idea for many games, because they can be used for added replay value, challenge, and to help guide players, give them target goals. Like personally for me I love`em for shmups, because it gives me alternate goals besides scoring on the leader board, and in general I love`em for replay value and additional challenges.

      In this instance though I find it a little funny. Anyone who has every played MH knows the Guild Card has “Awards” you can attempt to collect; so they are included in-game, for people who like the additional challenge/replay value, or just need a fresh goal in the game. Everyone complaining of no trophies, clearly isn’t familiar with the game, or has simply fallen into the pitfall of needing to show them off on there PSN profile >ww<''

    • mikanko

      Watch MGS PW get released on as an HD upgrade with no dual analog support. :O

  • PurpleDoom

    It’s a shame, but no major loss.

  • Wow, major disappointment for me…

  • MrRobbyM

    Not like I expected trophy support, but oh well.

  • Normally I’d be upset, but getting the armor/weapon you want is far more satisfying. 

  • hush404

    I’m not really surprised. It’s a re-vamped PSP title after all and not a “PS3 Game” per-se. While I do enjoy trophies/achievements for trying different things in games, seeing if I can achieve a certain goal… they’re not a ‘do or die’ thing for me, as I can enjoy games without their implementation.

  • this just in

    no one really cares!

    • This just in you’re not the center of the universe!

      Other people care even though they aren’t you.

      • shion16

        i dont care

        • Other people do, even if they don’t include myself. Is that so hard to understand?

          • shion16

            That people arent monhun fans

            This is monster hunter, not trophy hunter

          • The news is regarding all PSP remaster series games, not just Monster Hunter. Regardless, my point is not about Monster Hunter – its about snide comments. While I do understand that comments are inherently self-serving, I’d like to keep bait like “no one cares” out of the comments, thanks!

            Also, if you write “no one cares” obviously *you do care* because you cared enough to comment. Not caring would mean not commenting and not reading.

          • shion16

            ok ok i get the point, its just that is annoying that by kevin butler fault everybody just play the games for their trophies , Valkyria Chronicles doesnt have trophies and its an awesome game, same with resistance

          • No one is saying that here and the point obviously didn’t hit home since this thread is now clogging up the comments. Thanks for not doing that in the future!

          • HistorysGreatestMonster

            It is an awesome game but it could be a better game with trophies. 

  • Well i guess i won’t be rebuying games then

  • shion16

    We are talking about Monster Hunter
    The real trophy is the skin of a Monoblos or a Tigrex in your armor
    The real trophy is wield a weapon made of a Rathalos
    This game is about fighting awesome monsters, defeat them , and feel how we  become stronger and stronger with each combat


  • PrinceHeir

    ehh it’s fine, not really into trophies stuff but it is good just for the sake of novelty.

    would love if you can trade trophies for DLC. now that is something im willing to invest with ^^

  • HistorysGreatestMonster

    Disappointing. I wasn’t very interested in Monster Hunter anyway, but this is a bad move from Sony concerning the PSP Remasters. Won’t keep me from Peace Walker or Crisis Core if they get made, though. Hopefully, this will change in the future.

  • puchinri

    I can’t say I mind. In general, I don’t see the point of trophies, but for MH especially, I don’t see how they’d make the game any better or add any replayability factor.
    (And why are there banners of Emma Frost for a Greek Myth game on the side here?)

  • That’s a shame. Collecting trohpies is pretty fun.

  • Kitsune Miku

    Then Im less interested than before. I’ll only be grabbing games I missed out on the first time around. Like Peacewalker.

  • I don’t care whether you think trophies are pointless or not, to me it’s a fun way to  spend my time.

  • It’s not like trophies can be used to buy things. All PSP Remasters should have trophies, Monster Hunter especially. Anyway, if some sucker has platinum’d Monster Hunter, but their every other game is incomplete, that should raise enough flags for you to avoid that person.

    Trophies add replayability. Trophies convinced me to grind some of Disgaea 3’s worst.

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