Persona 2 Will Commit An Innocent Sin This Fall

By Ishaan . May 24, 2011 . 1:42am

Atlus USA’s newsletter tease from last week was indeed for Persona 2: Innocent Sin. While they haven’t specified a release date for the game, they plan to have it out in the U.S. this fall. Here’s a few more English screenshots:





That’s the game’s U.S. box art on the right.


Innocent Sin on the PSP has a bunch of new features. There’s new quests like the “Charisma Classroom,” a new world map, and a quest editor. Atlus also remixed the game’s soundtrack and added the ability to toggle between the old and new OST.


You can find a recap of all the game’s features in this video Atlus sent out in Japan last month. It covers the emotion system during demon negotiation and Climax Theater feature as well.

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  • Huzzah! Always wanted to play this but I don’t usually like fiddling with emulators and fan translations.

    • Ravage27

       me too, this is great news indeed

    • The fan translation of Innocent Sin is simply amazing. Atlus USA should have bought the rights to use it. If Xseed can do it then other companies shouldn’t have a problem. 

      • Barrylocke89

        Think of it this way. It gives you 2 versions of the same story. I find that games localized by two different groups tend to look at things a bit differently, emphasizing more on some parts than others, using different wordplay to express meaning, etc. It’s just another excuse to replay a great game, I say.

      • Atlus USA is a much larger company than XSEED though and they don’t really need to go through the legal hassle of licensing a fan translation.

        • You’re implying it IS a legal hassle, though! (:

          • Licensing the fan translation, yes.

          • It’s not, though. If you didn’t know, I’m Tom from XSEED. And yeah… it’s the same exact process to license a fan-translation as it is to hire a third-party freelancer — which localization companies (especially small ones) do all the time. It’s really not much of a hassle at all, and frankly, I’m shocked that no one else has done it before.

            In this case, Atlus may have decided to save some money by localizing in-house (since you DO have to pay the fan-translators, after all — unless you’re totally crooked!)… but considering the size of Persona 2’s script, it’s still kind of surprising.

            Maybe the fan-translator simply wasn’t willing to sell his script?

            Either way, Atlus’ localizers are good peoples, so I’m sure the game’s going to read great. I just can’t help but wonder why they didn’t go the fan-translation route…

          • Ladius

            @Thomas: I think the problem is that P2 IS’ PS1 fantranslation and this PSP remake have many different dialogues, not to mention new scenes and added contents. As discussed elsewhere there are some censored bits too, so even the fantranslation would need to be changed and completed with new untranslated texts.

          • Hm… I guess I never thought of it like that.  That’s good to know.  8D

      • Zeik56

        The fan translation was quite good, but there were certain decisions made that I hope an official translation won’t repeat, such as not using the official English names for spells (Jio instead of Zio) or deciding to replace Lisa’s name with “Ginko” shortly into the game. (This really annoyed me, since this is just a nickname that Eikichi gave her.)

        • Exkaiser

          They replace her name with Ginko in the original textboxes once Eikichi gives her the nickname, I believe. Though, I never did feel like going through the Japanese version to check.

          Obviously, though, we’ll be getting Zio.

          • Zeik56

            I actually played the original Japanese version first (with a text translation alongside of course) and I don’t recall her name changing, but I can’t read Japanese, so I maybe I just didn’t notice.

            Even if it was in the original Japanese though I really hope Atlus USA doesn’t do it. It just doesn’t make any sense.

    • Agreed. This is a day one purchase for me. Pre-order, if Atlus offers a good promotion.

  • Bam! Good going Atlus. 

    • Guest

      Now just release Gatchitora, Akiba’s Trip, Kenka Bancho 5, Danganrompa and we should be set

  •  And I will also commit an innocent sin by getting this…

  • ManaKnight

    This is the only Persona game I’m missing.  I’m so buying this.

  • Awesome waking up to see this Atlus Faithful email!  This and Catherine?  Thank you Atlus!

  • But, will it still have Hitler?

    • No reason for it not to and they’d have to do a lot of rewriting to get rid of him. Plus doing so would probably wreck the fanbase. Bigger question is can you still choose Jun and will they keep Lisa’s back story intact.

      • That’s the thing I’m really worried about.

        • amagidyne

          Come now, let’s positive thinking.

      • Ladius

        As I said in the post below, Hitler has already been edited in the Japanese version, as well as the overt references to homosexuality and nazism. Now you have a Fuhrer with black glasses and coat, some “imperial soldiers” instead of nazi troopers and so on. The fault is with Atlus Japan, however, not with Atlus USA.

        •  Only “overt homosexuality” that has been removed is two npc’s who had a pun alluding tto homsexuality in that name.

          The stuff with Jun is still exactly the same.

          ….Not that there is much to edit away, there.

    • OneOkami

      Atlus USA has already put out a game featuring Hitler.  They’re not gonna censor that content this time around.

      • Ladius

        They are, because it’s already censored in the Japanese version this time around. In P2IS’s PSP remake all direct references to homosexuality have been purged, nazi soldiers have became “imperial soldiers” and Hitler is now simply “Fuhrer” with dark glasses and a coat in order to avoid showing his uniform.

        • OneOkami

          Well that is certainly disappointing.  I almost rather play the original version, now. Well, anyway, it looks like the censoring is inherent in the raw material which means there’s nothing Atlus USA can do about it (well I guess they could change Hitler’s name back but I doubt it).  But I have to believe that after Operation Darkness, they wouldn’t have had a problem with it if their parent company didn’t.

          • Zeik56

            The whole “Hitler” thing was pretty disappointing anyway. I find it a bit odd that they did change it, but it’s not really a big loss.

          • Shadow_Raskolnik

            Just a quick note, but Operation Darkness wasn’t developed by their parent company.

          • OneOkami

            Indeed, Operation Darkness was a Success game.  What I meant by that last line was that if Atlus Japan had not censored the Hitler/Nazi content in this version of Persona 2, I believe Atlus USA would have followed suit as evidenced by the fact that they did not censor the Hitler/Nazi content in Operation Darkness.

        • that cant be right for the homosexual reference, because of eternal punishment storyline makes their paring cannon …well in the Japanese one anyway

  • exhume

    Total win. Persona is easily my #1 RPG series these days.

  • urbanscholar


  • Fonic

    Glad I waited on playing the fan translation. I remember when Eternal Punishment came out and I found out about this game. I was pretty disappointed to miss out on the other half of the story. Hard to believe that was over ten years ago.
    Anyway, really great news.

  • Whoomp

    Great to finally have confirmation. I’m pre-ordering either way but hopefully they will do a special edition with the soundtrack like with the first one.

  • d-d-d-day one!

  • Going to be fuuuuuun! Especially with the “censored” Hitler that has shades and a jacket… CANT WAIT!

  • imaguni

    THIS is the kind of news I like waking up to, awesome!

  • Ladius

    Will surely day-one this game, the new features are really juicy and even if I loathe the censoring in the Japanese edition I can deal with it.

    Still, I really hope Atlus USA isn’t stuck localizing only SMTPersonagames from Persona team till the end of time, there are far too many great Japanese titles they have lost the opportunity to translate since they cut on their localizations, and some of them are even published by Atlus Japan :(

  • guess that we’ll get
    persona2:ep as well..
    not that I’d complain normally..
    I love persona serie, smt main serie and all..
    aren’t all those portings/remakes getting old?
    Some new game? a persona 5? a smt4? a whatever?
    w/e, I’m a sucker and I’ll just buy ep as well when time comes…

    • When it comes to ports/remakes I usually think “can I get the original version easy?” and if the answer is “No” I’m okay with it.

    • neo_firenze

      “aren’t all those portings/remakes getting old?”


      Especially in the case of the only game in the Persona series to never get an official English language release.  And Persona 1 PSP was a radical improvement over the awful localized version released in the PS1 days. 

      Really the only one that’s at all reasonable to justify questioning was Persona 3, followed by Fes (to be fair, released for a low price), followed by P3 Portable (which is significantly different).  I personally didn’t mind that, but I see where three P3 releases in a few years could strike some people as overkill.

  • Xeahnort

    Too bad Atlus censored a few thing in the PSP version. Anyhow, still on my radar.

    • like what?

      • “In P2IS’s PSP remake all direct references to homosexuality have been
        purged, nazi soldiers have became “imperial soldiers” and Hitler is now
        simply “Fuhrer” with dark glasses and a coat in order to avoid showing
        his uniform.” ~ said by Ladius some comments above this one.

        • Xeahnort

          Aside of Ivanir said, I read that they also edited some demons/persona due sexual references, but not sure if it’s true.

        • well unless eternal punishment’s story makes them gay then lol alright then because as i said just a while ago maya’s story follows off the jun x tatsuya plot

  • :D This is indeed very good news to hear. I always wanted to play this myself. Now me and other persona fans(outside Japan) can enjoy this.

  • “Yes, miss it’s my first time here, and I never intend to leave anymore, please embrace me Motoko-chan!!”~ x3

  • Day one

  • Nice one, but then again this is their bread&butter. 

  • Hopefully they will do a collectors set as cool at the Persona 2: Eternal Punishment Batsu set! Then again, it’s Atlus and they never seem to let me down.

  • YESSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Great news. Now all we have to wait for is Eternal Punishment as well :)

    And why not go one step further and hope that the whole Persona series will get the PS3 HD remake syndrome from Atlus/Sony so you can play it on your PS3 as well.

    Glorious old school Persona in HD on a nice big screen should be wonderful.

    But still. This is great news and hopefully they will make some sweet deal and get us some nice extras.

  • Zero_Destiny

    AND it’s done. Every main series PERSONA game is now gonna be officially released to the west because of Atlus. ^_^ Heck three out of four (Or technically if we’re lucky and they make an Eternal Punishment PSP and release it here then four out of five) of the games will be on the PSP to bout. Super excited. XD

    • Persona finished, now we need major SMT releases.
      I and II, If…, Kyuuyaku Megami Tensei, 3DS Jack Bros… stuff like that.

      • MisterDandylion

        Don’t forget Devil Summoner: Soul Hackerz! ;D

      • Exkaiser

        I would be all over Old Testament Megaten like Lucifer on a Chaos Hero.

  • cocytusx

    This makes my day :D So glad I won’t have to put up with that fan translation.

  • So hyped! Cannot wait! Need now :D!

  • AzureNova

    I still have Persona 2 for the original Playstation, but i dont think thats gonna stop me from buying this one too lol

    • It’s a different Persona 2, anyway. For some reason, Atlus saw fit to release two completely different Persona 2s in Japan back in the day: Eternal Punishment and Innocent Sin. The one we got on the PS1 way back when was Eternal Punishment. This is Innocent Sin.

  •  I wonder how Lisa’s english will translate. @[email protected]

    • Ren

      English? But she doesn’t speak english on the japanese version, she speaks cantonese.

      • Okay, spoiler, maybe.. I guess.

        She never learned English in the first place. She only knows Japanese and Cantonese. But if this is an English version, everything (except maybe the Cantonese) is probably going to be translated to English anyway.

        So I’m just curious how that entire scene will unfold. It might be kind of funny.

  • I’ve played Persona 2 before in PSone (Eternal Punishment), i dunno, i never get used to it…
    I hate talking with those demons.

    I prefer P3 or P4 gameplay, more simpler and addictive.

    Why don’t they just port the P4 for PSP? (I’m hoping they will do it in the future)

  • Excitement~ I can’t wait for it and quest editor. Oh and of course the “Führer”.
    ….I think I’ll play the original now that I know this is coming out.

  • KyoyaHibari

    Good, they changed the artstyle, always hated the original art…

    • Exkaiser

      They didn’t really change the art style so much as Soejima improved. Still the same two guys working on the art as before.

  • AnimusVox

    This is why I love ATLUS.

  • puchinri

    And so, the world became a wonderful place. 

    Time to jack my sister’s PSP. And never let it return…

  • MisterDandylion

    really gotta keep it going going
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    Unbreakable Tie :3 I love that song….

  • Ryos

    I am pretty excited about this even though it was pretty obviously coming.  By the way, I would be totally up for getting Eternal Punishment if it were remade for the PSP…just saying. :)

  • YES. OH MY GAWD YES. I can die after I beat this game. I’m cool with it.

  • PrinceHeir

    great news :D

    once they remake Eternal Punishment that would be soooooo awesome!!!

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