Dragon’s Crown Interview Details Creation Of Vanillaware’s 13 Year Old Game

By Spencer . June 20, 2011 . 1:07pm


After Dragon’s Crown was announced we saw through the comments Siliconera readers wanted to hear more about Vanillaware’s first HD game. I rushed over to Ignition for more information, which is how we discovered Dragon’s Crown was in development for PS3 before the announcement. I also learned Kashow Oda, producer, was on site and with a little bit of luck (and creative scheduling on both parts) we were able to meet with him.


We hope you enjoy this impromptu Dragon’s Crown interview and a look at what Vanillaware president George Kamitani has been planning for thirteen years.


Earlier I was speaking with Shane Bettenhausen and he mentioned Kamitani-san has been thinking about developing Dragon’s Crown for many years. How has the game evolve with your help as a producer?


Kashow Oda, Producer: As a publishing producer, I helped [George] Kamitani (founder of Vanillaware) from a business perspective. We discussed what platforms are best for the game and what upcoming formats are coming to the market.


Kamitani-san had an idea for this game for thirteen years. During that time, Kamitani spoke with many publishers and industry members. However, Kamitani was not able to find support for this title. When Ignition met with Kamitani we agreed to publish Dragon’s Crown.


Why did Ignition decide to publish Dragon’s Crown when so many other publishers passed on the idea?


First, we respect Kamitani’s artwork and unique style. Secondly, with online play becoming more popular, Kamitani’s idea could finally be realized. We felt now it was the time to release Dragon’s Crown, especially with Sony’s new hardware, PlayStation Vita, coming to the marketplace.




Will Dragon’s Crown have ad-hoc multiplayer like say Monster Hunter as well as online play?


Yes, it has both. Dragon’s Crown is designed for users to meet up and play with each other. We created this game so players can gather for a game and then play with each other again and develop their character further when they return home.


How can players develop their character in Dragon’s Crown?


Throughout the game, players will find weapons, which can be leveled up. Dragon’s Crown also RPG elements, but specifics have not been finalized yet.


Each class in Dragon’s Crown is different. The amazon has weak defense, but she has powerful attacks. In contrast, the fighter has high defense. The Wizard takes time to cast magic attacks. These are very strong, but the wizard needs other characters to protect him while he’s charging up. This is one of the ways Dragon’s Crown encourages cooperative play.



amazon warrior


Will there be team attacks for say the wizard and the fighter?


Yes, we’re planning on doing something like that.


sorc Which class is your personal favorite?


Visually, the sorceress. She is an interesting character that uses magic to turn enemies into frogs. The sorceress can also reanimate corpses and make an army of skeletons attack enemies.


Why did you want to make Dragon’s Crown for PlayStation Vita?


Due to the success of Monster Hunter in Japan, we wanted our game to have a feature where people can get together and play. Since Vita is coming out soon we thought it would be great to start with it, also because players can play with PlayStation 3 players too. That’s another advantage of bringing a cooperative game like Dragon’s Crown to Vita.


How does Dragon’s Crown utilize Vita specific features like the touch screens?


On PlayStation 3, you use the analog stick [like a cursor] to select objects such as healing items. We wanted to take advantage of features on Vita, like the touch screen, so on Vita you can do the same thing by touching objects on the screen. In addition to items, you can touch parts of the background. Walls, for example, may collapse if you touch them opening new paths. Vanillaware also wanted to implement puzzle elements into Dragon’s Crown similar to The Tower of Druaga, a game Kamitani is a fan of.



Ah, that’s interesting. Can you tell us more about the puzzle elements?


That’s one of the things we’re still discussing with Vanillaware.


Is there connectivity between the PS3 and PlayStation Vita versions?


The two games are compatible. You can play the Vita release with a friend who has Dragon’s Crown on PS3. If you have both versions, any data you saved on your PS3 can be transferred over to Vita. You can continue playing or you can give character data to a friend and even if you’re not there they can use your character in the game.


When you play Dragon’s Crown online, fallen characters leave corpses on the map. The body collection system allows players to collect these corpses from the battlefield and bring them back to town. Pay a fee and you can revive these characters and use them inside your game. In a single player game, revived characters are computer-controlled NPCs and if you’re stuck you can select a more powerful character to assist you.


Is Ignition planning on working with Vanillaware on future titles beyond Dragon’s Crown?


At this moment, we have no plans, but we would welcome working with Vanillaware again.

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  • FireCouch

    Sounds awesome.  I hope there isn’t any lag, which got pretty bad in Odin’s Sphere.

    • Did you play Muramasa on Wii? No slowdown there, and Dragon’s Crown will be on much more powerful hardware.

      • MewkaKazami

        Vita is more powerful then a PS2 something inbetwen the PS2 and the PS3 but with a screen resolution of a PS2 so expect some major hardware there.

        PS3 on the other hand is a whole generation infront of the Wii so expect excellent performance I wouldn’t be surprised at all if this was a 1080p game.

  • His name is George Kamitani.

  • similar to The Tower of Druaga, a game Katami is a fan of.


  • Kibbitz

    Some interesting details though still a lot of unknowns. Totally wasn’t expecting the Sorceress to play a Curse/Necro role, that’s pretty cool. Can’t wait to hear more specifics on gameplay.

  • My body is ready.

  • LezardValeth

    Such a treat for this game to come out of the blue like that, I love Vanillaware.

    • AzureNova


  • Im totally excited because I love multiplayer beat em up games. I’ve burned countless hours into Gauntlet and Castle Crashers, so I’m glad to see Vanillaware’s take on the genre.

    I hope there’s just a little bit of appearance customization though. Maybe like a colour swap? If I’m going to necro some other guys, I’d like to be able to tell who I am.

    Totally sexcited.

  • HarryHodd

    So hyped for this game I watch the trailer almost every night. With Tales of Graces f and The Last Guardian, this is among my most desired titles for next year.

    Everything sounds great and I eagerly await more specifics on the RPG aspect of the game.

  • “Boss!  Are you serious about this Sorceress art!?  CERO and the ESRB are gonna laugh us straight out of the office!”

    “Just you wait, m’boy.  I’ll have this game on the shelves next week!”

    13 years later…

  • question, does anyone know if the game will be released in disc format? (PS3 version of course :p)

    • MewkaKazami

      Now thats something I’d like an answer to.

      But my guess is PSN to be honest. And if it is PSN can you simply buy the game once and then play it on both the PS3 and the Vita

      • there are going to be 2 different versions. a vita version and a ps3 version. so you will have to buy both. that’s why i say its def. coming in disc format. they also said that they might look into an artbook with the game

        • yep, I believe Genesis have a point, and now that I think of it, why bother to announce the 2 versions?…but still, a blu ray disc for a 2D plattformer game?… sounds very unlikely (in fact, totally awesome)…so maybe, not only we may have the game on disc, this probably means that the game will be very, very, very long.
          Damn, I just can´t wait for this.

          • lets not forget, there are a few 2d games on bluray or coming. Disgaea and Blazblue are 2 primary examples. Yep the game seems to have plenty of exploration 

          • One thing you have to keep in mind is that devs don’t have to (and usually don’t) use up the entire BD. The fact that it’s on Blu-Ray isn’t really a great indicator of the game’s length since all PS3 games have to be in that format.

          • of course, but that´s why I remark the fact that it´s “only” a plattformer, a “metroidesque”-“dungeons and dragonesque” one, but still, only a plattformer. so I wonder, If this will be on a disc, what´s really the point (besides spending money they don´t have) on releasing the game on a disc?, my guess is that, first, it may be a long game (lot of locations/backgrounds), second, a lot of characters “on screen” and third, lot of items, weapons, extras, etc. But again, I really don´t know.

    • It seems to be being that it’s listed on Amazon

  • z_merquise

    Q: Which class is your personal favorite? 
    A: Visually, the sorceress.

    Yes, we all do. 

    Thanks for this interview, Spencer. More details and update for this game really made us all excited. What I also wanted to know if they really finalize the pricing for the game. Pre-order for the game is available online and both the PS3 and PSV versions are only $30 each.

    Still, this game would be definitely a huge success for Vanillaware. Heck, the amount of fan art in Pixiv is insane and that was just not more than a week the game was announced (lots of those fan art, specifically the non-ero stuff, were really good).

  • This is simply amazing! I can’t wait to play with people and search for fallen soldiers to be apart of my amazing army :D
    Sorceress here I come!

  • Croix

    Now that E3 has come and gone, I find that what I’m excited about isn’t any of the new systems, but rather, as a gamer should be, excited about the GAMES. This in particular, as well as Gravity Daze of course. Glad to see Sony get some good game love, with additional titles like Frontier Gate and Graces f (in the west at last) on the way as well.

  • Mister_Nep

    I wonder if the $30 each on Amazon is a reflection of what all Vita and PS3 cross games will be. I don’t think it is, but man I wish.

  • WEL

    what a coincidence, the Sorceress is may favorite too! 0_<

  • Ravage27

    ‘Which class is your personal favorite?’ 
    ‘Visually, the sorceress.’

    kekeke i wonder why :3

    Damn Dragon’s Crown is shaping up to be one hell of a game. All the best to Ignition and Vanillaware and i hope it sells bazillions coz i want to see more games like this.

  • Xeahnort

    I’m the only one who prefer the archer.

    Day 1 purchase.

  • I’m still waiting for Grand Knights History.

  • Hey Siliconera, thanks for the awesome Vanillaware coverage!

  • Kamitani, stop fucking the dog and give us Grand Knights History.

  • PrinceHeir

    yay more power to you Vanilla Ware :P

  • If this is a launch title for vita… must buy… art style looks SO good.

  • Will buy Vita on launch just because of this game

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