Growlanser IV: Overload Sprouting In August

By Spencer . May 24, 2011 . 11:31am

image We’re honing in on Growlanser IV: Overload’s release date, thanks to a little leak from electronics giant Softmap. Atlus previously set a summer time frame for the extended PSP version. Softmap says they’re stocking the game in August.


Atlus Japan has been extremely busy releasing a game nearly every month. Catherine came out in February. Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 2 was an April game. Gungnir just came out last week. Gloria Union is slated for June. Nora and the Time Studio: Witch of the Foggy Forest is in July along with Devil Survivor 2. Growlanser IV is their August game, it seems. Aside from Devil Survivor Overclocked, I wonder what they have for the rest of the year…


Oh, and here are some wallpapers of the new characters D-MD and Tricia.


wp_d_md_1280 wp_tricia_1280

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  • Only question is the one most commonly asked at this site:

    NA release when?

    •  This x 1000 haha :)

    • cj_iwakura

      The answer most commonly given by Atlus:


      • Ryos

        That would be funny if it weren’t true. :(

      • More like, “only when @playstation:twitter #SCEA lets us.”

        • Ladius

          SCEA has nothing to do with this, it’s Atlus USA who apparently has almost completely stopped localizing non-Atlus Japan games (almost only the SMT-Persona ones, moreover, as the lack of Growlanser and Tokyo Mono shows), especially on handhelds.

          Did SCEA stop the localization of Luminous Arc 3, Super Robot Taisen OGS Exceed, Summon Night TXC and many other possible candidates on Nintendo DS? Not to mention that PSP’s western lineup has many low-budget remakesports, and if it’s possible to release Mana Khemia 1, Ys 1-2 Chronicles, Phantom Brave THT and many others there shouldn’t be any kind of problem with Growlanser 4.

          Historically SCEA has opposed low-budget releases at the beginning of each console’s life cycle, not at its end (for example SCEA apparently blocked Tales of Destiny 2’s localization and forced WD to do a single package for Growlanser 2-3, but after some years had no problem with the release of Chaos Wars or the Atelier games).

    • Ladius

      Pretty much this. I would gladly buy multiple copies if G4 were finally localized, I played the Japanese original release and it was easily one of the best tactical jrpgs on PS2.

    • kroufonz

      the artwork is too beautiful to get localized this generation:P

  • Somehow, I feel @playstation:twitter #SCEA is depriving us of Urushihara artwork that’s videogame-exclusive, given their vague localization policy.

    If SCEA wants the PSP to competitively compete, then they should allow localizations of great Japan-onlies like Growlanser.  As the old saying goes, “nothing ventured, nothing gained.”

    • Ladius

      It’s absurd to blame SCEA when they’re allowing almost everything to be released on PSP at this point, your message should be aimed at Atlus USA.

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