Which Of These Nine Types Of Knights Will You Create In Grand Knights History?

By Spencer . May 23, 2011 . 10:05am

imageGrand Knights History, a PSP game from Vanillaware and Marvelous, begins with players creating a party of knights. There are three jobs to choose from – knight, wizard, and archer. Each class has three types to choose from for further specialization.


Archer, for example, has hunter type, sniper type, and "Robin Hood" type. Guess which one the character on the right is. Robin H—no, the green archer is hunter type. Sniper type is in yellow and "Robin Hood" type is in red.


image image


Famitsu has pictures of the three types of knights and mages. The knight types (from left to right) are soldier type, paladin type, and maiden type. Wizards can be either magician type, witch type, or cleric type. This video shows how you can customize the look of your newly created knight.


Grand Knights History has its own wicked witch character too. Don’t let Mira’s baby face fool you, she’s a powerful magician secretly pulling strings to manipulate the world from the shadows. Could Mira be the game’s true enemy? We’ll find out on September 1 when Grand Knights History launches in Japan.

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  • Whoomp

    Which one makes the game come out in English? Cause I want that.

    • godmars

       And right behind that – likely way behind – is the PS3 HD port. 

      Game does have to come out first…

      • Ravage27

         i like that idea very much :)

  •  Let’s see the Big Bad Wolf stop Little Red now! *cocks shotgun*

    • puchinri

      Bulleta must be giving her tips, then?

  • IceRomancer

    Oh man these classes look so good I can’t choose one! Paladin, hunter, and magician all look amazing! This game has me excite :)

  • Exkaiser

    Looks really nice. I wasn’t huge on Odin Sphere, but perhaps this will be the Vanillaware game that’ll win me over.

  • Heh, next thing you know we’ll have more classes for DLC, but is this game really multiplayer oriented?

  • lightningrook

    Is it possible to switch gender regardless of class, or does the Sniper always have to be female, the Solider has to be male, etc.?  It’d be mildly annoying if you can’t, but then again I guess it’d be kinda awkward having a male Maiden :P

  • looks like children of mana art to me. 

  • z_merquise

    Just all of a sudden, PSP got lots of games that I would really love. Super Robot Taisen Z, Valkyria Chronicles 3, Queen’s Gate: Spiral Chaos and then this game.

    A beautiful fantasy art-style all in 2D then combine it with Hitoshi Sakimoto’s music is pure epicness. Can’t wait to see the gameplay video.

    And please, English localization for this game. Vanillaware deserves more love.

  • I hope there’s a Spellsword / Magic Knight class.

    I don’t know why it’s so hard to find games with a decent fighter/mage (or gish) build or class.

    Oh well, if not, at least there’s always Dark Souls and Skyrim

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