Princess Yggdra Returns In Gloria Union As Gun Touting Pirate Leader

By Spencer . June 14, 2011 . 11:44pm

yggdra-union-1Sting spun Yggdra Union off into its own series and Gloria Union is the next installment. Princess Yggdra is putting down her sacred sword and picking up a gun – a Gatling gun for Gloria Union. She shows up as a leader or a pirate group. Pamela and Eater are also confirmed to be in the PSP title.


Beat Gloria Union, Famitsu explains, and you’ll unlock hard mode. Play through this and you can find a hidden item that unlocks a menu with extra content. One item is a 16 minute audio drama, which has a secret talk with the game’s heroine.


Gloria Union: Twin Fates in Blue Ocean comes out on June 23.

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  • mikanko

    Showing a screenshot of localized Yggdra Union in a post about Gloria Union is about as teasing as pics of Zero no Kiseki in a post about a non-Falcom game getting localized by Xseed.  Sadists, the lot of you. :/

    • It’s to show what Yggdra looks like… the post is about Yggdra, after all.

      I apologized for the Falcom picture and gave a second hint. Seriously what more do you want? When we post about Gloria Union being a Japanese title people complain because it may not be localized. When we don’t cover Japanese games people complain. When we cover “Western” games people complain.

      I seriously can’t believe how uptight the comments section is… Future posts will have scribbles drawn from crayons tied to a roomba. Can we all agree on that?

      • Exkaiser

        Will the roomba have kittens on it? This is important.

      • mikanko

        lol, wasn’t being super serious.  Figured calling the lot of you sadists would’ve been taken as tongue and cheek.  It was easy to predict that this post would be full of people commenting about wanting the Sting psp games localized.  Of course I’m one of them, but didn’t mean to come off as giving you a super hard time about it.

        Sorry for being too snarky. ^^;

        • Out of respect for all the readers I take every comment even snarky ones seriously. When you type these things out, how do I know what you truly mean?

          Alternatively, I could write all of the comments off, perhaps like other sites. However, I prefer to listen to the readers and institute suggestions (i.e. reader Qs) and feedback.

          • mikanko

            Yes, you can’t hear the tone of my voice that’s going on in my head while I type things out… <.<;

            I do apologize.  Forgetting that is a bad habit of mine.

  • Localize it please!!!!!!

  • Yggdra, with a gun?!? Good lord!

    • malek86

      If you come near me, I shall shoot you down!

  • Now this gives me a reason to finish playing Yggdra Union! Damn you Duodecim and your hard to farm elixirs!

  • SirRichard

    I wish these games were brought to Europe, it’s a pain trying to track down Atlus’ localization for import.

  • Darkrise

    Atlus, please, just localize this one at least! If you’re going to ignore the other Union titles, at least localize this one!

  • I still need to finish Yggdra Union.

    Thanks Spencer.

  • TenRX

    Oh crap! Atlus YOU NEED  to localize this game and Blaze too.

  • Shadow_Raskolnik

    Eh, I think Atlus should skip this one in favor of other games like Gungnir and (maybe) Grand Knights History. Personally I’m kind of sick of how much Sting is milking Yggdra Union.

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