Lightning Is Playable In Final Fantasy XIII-2 And She’s Super Powerful

By Spencer . June 8, 2011 . 1:54am

light3Even though everyone thinks Lightning is dead, she is a playable character in Final Fantasy XIII-2. Attendees didn’t see her on the show floor, but in a behind closed doors meeting Square Enix showed a fight between Lightning and Chaos Bahamut.


Before the battle, Lightning jumped on Odin. The camera panned to city ruins and Chaos Bahamut flew from the sky and into Lightning’s path. The camera continued to move during the battle where Lighting rode Odin while Chaos Bahamut lunged at her.


Lightning saved the world in Final Fantasy XIII, so she is not a level 1 character in Final Fantasy XIII-2. She retains powerful attacks, five selectable commands, and pelted Chaos Bahamut with thousands of points of damage. Compare that to Serah and newcomer Noel who scratch out a couple hundred HP per strike on weak enemies.


The battle galloped on until a cinematic action where Lightning jumped on a falling building and cut into Chaos Bahamut. Like other cinematic actions, players had to trigger quick time events.


Square Enix wouldn’t say anything else about where Lightning is other than promising a reveal at Tokyo Game Show. Final Fantasy XIII-2 is slated for a winter release in North America and Europe. Japan gets the game in December.


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  • sigh… thanks for ruining the ending of ff13 for me…. I still have yet to finish it…

    • Ereek

      Don’t worry, nothing has been spoiled for you.  The whole “Lightning is dead but not really?” thing comes from the epilogue that came with the Japanese 360 release.

    • Is that really a spoiler? Did you truly think for a second that the world wouldn’t be spared at the end?

      • WHAT?! IT DOES GET SAVED??! WTH MAN! And here I was wondering why there was a FF13-2 too! :( , i wonder if Serah gets cured in the game? …

    • I don’t think it’s a spoiler thought. Almost every single RPG game I played the main character would save the world this way or that way…

    • And you would read an article on a demo on FF13-2 because?

  • joesz

    I hope that they are considering  adding this version into XIII-2.That would be epic.

    • ninjaonizuka

      lol i luv tht gus ver of ff songs :>

  • Syltique

    Pretty sure she is in the invisible world.  I wouldn’t even be shocked if she’s somehow become a fal’cie now, under Etro.  

    I think the more interesting question is why she’s in a modern city? It didn’t even look like ruins in the trailer. It all looked mostly in tact.

    • YsyDoesIt

      That’s along the lines I was thinking as well.  I have an inkling she’s connected to Etro.

  • Masengan

    This is the only site so far where they’ve had so many FF13 related articles, sometimes I forget these games exist. I was hoping this one was gonna be different kinda like X-2 was for X and seeing as I didn’t like X but liked X-2 I thought that maybe I was gonna like FF13-2… History won’t be repeating itself. I’ll be waiting for vs13 whenever the hell that comes out.

    • Totally agreed! I’ am with yah!!!
      By the way, I just want to salute you for your
      Shin Chan profile pic :) it has “Awesome” written all
      over it.

      • Masengan

        Why thank you =D

  • Testsubject909

    They’re really desperately trying to sell Lightning aren’t they?

    Sorry but meh. Lightning’s okay, that’s all I can say. For uber FF protagonists, there are many better ones out there.

    “Oh but they can’t fight Chaos Bahamut!”

    Oh yeah? They’re better characters, that alone makes them far more badass.

    • Exkaiser

      There’s, uh, Ramza?

      Ramza’s a pretty cool dude. One of the few FF protagonists I’d call a good character.

      In before Tsuna and his Vaan love.

      • Vaan is their best male protagonist with (Advent Children) Cloud and Hope vying for first place/

        • irzbos

          First of all, Vaan wasn’t a very good MC at all. I would be more apt to call Balthier the main protagonist of ff12 over Vaan. Is it just that you like his look? sigh. As said before, Zidane is probably the best protagonist.

          • Darkrise

            Everyone seems to be forgetting Squall…

          • Guest

            “Whatever…” – Squall

          • evilkaz

            what about lagun–AAHH….leg cramp.

          • And here I thought I was the only one who liked/remembered Squall. 

          • Yu_TheKing

            More like “Gone Talking to a Wall…” He and Zidane are by far my favorite FF protagonists.

          • Squall was ok, but i think they tried to make him more of a “bad quiet guy”  at the beginning too much. Still he is a good MC. But i feel Ramza and Zidane more natural than him.

      •  Zidane is pretty decent MC too :D

      • Yeah, Ramza was awesome. I was hoping to see him in Dssidia but oh well.

        But final fantasy now is a game full of bishies.

      • Guest

        If it’s a “pretty pubescent boy” than it’s getting love by Tsuna

        creepy, I know…

  • I’m honestly pretty excited for this game. I found XIII decent–though not amazing–and the only reason I didn’t beat it is because my save data got deleted when my USB stick failed. Hopefully this’ll fix the problems I had with the story of XIII, though; I didn’t care about the plot until the end of chapter 11.

  • I didnt play this part at E3 wtf???  i wounder if this was exclusive ?

    very nice chaos bahamut Oo wounder what happen to fang.

    importing this day 1!

  • mikanko

    I really liked Lightning a lot, though partly due to a Maaya Sakamoto bias.  I sincerely hope it doesn’t take too long for her to become a playable mainstay in your party.

  • Fantastic. Too bad they didnt just let us import data from the first, I had maxed Chrystarium too :(

  • Good, good. Lightning was my favorite character from XIII. I like what we’ve seen of Noel so far, but I wants my Lightning.

  • Darkrise

    Hm, I’m not really sure what to say, it’s pretty cool to see Lightning in action here but… What about Versus XIII and Type 0? DX It’s like Sqeenix completely forgot about it.

    • Not really. E3 is an american event.

      Versus and Type-0 are only confirmed in Japan right now.

  • SerendipityX

    I’m more than excited for this game. And people should give Lightning more credit having a strong nearly independent woman in FF is a godsend.

    • imaguni

      Especially as a protagonist!

      • SerendipityX

        Yeah, and the main one at that. XD

        • imaguni

          Plus, she doesn’t even have an obligatory romantic subplot. I don’t mind romance, but it’s refreshing when it’s not so omnipresent.

          • SerendipityX

            My thoughts exactly which is why I loved her so much. She didn’t have too much fanservice, and played her role very well. Her English voice actor is <3.

    • Testsubject909

      “Because she’s strong, female and nearly independant, we should be happy with her!”

      No, no. Demand more, do not be satiated just by this. Hell, she’s almost a stereotype at points.

      • SerendipityX

        I’m not saying she perfect durr, I’m just saying she’s a step in the right direction. Idk almost every FF character has some type of stereotype so it kind of doesn’t bother me anymore. To tell the truth I expected much, much less when it comes to women in FF-_-

      • mikanko

        Compared to the angst ridden teenage boys from several other FF games, it’s an improvement.

      • theworldofnoboundries

        Need some Shota?

      • Must suck to not ever enjoy anything for what it is, huh?

    • PrinceHeir

      hell yeah lightning is an awesome character :P

      Maaya Sakomoto alone is worth the watch :D

      gonna give FFXIII-2 a go :D

  • Guest

    Where the hell is Versus XIII???

    • Exactly where Kingdom Hearts 3 is…MIA (=__=):.

      • Bakuryukun

        Them showing us a new trailer or something isn’t going to get it to come out any faster, I’d rather they just foucsed on development, if they don’t feel they have something new to show.

    • lol your looking at next year 2012 E3 for that!

      i told many and many didnt believe it’s a 2013 release

      you will see.

    • AnimusVox

      You know they were just getting peoples’ hopes up, Versus is never coming out cuz we’re all gonna die next year anyways
      Looooong before Versus is even given a release date

      • Guest

        Noooooo. I’ll singhandely fly Nomura into the middle of the Sun in order for him to finish the game. Then travel to the Earth’s core and dim mak the the center of it to stop the earth shattering quakes.

  • But where’s Sazh?

  • And FF8’s Elnoyle lives on.


    I uploaded the video of this segment to YouTube, grabbed from Famitsu.

    • Wonder if they’ll update this post with the video.

      But uh, judging from the video, it doesn’t seem that different from FF13.

  • AnimusVox

    I kinda don’t like how it says Lightning saved the world, when I’d personally say Fang and Vanille truly saved the world.

  • New information revealed

    Interview from NeoGaf.

    Multiple endings confirmed.

  • ThunderGod_Cid

    I don’t know….I’m getting a “General Leo” type vibe from this.
    Like Lightning’s presence is just a glorified 5-minute cameo and that its primary focus is on Noel & Sarah.

    And that thought pretty much killed my hype for this game.

  • Rafa_Zetafius

    Will there ever be Fang and Vanille?

    I’m hoping it’s like FF X-2 where we have to “save” them…sorta…..

  • Shon John

    From recent news that I have read, it sounds like Noel and Serah as well as a monster will be the characters you play through the game with most of the time….which really makes me sad…..I have lost A LOT of excitement for this game when I heard that….If it’s true, then I won’t be buying this day one, I will wait till it goes discount, which sucks because I loved the first one.. :/ 

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