Randy Orlando Returns For The Legend Of Heroes: Trails Of Blue

By Spencer . June 14, 2011 . 5:55pm

imageRandy Orlando from The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Zero will be a playable character, Dengeki PlayStation confirms. In The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Blue, he has a new weapon – a blade rifle. His uncle Sigmund Orlando is visiting Crossbell. Shirley, Sigmund’s daughter and Randy’s cousin, is in the PSP game too.


The magazine mentions Howling Wind, a combination craft technique, between Randy and Noel. While you’re on the field, you can hit enemies from behind to knock them out. Use this tactic and you may be able to defeat a strong opponent with low level characters.


The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Blue is slated for release on September 29.

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  • Cool, Randy was so awesome. Randy and Noel combination? wow, Noel is an excellent character too, I linke her double machine guns and granade skills (hell yeah)

  • What game in the series is this? Character looks cool. 

    • It’s part of the Legend of Heroes series.

    • PurpleDoom

      It’s the fifth game in the Trails series, tenth in the overall franchise. The first five games have no relation to Trails, though, so they’re not required playing if you’re interested in these (although apparently III, IV and V are pretty good.)

      • KyoyaHibari

        Well those were the only ones that had been remade, personally, III was the only one that’s story really grabbed me, and the combat system was interesting back then, but not much changed in White Witch and Song of the Ocean :/

        • neo_firenze

          White Witch was actually III, they were just released out of order in Namco’s North American PSP releases.  (Namco called IV “Legend of Heroes”, III “Legend of Heroes II”, and V “Legend of Heroes III”)

    • But no voice acting

      • To be more precisely no voice acting for events just for battles, although Zero did put voices for some special events

        • Yeah, but i dunno if that will be enough for Tsuna to play it xD

  • vall03

    you know, every time I see any Kiseki news, I get depressed since I cant play them right away *sigh* I’m now seriously thinking on importing SC, 3rd, and Zero at this point…

    • solbalmung

      likewise here. Every time I see a LOH news here Im reminded about Trails in The Sky SC and hopeful that Xseed announce plans for releasing Zero on the pc…

    • WonderSteve

      You should import it, and also buy the English version when it releases!

    • Buy english version too and we will eventually be up to par with Falcom Japan! Step by step, heaarrtt to heaaart

    • Ladius

      Importing it is pointless if you don’t have an almost perfect knowledge of Japanese, the texts in this series are far more difficult than the usual shounen jrpgs: you will spoil yourself the major plot points without enjoying them at their fullest.

      If you are really fluent in Japanese, on the other hand, what are you waiting for? :P

      • vall03

        this is kinda depressing, I only know basic Japanese, but if I can use this opportunity to fully learn the language why not. Besides, its also the first thing Im planning to do once I have more free time. Its really very annoying as a fan of the genre especially with what happened in E3

  • skymap

    I’m already burned out on translating the first game for myself.

  • So when is our Dogi/Randy bro-op adventure coming?

  • So Shirley is Randy’s cousin? That explains so goddamn much, up to and including her proclivity for not wearing a shirt.

  • KyoyaHibari

    Randy Orlando…sounds badass!

  • Blade Rifle…. Ashley’s weapon (wild arms 2) … *sniff*

    • DanteJones

      If only WA2 could get a remake, I’d be all over that. :O

      • Maaan T____T a remake, i would cry tears of joy so much

    • solbalmung

      It was more of a bayonnet 8D !!! Kanon ftw <3

      • They all FTW T-T Lilkaaaa, Brad, oh Tim doesn’t xD, but kanoooon, Ashley… the vampire optional character T-T

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