Tokyo Jungle’s Sob Stories Involve A Lost Deer And Little Lion Cubs

By Spencer . May 25, 2011 . 12:30pm

Humans may have left Earth, but Tokyo Jungle, a game where animals roam free in Japan’s metropolis, still has a story. Sony Computer Entertainment Japan revealed two chapters that will tug at a player’s heart.


In the deer storyline, a brother and sister deer lost their mother. They’re searching for her while a Cheetah is searching for a snack.


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Deer don’t stand a chance against the predator or even those bears lounging on a rooftop. Never mind how they got there. Sony designed this level with stealth in mind. Guide the lost deer behind dumpsters and into bushes where they can hide and you might survive.


007[1] 008[2] 009[2] 010[3]  012[1] 013[2] 014[1] 015[2] 016[2]


You would think being a lion would be easier. Alas, the king of the Harajuku Station has problems of his own. The lion in Tokyo Jungle has cubs to care for, which hyenas view as dinner. Sure, you can fight off some of the hyenas, but the lion is often attacked from all-sides. Hunger also effects your combat capability. Fight on an empty stomach and the lion could end up as prey.


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Tokyo Jungle is slated for release this year in Japan and as a digital download in Europe. Sony Computer Entertainment America have not announced Tokyo Jungle yet.

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  • qetuo6

    This looks interesting. I hope it makes it here.

  • Oh gaaaaawd! My interest for this game has grown eightfold! This time, I’m going to make sure Bambi finds his mother.

    Also, I wonder what the chicken or the t-rex’s storyline is.

    EDIT: Now that I’ve taken a closer look at the screenshots. It looks like there’s a black lion leading those hyena. He’s even Scarred. And one of the hyenas is wearing a miner’s hat. :D


  • malek86

    It’s just like those nature documentaries.

  • Pichi

    Sold on those stories. Hoping its brought over.

  • Zero_Destiny

    This looks pretty cool. Like Ginga Legend Weed!!! That’s awesome. Hopefully we can see it in America. I want to play it. ^_^ Gotta love the cute animals that will try to survive against all odds.


  • Hardcore Bambi with strategy. Sounds like fun.

  • ikiryou

    …aand they just lost me. I really don’t want to see cute little animals in danger.

  • @playstation:twitter SCEA, this is better than it sounds.  “Hardcore” game elements like stealth, featured in Metal Gear Solid, a popular “hardcore” game.

    Bring it over!

  • Vino (Tim N)

    I wonder if theres one fixed path during the scenarios or multiple ways to hide around.

  • They’re trying to make me cry every time I get a game over aren’t they? Oh well, if it doesn’t come over to the US I can’t play it…

  • Lol random bushes on rooftops! (^_^)

  • HarryHodd

    Sounds really interesting. I hope each animal has special skills like in real life.

  • ufoflash

    i have one question (hope this hasn’t been asked already) do you play as the animals or one animal? as in complete control. because i cant really see how else you could control them. and do you have a choice of what animals you play as or does it change with each stage/level? and if you do what can you do with them? can you climb structures? can you fly above the city and enjoy the scenery? can you explore the whole city, as in enter old buildings or tunnels or streets? can you swim in the(maybe possible) body’s of water? as in each animals have abilities and skills unique to them? sorry if im asking to much just really want to know. either way cant wait for this game. hopefully some game play videos soon?

  • A stealth game where you play as an animal!? Finally, somebody got the idea!

  • Kai2591

    lol are the talking???

    And is that a deer hiding in a ‘Dust box’??? haha

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