Yes, That Awesome Song From Black Rock Shooter: The Game Is The Intro

By Ishaan . June 9, 2011 . 11:59pm

It’s been a while since we heard any news of Black Rock Shooter: The Game. Imageepoch’s PSP action RPG is due out on August 25th. That means it’s time to start promoting it! Here, have an OP video:



I always liked that song, ever since I heard it in the original trailer for them game. NIS America have a tie-up with Imageepoch to publish their games overseas, but they haven’t announced whether or not Black Rock Shooter will be one of them.

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  • katamari

    “Awesome Song”? All I hear is some horrible screamo song. I’d rather have the original BRS song.

    • Christian Wright

      the music compliments the ridiculous crazy battles in the op video that i hope we can recreate with actual gameplay :P

    • MarkMario

      Somebody else that actually agrees that the song isn’t all that great :D

      • Ryos

        I thought this was the worst song I’ve heard in a game – painfully bad.  Visually the opening is great, but this song really isn’t my cup of tea.  Everyone has a different perception of what music they like so YMMV, but I will probably just watch the intro muted if left as is.

    • RagnaXBL

      the song was garbage, but who cares its BRS, Loli+twintails = win, not to mention the actual video itsself was pretty epic in its own right

    • I agree. They should’ve used BRS since the game is based on that song. WTH.

  • Darkrise

    UFOtable, once again, does a very amazing job, really does justice to the original artstyle of BRS. Though I can’t say the same for the song, music is fine but really could’ve done without screamo… T.T Now I wait. I wait for my premium copy.

  • !!!

    Definitely feelin’ this. *Sage nod*

  • RagnaXBL

    oh yeaaaa dem twin tails… :3

  • Genjo

    MUST get day one! already lovin the Awesome song <3

  • I wouldn’t doubt NIS AMerica! They never disappoint!
    Hell, they even localized the Bleach game, I really didnt see that coming

    • ninjaonizuka

      I always luved them for disgaea i luv thex x100 times more for this and bleach and alot of other stuffz

  • heartless141

    love it! love everything about that intro.
    read the atmosphere people :D

  • Crimson_Cloud

    Artistically well-made opening. Impressive.

  • Rabid_the_Otaku

    One Ok Rock!! Perfect choice for BRS! Love the song, love the animation, excite levels at full power!

    (hope the game is actually good >_>)

  • I really hope NIS publishes this.

  • Apache_Chief

    You know, I’m amazed this franchise has gotten so far. It started as a song that got popular because of a loli wearing underwear. Now it has an OVA, a game, two mangas, and probably her own brand of cereal soon. I don’t really like the song, and the OVA made no sense to me. So why do I want this game now? WHY?

  • awesome!! :))

  • I love the OP! It’s epic! I just don’t like the song. :P It could have been better/ different altogether. But that’s just me. Hopeful to hear an localization announcement.

    EDIT: The song is starting to grow on me the more times i hear it. And One Ok Rock sounds so cool.

  • i don’t think i like the song much.

    but the video was awesome :))

  • z_merquise

    Now that’s a bad-ass Moé! She even got a killer motorcycle! 

    Animation quality of that opening looked top-notch! This game is a 3rd person-shooter, right? I hope this game got Vanquish-level of craziness and awesomeness.


    The opening animation reminds me of God Eater’s, with the destroyed buildings and ruined lands…

    • CoolChibi

      The animation studio (ufotable) produced both and have the same visual flair as their other productions. 

      • FHOIW

        Yeah I know. I’m a huge fan of Ufotable, so not noticing that would have been awfully saddening. Lol.

  • Aoshi00

    I pre-ordered this before for the keychain/charm, but now I’m thinking if I want to cancel it.. I like this OP and all (song’s kinda weird but animation is badass), but I hope this is not a case of the Tale of the Last Promise w/ the OP and trailer looking deceptively aweseome but the actual game being sucky and much lamer..  what has ImageEpoch done to revolutionize the JRPG genre again?

    • Even if the gameplay wasnt all that different, i felt it a bit refreshing the little time i played that game, like, yeah, its still the same jrpg, but it felt a little renewed O.o, it had a different atmosphere…

  • mikanko

    Yeah, uh.  Another vote for dislike the song, like the intro.  Only thing that really kills the music are the vocals, someone should just replace them with Vocaloid Miku.

  • doomspeller10

    We could use some gameplay… still an awesome intro.

  • No one likes the song, here… X°D

    I think both song and animation are absolutely epic.

    Best opening for a videogame I see in a while.

    • Barrit

      I agree, the music really sets the mood for the game. I listen to similar music though, so no surprise there I guess haha.

  • I don’t see how anyone can hate sex in the ears.

    Must be their first time.

    • [The Hunter] Doomrider

      Sex must be awful for you, then.

    • I dont really get why there are so many people that dislike the song xDD i mean it was clearly cool o-o it just is!

  • Kai2591

    Totally love the intro! Ufotable should make their own BRS anime~
    The song wasn’t too bad. But I think it would’ve been better.
    Anyway, I like the designs of the other characters :)

    Just hope the story is good.

  • If only the Steins;Gate anime were as faithful to huke’s designs…

    • Aoshi00

      I liked huke’s design too, and at first I wasn’t too taken w/ the anime design for Steins;Gate, especially for Christina, but it grew on me (Okabe looks especially good in the anime).  And the animation quality and presentation is actually very good, I find every new episode exciting even though I’ve beat the game alrdy.  It’s actually refreshing to see the anime not done in huke’s design I suppose, otherwise the anime would look exactly like the game..

  • Apollonis

    The animation is some of the most smooth and gorgeous I’ve ever seen, I’m surprised more people aren’t commenting on that.

  • Zero_Destiny

    Wait are you serious people? This is a screaming Opening? Man I guess you guess haven’t heard much metal or even Death Note Opening 2 for that matter (Maximum the Hormone now their screamers). This Song is pretty tame and I have to say pretty awesome. Plus the Opening animation is top-notch. But yeah I’m actually disappointed I came into this expecting a screaming song. You guys really over-hyped me. :(


    • Yeah Zero, im really wtf too xD, i guess people havent heard much of “da underground yo” Even more, i consider “screaming” the second ending of death note… When it is like GOGOAOGA OF WAROOOOH, and me like wtf?!?!?! but the animation was cool so i was like WTF!?!? (i strangely liked because it just suited everything perfectly, but im not really into those kind of songs).

      EDIT: WOAH I JUST READ YOUR FIRST SENTENCE AND THEN REPLY YOU (because i imagined you were talking about some other stuff that screams moar) and then i read completely and you also talked about death note xDD, not the ending though, you still have a long way to be on the same wavelenght as me like Raioh :D But still, i think the op 2 of death note its a better example than mine

    • xD I don’t think this is very screamo either. I think it sounds “Good Charlotte”-ey at times. I’d have to say though, that this song doesn’t seem to fit the animation that well. There are a handful of songs that I think would go better, but it’s not bad.

    • aBrokenFate

      Yeah it kinda reminded of Red Jumpsuit a bit

  • TenRX

    Setting aside that I like BRS… I’m more into caring for the gameplay. Let’s see how well imagepooch made this game from the inside than just using BRS.

  • I’m loving that song too
    Cant wait to listen to it during gameplay, or at the fnal boss :)

  • i was hoping some Miku…

    but…i dont care :S

  • I love ONE OK ROCK~ (Haters gonna hate)
    I was shocked to see they’re doing the song for BRS (I’m no fan of it)
    TBH, I can’t see the actual BRS song being used, it just doesn’t seem fitting, but that’s just me I guess.

  • Juuu

    I quite like the opening video as a whole-it feels more “BRS” than anything we’ve seen of the game so far.

    Only question is, why is it that in all the BRS media [this, OVA] the actual SONG “Black Rock Shooter” was always sorely underutilized? XD Here’s hoping the band edition of it is the battle theme for this or something!

    • Because the song “Black Rock Shooter” is sung by Hatsune Miku, that is really not that good as “singer”. They prefer to give money to real people, not to computer programs XD
      And “No scared” is much more “BRS” than the original, in my opinion.

  • Tastefully done although I was wishing for Miku to sing the theme song. Gets points for style and camerawork, but the animation isn’t really that top notch. Good video nontheless

    • It isnt top notch for you Ash?, lol you are hard one to please xD  well the BGs and everything looked amazing for me O-o

      • I’m fussy :3. Also, it’s just what I think, looking from the way the hair flows

  • AzureNova

    The intro song is good, but I actually like the song at the end of the video when they are showing the game boxes better. It just has this prominent feeling to it. =^_^=


    And…*reads comments* woah… people didnt liked the song? I thought it was freaking awesome, i dont consider this screaming at all… feels like a light powermetal wih a touch of  punk! It’s really awesome O___O

    • I also wonder how come this song is so hated, here… I think it’s the best opening song in a game since a good deal of time. It’s not even that “screamed”, just a little at the beginning, but for the rest is just Power/Epic Metal, and a really good one. I didn’t know this band.

  • origami_samurai

    Woow the animated Intro looks so awesome………but the song just ‘NO’ >:(

  • Come on NISA… announce this. Now.

  • aBrokenFate

    That songs actually pretty sick, idk why people are hating on it so much.

  • TheGoddamnedKamina

    hope it gets localized. I love BRS :>

    Which reminds me, the person who composed the song must be filthy rich by now :P

  • Song is gangsta. That is all


  • 403 Forbiddena could have composed a better song.

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