On Remaking Sonic Adventure 2’s City Escape For Sonic Generations

By Spencer . June 14, 2011 . 2:31pm

We’ve seen levels in Sonic Generations transition from 2D to 3D, but what about the other way around? City Escape, the opening stage from Sonic Adventure 2, is confirmed to be in the game. Perhaps, you saw this E3 trailer earlier?



It’s a glance at City Escape with Modern and Classic Sonic. Behind closed doors, Takashi Iizuka, Producer, gave Siliconera a better look at the Dreamcast stage with both Sonics. Starting with Classic Sonic, City Escape was presented in 2.5D. There are still rails to ride, but Sonic doesn’t grind, he rolls down them in a blue ball. Iizuka explained he wanted to keep the essence of the level when recreating it in 2D. The two elements that stood out the most were the truck chase and skateboard.


The truck begins chasing Classic Sonic from behind, just like in Sonic Adventure. Dynamic camera angles add a bit of visual flair to the escape. Later in the level, the truck turns moving into the background. It emerges from the foreground and charges into platforms Sonic needs to jump on if he wants to take the high route. Similar to classic Sonic the Hedgehog games, lower paths are easier, but higher routes in Sonic Generations tend to have more rewards. Iizuka pointed out it’s possible to "race" against the truck and reach the platforms before the truck does.


In Sonic Generations, the skateboard is inside a monitor. Crack the monitor and Sonic can ride the skateboard, which doesn’t disappear even if Sonic gets hit.


City Escape Act 2 puts players in control of Modern Sonic. Iizuka was quick to point out the stage is more than the Dreamcast level with HD graphics. Sonic Team redesigned the level with new shortcuts that take advantage of Modern Sonic’s new abilities. Using boost, Modern Sonic can soar across the city after jumping off one of the ramps with his skateboard.

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  • AnimeRemix

    I really like how SEGA is recreating these levels. New shortcuts? Yes! 
    “Using boost, Modern Sonic can soar across the city after jumping off one of the ramps with his skateboard.” Modern Sonic uses a skateboard? I always thought it was a snowboard or something like that… Meh, still glad SEGA kept this part (Along with the truck) part in. 

    • I think it’s just a miss-say there. I think Modern Sonic will be using his general snowboard/piece of a helicopter he tore off in his escape.

      As long as they have Escape from the City playing, I will be in love with this stage.

    • I always thought it was a snowboard, myself. Iizuka-san pointed out it was a skateboard, but whatever it is – it functions and looks the same it did in Sonic Adventure 2.
      I think, and this is entirely my opinion, the red board without wheels wouldn’t work with Classic Sonic, so it became a “skateboard” in both games.

      • Code

        haha same, I althought thought it was a snowboard too, if you ask me it’s not even shaped like a skateboard opo; The video depicts it not having wheels either… so it appears to be a snowboard xpx?

  • I didnt know lower routes were easier? In most games I always took the lower route.

    • Apache_Chief

      Lower routes are the “punishment” for messing up and falling off the upper routes.

  • shion16

    If i could choose stages for this game i would choose Holoska (a mixture between the wii and the ps3 version) and Starlight Carnival

  • Code

    rar, Sonic Adventures 2, still in my books is by far the best 3D Sonic game, really love City Escape too; one of my favorite Sonic stages period owo;

  • Was that a hint at Spagonia at the end?

  • cmurph666

    Hey, here’s an idea SEGA: You should like totally release Sonic Adventure 2 as a PSN/360 download title~!


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