Grasshopper Manufacture Developing Evangelion: Sound Impact, A Rhythm Game

By Spencer . June 14, 2011 . 6:22pm

imageMore information spilled out about Rebuild of Evangelion: Sound Impact. The developer is a bit of a surprise, it’s Grasshopper Manufacture, the studio behind No More Heroes and Shadows of the Damned. Former Silent Hill composer Akira Yamaoka is in charge of the game’s sound.


That’s the other surprise. Rebuild of Evangelion: Sound Impact is a rhythm music action game, according to magazine leaks. Yamaoka made bold remixes of music from the Rebuild of Evangelion movies for the PSP title. Over 30 songs are included in the game. Music and images are blended together using the "unknown synchro action" system.


Rebuild of Evangelion: Sound Impact will have six types of games. Modes, perhaps? We’re still waiting for actual gameplay details.


Update: A magazine scan just leaked out.


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  • A rhythm game? Interesting idea of using synchronization as theme.

  • Christian Wright

    idk why, but this sounds like a bad idea until i see it

  • When I heard about this and knew Suda51 and Akira Yamaoka were involved, omgosh. I’m on pins and needles~ I can’t wait to see what it looks like.

  • Ren

  • Just sayin’.

    Actually let me expand on that: You have (apparently) access to a property that is not only a well-known giant robot franchise, it is pretty much the giant robot franchise (okay, apart from Gundam). Why is your video game not about piloting giant robots?
    When someone gives me a steak, I do not think “I will wear this as a delightful couture hat,” I think “I will cook this and eat it, because steak is delicious.” An Evangelion music game is a steak hat.

    • No better words to describe the situation~

    • nyoron

      I dunno, it’s not like there are that many good robot battles in Evangelion. Unit 02 vs. Eva Series is the only one that comes to mind as really awesome. The rest of the fights are mostly a lot of strategizing and buildup followed by an Eva or Angel getting very quickly defeated, if not one-shotted. I don’t think Eva style robot combat would translate very well to a game.

      Of course, I suppose they could find a way to make it work if they really wanted to and I’d love to see them try.

      • You make a good argument, but I feel like Evangelion is about two things:

        1) Giant robots
        2) Ridiculous teenage angst

        This game does not appear to be capitalizing on either of these things, which makes me wonder why they’ve slapped the “Evangelion” name on it in the first place (Actually that’s a lie. I know why they did it. You could write “Evangelion” on a literal turd, and it would sell millions.) if they aren’t going to pander to the things that (presumably) made it popular in the first place. The fact that you have, in an internet comment, presented the seed of an idea for a game that sounds infinitely better than the one described in the article says, I think, a great many things about the wisdom of making an Evangelion music game.

      • That is the case in almost any show, that doesn’t stop games from having way longer battles, also most of the game could be building up the story with Shinji, like walking here and there talking to people working on side quests, doing test works with the EVA’s and building up relationship points between Shinji and the others. There is quite a lot of possibilities in the EVA Universe as a game. The Fights against the Angels could be Chapter Boss Battles.

        Well, that said I’m not happy, but I’ll hold on until I see how the system works.

        • Pretty sure it will actually all take place during that episode where Shinji and Asuka have to learn to do everything at exactly the same time. The game simulates their training regime.

          • nyoron

            That can’t be completely right, isn’t that Mari in one of the screenshots of the scan?

            Let’s all not be too quick to condemn, they do specify that it’s part action game as well. Perhaps we’ll get to engage in some freestyle melee combat, but at a certain point it switches to rhythm based button pressing for scripted cutscenes and finishes (sort of like the Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm boss fights).

          • True, I would be happy with that as long as we get some fights and the music is just for background, then again that scene didn’t happen in the movies “yet” and this game seems to be based on them.

          • Tommy Lee

            That’s kind of impossible, since they didn’t put that scenario in the Rebuild 2.0 movie.

    • Ren

      Well, they are just doing it Gaga’s way.

      • But with all the cloning and genetic engineering going on, can you really say that they were born this way?

        • Ren

          Eh… There’s Nothing Else I Can Say.

          • Yeah, I’m pretty much Speechless. In fact, I’m So Happy I Could Die.

    • Code

      But a steak hat is delicious; far more delicious then an Evangelion music game +o+!

    • Very well put.

    • Sorry, but everybody knows in the Super Robot mecha community, Shinji Ikari is the WORST MECHA PROTAGONIST EVER.  HE’S NOT WORTHY to be called a MECHA PILOT, since he’s CASTRATED, in contrast to the standard set by Kouji Kabuto (Mazinger Z) and Kazuya Ryuuzaki (Daimos).

      As for the song list, I think I have an idea… (hints: Asuka’s mindrape and the Kaworu fight sequence).

  • puchinri

    Not even GHM can make me want to play something to do with EVA.
    But I would like to see them do something original using mecha.
    …As long as they improve on the simple system we used for the Glastonbury.

  • Well everything is better than a pachislot game, but that’s definitely a slap in the face so far…need to see more to get an idea of the system.

  • z_merquise

    Grasshopper Manufacture + Evangelion + Akira Yamaoka’s music = unexpected but awesome combination!

    So this is a rhythm/action game? Would this be similar to Grasshopper’s PS2 game Samurai Champloo: Sidetracked except much better?

    Why do Japan gets these PSP games that I’m instantly interested?

  • Another game in the greatest Anime of All Time…yes, its even greater than Bleach and KHR and Naruto and Gurren Lagann and Bakuman, I said it, it is my definitive anime ever.  I wish these games would come out here, sounds innovative.

    • KyoyaHibari

      1) Of course it’s better than all of those, except Gurren Lagann which comes close, 2) In your opinion it is THE definitive anime title ;P and 3) Sure I love the soundtrack, but most Eva fans have been expecting a really good mech simulation not pachinko machines, visual novels or rhythm games, what we need is a GOOD Eva game with like customizable Evas, online battles, and intense action-packed gameplay, I’d make a red-winged Eva Otsu and gold plating with a Lance of Longinus and berserker mode :3

    • Neckbear

      You’re wrong.

      The “Greatest Anime of All Time” is Welcome to the NHK!. And no baseless, uneducated opinion can refute that fact. It’s just entertainment in its purest, most beautiful form; both amusing and touching, hilarious and heartwrenching. It’ll make you laugh and cry, both, and when it ends, you’re just left with the following thought: “Damn. That was good.”

      Anyways, an EVA game, eh? Cool. Somewhat. A rythm game, however? See Imperator Librarius’ comment.

      • Actually, the best anime is Giant Robo, but so few people have actually seen it that I’ll let it slide. This time.

        • CoolChibi

          I sure did and I would say its the best “Macha” anime… Because clearly the title of best anime ever belongs to Bakemonogatari or Revolutionary Girl Utena!

          I love shoving my opinions down other peoples throats!

        • Guest

          Buckethead likes Giant Robo

        • KyoyaHibari

          It’s all a matter of opinion, alot of people say that Giant Robo was amazing but it didn’t have a proper conclusion and there were alot of questions left unanswered which sounds a little irritable, my favourite anime of all time is R.O.D the TV, it has a sublime mix of action, drama, psychological and some mystery thrown in, with a great cast of characters with some genuine character development and a complex plot, truly a masterpiece!

  • SetzerGabbiani

    The Eva rebuild has beautiful music, so this might be worth a look…I’m not sure we will get a proper story driven game until the last 2 movies are released.  However SRW L did use the 1st movie’s plot effectively.

  • Darkrise

    Please just make a good HD console action EVA game already…

  • WonderSteve

    Oh come on, go one step further and make this a DDR type of game.

    So all of us can “Dance Like You Want to Win!” with our partner!

    • LynxAmali

      Dance like You want to Win The Game…..?

      Sort of want.

  • nyoron

    I love Evangelion and I love rhythm games. Two great tastes that taste great together!

  • This is going to be an interesting one.

  • [The Hunter] Doomrider

    There’s unexpected and then there’s this.

  • Guest

    Lets make an EVA action game

    No lets make dating sim

    Lets make an EVA action game

    no lets make a detective mystery ADV game

    Lets make an EVA action game

    no lets make a slot machine game. 12 of them even

    Lets make an EVA action game

    no lets make a chibi mini game collection

    Lets make an EVA action game

    no lets make a SIMS type game

    Lets make an EVA action game

    no lets make a music game


    • BTA

      Well, there’s been a few fighting games… :x

      • Guest

        One fighting game. For PS2 & PSP (Battle Orchestra)
        Two action games. One for N64 one for PS2/PSP (Jo)

  • gatotsu911

    OMFG. Importing, day one.

  • gatotsu911

    Suda 51 is producing!! All tracks were run by Sagisu!!

  • I… kinda want to import this if it is any good. I was hoping for a straight action game though.

  • Tarlol

    Am I on the unpopular side here when I don’t think this sounds bad?
    Maybe it’s because I’m not a big Eva fan. But I love Grasshopper and Akira Yamaoka especially.
    I also feel suppose I feel slightly more receptive to music games, having just finished a Child of Eden marathon.
    That all said Grasshopper does have a record of doing throwaway anime games for money.

  • MisterFoxInc

    Grasshopper taking this one isn’t all that surprising. That’s just what they do. Daring games with a punk-attitude are brilliant and amazing, but they don’t make as much money as you’d hope. That’s why they take on “big names” to make some money. They made games for Samurai Champloo and Blood+, too. Though those are mediocre franchises, I must admit.

    Anyway, I guess an actual Mecha-fighting-game would have been nice and this beat-and-rhythm-genre-game is certainly a surprise, to say the least, but then again: The former has been quite outdone, hasn’t it? And NGE isn’t exactly the newest and hottest thing to begin with.

    I don’t think there’s much need to complain about this one or tilt your head at. It’s rather explicable and it will come and it will go, and “who cares.”

  • A rhythm music action game? I wonder how that will work?

  • CleruTesh

    I love rhythm games, and I love Evangelion. Sign me up. I know it’s pointless to even ask, but if any game companies read this, would someone please localise this?

  • PrinceHeir

    could be interesting :D

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