Hold It! Rising Star Are Not The Publisher Of Half-Minute Hero 2 In Europe

By Ishaan . June 21, 2011 . 5:37am

Yesterday, we reported that Amazon.co.uk and Play.com had both put up a product listing for Half-Minute Hero 2, with October 21st mentioned as a potential European release date for the game.


While Play made no mention of who would publish the game, Amazon listed — and still do, as of this post — Rising Star Games, who published the original Half-Minute Hero in Europe. Just a short while ago, however, Rising Star got in touch with Siliconera to let us know that they are not, in fact, the European publisher for Half-Minute Hero 2.


This doesn’t necessarily mean that Half-Minute Hero 2 won’t be seeing a European release. In fact, Eurogamer list Namco Bandai as the game’s publisher. We’ve gotten in touch with Namco for their comments on the matter, and will update as necessary.

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  • WHAT!?  Since when #NamcoBandai is involved with niche games?  I’m pretty sure they’re all exclusively Dragonball/Naruto. O_O

    • Exkaiser

      I know, right? There’s no way they would ever consider looking at a niche product, much less publishing one.

      No way.


    • landlock

       Namco Bandai Europe aren’t like Namco Bandai America. NBE have been very good since Infogrames shut up there European arm and started doing everything themselves.

      • In their case, I guess getting the European game rights for Dragonball games earlier than their American counterpart did actually helped them spend Euros for European rights of a couple of niche games.

    • Since they’ve been hurting and needed to change their priorities.

  • Locklear93

    As a rule, never trust Amazon publisher listings unless you confirm it yourself.  I’ve PERSONALLY corrected their listings for at least six or seven NIS America titles (they tend to incorrectly list them as Atlus or KOEI.)

    • Exkaiser

      Yeah, I’ve seen them pegging NISA titles as Atlus too.

    • Kirbysuperstar2

      To be fair, Koei did/do publish a fair amount of NISA (and Atlus USA) games in PAL-land.

    • Whoomp

      Then you are not doing them any service since it’s correct. Tecmo Koei distribute/publish NIS America games in EU under the NIS America-label, they just don’t put their own logo on the front anymore.


      • Locklear93

        I should’ve been more specific, and also should’ve read the article more closely.  My fault.  I correct Amazon.com, not Amazon.co.uk.  When Amazon.com lists an NISA title as KOEI, it is wrong, because those are NTSC versions, not PAL, published by NIS America, in the SCEA territory.

        I think the mislabeling is a habitual Amazon thing, but if Amazon.co.uk is usually accurate, then my post, while not wrong, was pretty completely off the mark, since it refers to Amazon.com–the US version.

        • landlock

          You know Koei act as distributor in America aswell on NISA games at least they use to I haven’t needed to import a NISA game for ages check the back in the small print.

          Sakura Wars is the newest one I have and there listed there.

          • Locklear93

            Yeah, but distributor isn’t the publisher or developer.  Distributors are critical to a game’s release, don’t get me wrong, but I’ve never heard anyone say, “Did you check out that new game distributed by [insert company here].”  For reference, yes, they do still distribute for NISA in the US–Ar Tonelico Qoga also has their name in the fine print.

    • That’s because Koei and Atlus distribute NIS America games. More specifically, Disgaea games tend to be handled by Atlus and Gust/Idea Factory titles by Koei.

      • Locklear93

        Which is fair, but on a product’s “by” line, you expect the developer or publisher, rather than a company mostly handling logistics.  It does make clear why Amazon always does the same thing though–that’s who they get product from, so I did learn something new today.  Still, they always accept the catalog corrections I make, so I think this is an artifact of how they enter product into their databases, not a matter of intent.

        • Because the distributor gives retailers like Amazon information and it usually comes from the distributor’s account.

  • Namco Bandai Europe are really starting to change their priorities… They are already going to publish (with Nintendo’s help) Solatorobo in Europe this July, then Tales of Graces F and Abyss 3DS, now this… Are they trying to receive forgiveness of all these years for neglecting their fans’ wishes?

    • If anything, I feel Namco Bandai Europe is affording themselves niche games, since Dragonball/Naruto/Tekken profits allow them to do so.

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