Kitase-San, How About Dissidia: Final Fantasy Remastered For PS3?

By Spencer . June 14, 2011 . 2:25am

image While we were talking to Motomu Toriyama and Yoshinori Kitase about Final Fantasy XIII-2, I slipped in a question (more like a request) and asked about bringing the PSP Dissidia: Final Fantasy titles to PlayStation 3.


"We have no actual plans," Kitase calmly replied. Should’ve guessed there, but Kitase explained why. "The concept of remastering PSP titles for PS3 is a new idea and initiative from Sony. We have not had enough time to think through and plan our actions."


Sony Computer Entertainment is just getting started with remastered PSP games. Monster Hunter Portable 3rd will kick off the initiative on August 25 in Japan. Back in North America, God of War Origins Collection is slated for release this September in North America.

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  • I wouldn’t mind having a remastered HD version of Dissidia 012. I’ll bet a lot of people wouldn’t mind.

    It makes sense not to rush out and deliver an HD version. Square Enix already have a ton or projects that needs to be done. coughVersuscough. So I rather let them finish them instead. But as long as 012 is a consideration then color me happy.

    • kupomogli

      Well.  They could always get the same team that did the God of War HD, Ico/SotC HD, and MGS HD ports to do the Dissidia ports.

  • Gohobojoe

    Meh. I’d prefer SE to remaster the games that never came out to NA. Stuff like a remastered FFX International, or FFX-2 International, or that FFXII Zodiac class, and the Kingdom Hearts’ Final Mixes too.

    • Guest

      Tobal 2, Racing Lagoon, Heavy Metal Thunder

    • Anyone want to dig into the Enix backlog?  Apparently most of the PS2 games before the merge were Japan only.  Also much of their pre-PS2 games but you get the idea.

  • Would kinda they rather just make a new entry, Dissidia 3 for Vita/PS3

    • [The Hunter] Doomrider

      That’s not out of the realm of possibility… In fact, I think the Vita is the “natural” candidate for a third Dissidia game. However, it probably won’t be the Dissidia we all know and love:

      “Nomura also said there will not be a “next title.” That doesn’t mean the team has given up on fighting games, though. Later in the interview, Nomura says he believes he has done everything he can with the combat base. After this game, the Dissidia series could remerge with a new form. Nomura says the staff has been working on 1 on 1 fighting games for several years and would like to work with a new genre.”

      • doomspeller10

        I’d be more than happy just with the inclusion of new characters, I don’t mind whether it’s DLC, a PS3 port, or a new HD PS3/Vita version. For me this game is way more about gameplay than graphics, so I won’t be picky.

    • acortes31

      I second that. At first i was very excited about this remaster thing but after I saw the trailer of MGS Peace Walker in HD, I was very dissapointed. It looked exactly the same the only thing is in a bigger screen. They should make a new Dissidia with FFXIII graphics. Just imagine Cloud, Cecil, Squall, Ultimecia etc. with those graphics.

      • Tom_Phoenix

        “It looked exactly the same the only thing is in a bigger screen.” 
        That’s HD in a nutshell. I don’t know what else you were expecting. The fact that they were called “HD Remastered” should have been a clear indication that they were simply the same thing in a higher resolution.

        I’m not saying that is a good reason in itself to buy the game a second time. Just saying that there was little reason to believe it was going to be anything else.

    • Christian Wright

      that’s only if square enix likes money. there’s alot of obvious things that they should do but dont

  • Dissidia would be a great choice for PS3/360.

    Why? It’s a fighting game somewhat – porting into consoles should make them REAL competitive. And I’m on into new titles for that.

    Won’t happen, though – Japan is crazy about portables. :p

  • HistorysGreatestMonster

    Ah, Square-Enix…always ten steps behind everyone else.

  • Tarlol

    I really, really hope a console Dissidia happens. HD upscale or sequel, either way works.

    • Guest

      Also X & XII International HD and The Bouncer HD with online co-op and versus

      • Tarlol

        That would be amazing. The Bouncer HD with online play? Oh man.

        Reminds me, I kind of hope Zone of the Enders HD includes online play for that versus mode. It was silly, but I loved it.

        • kupomogli

          The Bouncer was a downgrade of Ehrgeiz and then thrown into a beat em up setting.  As a beat em up it wasn’t bad, but the four player versus mode was boring.

          Ehrgeiz HD remake with online versus mode = win.

          • Guest

            Actually it wasn’t.

            The initial trailer for The Bouncer had some unique gameplay elements that were taken out of the final game. Elements that Ergheiz had nothing of (360 degree camera panning, time slowing attacks, using environment as weapons (tables, chairs etc) as well as destructable environments. Dream Factory was rushed on the project and they got pissed I think which is why they broke off with Square I believe.

  • Angeru_Lito

    Remastering that game as much as people who own a PS3 (because it wouldn´t come out on 360) will like it I don´t think it could work the controls make sense in the PSP but a port like what they´re doing with Monster Hunter and many others , I dunno I feel something in the mechanics the camera the animations , it would look weird in the PS3, do I want a “Dissidia” kinda game for the consoles? yeah but porting Dissidia 012 to the PS3 not a good idea

    • Nei_chan

      ” (because it wouldn´t come out on 360) ”

      and why the hell not?

  • karasuKumo

    Would certainly buy it! As long as they add a few more characters :D

    I was hoping for a third until Nomura said there wouldn’t be another, but I doubt SE would pass up another after Duodecim’s success. Then again another employee said that they want party battles so maybe there might be another ¬_¬ Confusing stuff.

  • theoriginaled

    Personally I think I would still prefer dissidia on the go. Its a format that lends itself well to portables. Short quick battles. Pick up put down bursts of action. I cant really see myself sitting in front of a tv to play it. About the only things that would benefit are the visuals (of course) and potentially the online capabilities. Maybe thats just me though….

  • Wake

    Sigh. I love the idea of having Dissidia in HD but in Square Enix’s case they should just focus on finishing the games they have right now. Just finish up on Versus before even thinking of starting anything new.

  • MrRobbyM

    How about Kingdom Hearts Collection, Final Fantasy Collection or at least a Type-0 remaster?

    • But Type-0’s not even out yet, and we have no idea how well it’ll do

  • Xeahnort

    Focus on finish versus and Type 0 and then we speak

  • they dont need to remaster any of the psp titles what they need to remaster is V and VI and VII and VIII and IX. 

    chrono cross as well and PE series also. 

    secret of mana would be a dream come true as well. 

  • If they do decide to Remaster the Dissidia series there really is no point in remastering the first game if they plan to do the second as well. If they do give them the Ps3 treatment they better add offline 2player couch vs matches.

  • There is no need for them to make a remaster.  Instead, they should focus a making a console-only version (multiplatform of course) and perhaps a new edition for Vita and 3DS. 

    Dissidia 012 was definitely a nice upgrade, but still limited by the framework of a portable title.  It’s nice to have the game on the go, but a console focused edition would have some nice features (online play) that portables would have a difficult time emulating.

  • PrinceHeir

    a new Dissidia for PS3 would be nice :P

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