Why White Knight Chronicles II Includes Original Game

By Spencer . May 23, 2011 . 10:41am


When a game publisher releases a sequel, even if the ending has a cliffhanger, it’s usually a standalone game. (See .hack) Level-5 and Sony bucked the trend with White Knight Chronicles and included a remastered version of Leonard’s original adventure as part of White Knight Chronicles II. Why?


"When we were creating White Knight Chronicles II, the first thing we thought about was what form the product would take. A sequel would usually be sold as a separate package that you could buy on its own and play without the original game if you wanted," Yoshiaki Kusuda, Director at Level-5, answered in an interview with Europe’s PlayStation Blog. "However, in the case of a game like White Knight Chronicles, you also have the online gaming side which means it’s difficult to keep the sequel completely separate from the original. We considered a number of possibilities, like making an expansion that would require the original game."


"But that would limit our audience to people who had purchased the first game and wanted to play more. The number of PS3 owners has increased since the first White Knight Chronicles was released, which gives us a chance to attract new players, so we decided that including the original game on the disc was the best solution."


Kusuda also mentions his favorite RPG is Tactics Ogre, which Square Enix recently remastered for PSP under the title Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together. Kusuda also says there are "no plans" for future games in the series, but also teased with "And you never know. If there’s strong support for another sequel…" Mixed messages much?

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  • Yesshua

    This is an entirely logical decision, and one that benefits the consumer.  It also probably wouldn’t be possible without all the space on a blu-ray disc.

    This is good for us, good for Level 5, and good for Sony.  Way cool guys.

    • It doesn’t benefits their consumers that already got the 1st game tho… all the contrary, it kinda pisses me off… but oh well, is not that i can do anything about it if i want to play the sequel… 

      • Bakuryukun

         actually it does benefit you, you can sell your other copy, it’ll be like getting the sequel and original for a discount that way!

        •  Really? i dont think people would buy the first game when the second already has it, also, i dont live in the US, so i cant just go to a gamestop and sell it for 5 bucks…

          • kupomogli

            Sell it on Ebay. 

            Think of it this way.  Why would anyone want FF13 when they could have any other RPG?  FF13 still sells though :P.

          • Zero_Destiny

            But who would buy WildArms’ copy off of eBay? He lives in Venezuela. Why buy his copy and then pay for it to go through all the customs, lead alone just the shipping cost in general. WildArms would have to sell for like $1 to make anyone want to pay for his copy since the shipping will kill them.

            @WildArms Don’t worry buddy. Think of it this way because you bought the first game you helped to pay for the second game. So hey thank you for helping  them make a second game. ^_^ You could always give your first game to someone else (who has a PS3) as a gift or something. Or maybe even sell it to another gaming buddy. There’s always that. That or just keep it on your shelf and be like Heck yes I own BOTH the Original White Knight Chronicles AND White Knight Chronicles 2. How many of you guys can say that!!! XD *Then stick out your chest proudly and point to your heart grinning* Yes sir. Bragging rights. Your collection will be complete while most others only own White Knight Chronicles 2. Your shelf will be far superior to ours. lol

    • AdamBoy64

      Yes, this is my most anticipated game for 2011 by a long margin.
      Way cool, indeed!

      And… no, I’m not disappointed by the 2nd game including the 1st. No regrets buying the 1st, not in the slightest. I got my money’s worth out of playing the 1st game.

      • Ravage27

        *bro fist* 

        WKC1 for all its flaws, is still a very enjoyable game and has features like
        – huge environments and maps to explore
        – online co-op
        – Crystal Camera
        which are missing from most JRPGs this gen.

        With WKC2 fixing most of its gameplay flaws (speedier combat,increased difficulty and unique weapon moves), it is definitely my most anticipated game this year.

        • AdamBoy64

          *return bro fist*

          Yes, I think you hit the nail on the head with those WKC1 flaws.
          The slow combat I grew to tolerate and enjoy, but I can certainly see how others would be completely put off by it.

          The difficulty of WKC1 I found lacking indeed. I hope the second game actually makes you use the Knights a bit more. I really am hoping for the difficulty to be increased.

          I don’t know what Crystal Camera is though, but I really enjoyed the expansive environments.

          • Ravage27

            CrystalCam is the in-game camera given to you by Rapacci at the start of the game. It basically allows you to take screenshots anywhere you like (collection purposes or decorating online profile). I lost count of the hours i spent travelling around snapping pics of cities,sunsets,rivers (and cute babes).

            Oh and i agree, the expansive environments are the main reasons why i love WKC so much. And I appreciated it even more during my 2nd playthrough, which i started immediately after completing the series-of-tunnels FF13.

          • AdamBoy64

            Oh yeah. Right. I thought Crystal Camera might have been a technical development term. But I know what you mean with the Camera. That was good fun.

            I loved taking photos of Leonard sitting down in front of a boss watching the others fight to the death. A lot of cool photos you can take with it. I kind of wish you could do a bit more with it – like view photos fullscreen, that sort of thing.
            I also love the soundtrack of WKC1.. it’d be one of my favourites of this generation. I think it’s brilliant.

  • HarryHodd

    Its nice they went back to part one and remastered it. Can’t wait for this.

  • Yukito

    Just bring it already. D:…. Damn, I wish we were getting it the same day…. I am going to be completely empty until Catherine, which is coming out about the same time as WKC2. >_>

  • Guest

     Anyone remember the original E3 (or was it TGS) trailer for the 1st WKC game? The gameplay looked amazing but then the end result game played nothing like that…more stiff like FF XIV (boo). Is this sequel more like the original trailer?

    •  The game didnt deliver? I remember being wowed by the trailer.

      • Guest

        Yes so was I but my point was…..well go back and watch that trailer. Then watch the actual gameplay footage. It’s much different. Not as good.

  • DanteJones

     No complaints here, having the original included is awesome since I can’t remember everything that happened in the first game.

  • city_debut

    Thanks to NeoGAF, my first thought was that the game is about a group of individuals on the Internet who defend unpopular people or decisions.

    White Knight Chronicles II: He Should’ve Known Better than to Question that Cop

    • HarryHodd

      NeoGAF: Don’t Believe

  • By including the first game (remastered to boot), he has guaranteed that I will be purchasing the second game.  While I thought about getting the first game in its original form, reviews didn’t convince it was worth $60.  However, two full games new at $60 is nearly unbeatable.

    I trust Level-5’s work since they did Rogue Galaxy on PS2.  Other than areas being unnecessarily large and repetitive, it was a solid action RPG almost ahead of its time.

    • I trusted them ever since Dark Cloud lol

  • Can’t wait to get that sucker over here.
    To what I understand, absolutely everything has been sped up. Making money, getting guild rank, everything!

  • zhemos

    White Knight Chronicles reminds me of an FPS. It’s main story is crap, while still retaining some single player fun, the whole point of It is to play It online with friends, but I could just never get into It. I might pickup part 2, but I’ll be waiting awhile more than likely.

  • ManaKnight

    Despite the reviews, I loved WKC.  Definitely buying the 2nd on release.

  •  Argh, I kind of regret not getting tactics ogre. It sounds so good.

  • Syltique

     The first game was painful to play.  I want to give the second one a shot, but I’ll need some convincing.

  • What sucks still is that D3 is publishing it in the NA and not Sony

    • The game is releasing in America and you say that is sucks because it is not coming by SONY?! Be glad that Sony let another company handle it.  Its the little things…

  • neo_firenze

    What exactly is “Remastered” about the first game?

    I played and LOVED the original in single player mode, which reminded me a lot of a single player FFXI where you could switch between party members (a good thing to me, as a longtime FFXI fan).  So I’m definitely on board for the sequel… but is it adding anything interesting for me that might make the original worth playing again?

    Didn’t really care for the multiplayer aspects of the original, just the single player story. 

    • All of the tweaks Level-5 made to the battle system for WKCII have been implemented in WKCI.

  • Screw the critics, this game was hell of a lot more fun than Final Fantasy XIII!

    I, for one, cannot wait to play this sequel, and get my very own Knight!

  • PrinceHeir

    would love it if more developers follow suit :P

  • epy

    They better include dual tracks with this one… please?

  • Where is Dark Cloud 3?!!!

  • I considered getting White Knight Chronicles when it came out but I never got around to it. It actually looked right up my street, but there must have been some other game getting my attention back then, or maybe the mediocre review scores were putting me off… Anyway, by including the first game they’ve made it impossible for me not to want to buy this game.

    So I guess I should play through WKC1 first? Might as well, its not a race. I don’t know if the storyline is linked.

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