Saint Seiya: Sanctuary Battle Lands In Europe Next Year

By Spencer . June 23, 2011 . 1:33pm

Namco Bandai Games Europe will bring Saint Seiya: Sanctuary Battle to PAL territories. The PlayStation 3 exclusive follows the anime series where Seiya and the other Knights of the Zodiac defeat the gold saints.


Saint Seiya: Sanctuary Battle has twelve levels, presumably one for each of Athena’s palaces, and alternate stories made just for the game. Here’s the trailer from last night, now localized into English.



Saint Seiya: Sanctuary Battle will have the original Japanese voiceovers and English text. Japan gets the game this fall. Europe, next year. North America? It hasn’t been announced yet.

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  • Wow, why have I not heard of this series before? Main character looks quite cool. Nice to see more animu games of other series make it to the west. 

    • Zero_Destiny

      Old anime is old. I tried to recommend you some older shows before but you told me you weren’t really interested in them. lol Anyways this is an 80’s anime and manga series. It was before your time in the fandom or something I guess. It’s perfectly normal too. Don’t take it as an attack. Your average anime fans don’t actively go out and watch animes from the 70’s and 80’s usually. Most people usually stick with newer stuff. Well that’s been my experience at least (I’m looking at a certain duo out there who keeps telling me I’m stuck in the 80’s T_T).

      Anyways when you take into account that it’s an old series and that it bombed in the States, it’s really no wonder you haven’t heard about it. Sad but true as it may be. As far as shonen battle mangas go it’s pretty awesome though. Manly dudes decked out in Magic armor beating the hell outta each other. It’s  great fun. I love the anime. It has some real epic battles and great drama. Plus the music was so awesome. Though it may seem a little silly for some modern anime fans out there but I love the music. Awesome rockin’ 80’s soundtrack was great.


      • Its that old? I thought it has a currently on air anime series in JPN now? Or are there two Saint Seiya’s? If the game is compelling then I would go out and try to view the anime though. Quality transcends time, so if it were good, then I cant imagine not being interested.

        • Enma_Kozato

          You might be thinking of Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas. It’s a prequel of sorts for the main series since it takes place YEARS before.

          • GVmanX

            As in hundreds of years.

        • Zero_Destiny

          Over the years Saint Seiya has seen something similar to a reboot I guess. Like Kozato explained a new manga that’s a spin-off started up in 2006. It continues the story. It just recently finished up too. Said manga has been getting adapted into a brand new OVA series over the past couple of years.  We got 23* episodes of that OVA so far and still going. I love the music in that too. Especially since they got Eurox do to the opening. I love those guys. That said I haven’t even touched Lost Canvas yet. I plan to get there some day though. lol Just been busy I guess.


          Oh yes if you can track down the anime (which will have to be done through less then legal means unfortunately) then go for it. It’s a very good battle anime. Very good indeed. Highly recommended it.

          • 23 Episodes are out by now~

          • Zero_Destiny

            Darn you wiki you have failed me yet again!!! *shakes fist in anger* lol I told’ya I’m really behind on Lost Canvas. I plan to start soon though. :D

        • Saint Seiya is a very good classic Jump series(like naruto, hitman reborn, bleach, and one piece). Though it can be expensive to get your hands on the english american releases though since it was not popular at all. there is another series called saint seiya lost canvas that is a very good prequel to saint seiya, its currently getting an ova release. there also Saint Seiya Next dimension which is a Sequel/prequel many of the early chapters were written before lost canvas so it will be kinda confusing if you read lost canvas first so take some of it with a grain of salt but over all it is a sequel, there are rumors going around that it too will be getting an anime

      • “Old anime is old.”

        At least they’re manlier than your contemporary otaku/NEET faves like Haruhi Suzumiya, the girls from Lucky Star, to name a few.

        Even old school anime have more manliness in them, to the point they would even make the Houkago Tea Time Club from K-ON! manlier than Shinji Ikari!

        • That’s…kinda not the same genre though~ There are enough manly shows in the present as there were enough fanservice/slice of life shows in the past.

          • At the moment, slice of life/fanservice shows are overcrowding anime, similar to how FPS is oversaturating Western gaming.

          • Zero_Destiny

            I never once said Old anime is bad. Your reply seem to be implying that. Personally I love older anime a lot. The works of Go Nagai, Fist of the North Star, Tomino’s works (both the Gundams and not Gundam shows). Those are some of my all time favorite animes ever. We have had a discussion on Jojo too. Funny how you have forgotten.

            Anyways you have to remember that anime just like any other medium changes to adjust to the times. As it stands older anime was geared towards a different kind of anime fan than the current anime is. It’s not a bad thing ether. I enjoy newer anime for the slice-of-life kind of tones, while I enjoy older anime for it’s super cool manly fighting. Nothing wrong with that. You want some cool manly stuff then just go digging for some through the older stuff.

            Likewise newer animes like to pay homage like Gurren Lagann and Needless. Both of which are super fun modern anime played up in an old school kind of fashion. Likewise there is still manly anime and manga. It’s just aimed at a different audience. I find that most seinen manga is where you’ll find your 80’s battle manga-esque kind of series. Also Toriko. I just started to watch it but it feels like an awesome homage to 80’s manga. It’s like an 80’s battle manga combined with One Piece. I friggin’ love that.

      • malek86

        I know Saint Seiya, but I never really checked it out.

        I really have trouble reading ’80s shonen manga. They all look so… fake, with everybody crying manly tears and stuff. The main character is always some sort of purity sue who can do no wrong and everybody likes him. And what’s with the bulky drawings? Today’s space marines don’t hold a candle to that. Either that, or they look like shojo manga.

        For example, while I’m a big fan of Hokuto no Ken, even I have to admit that the plot was terrible. It was one retcon after another. Like:

        “it was Shin who kidnapped Julia!”
        “yeah, it was Shin, but Jagi told him to!”
        “yeah, Jagi told him to, but Souther convinced Jagi!”

        Or something like that. And don’t get me into the whole brother discovery thing. Also, some characters just didn’t make sense. Ryuga? lol. And the manga had the worst ending arcs ever.

        Maybe the problem is that they are always so serious. It pretty much took Dragon Ball for somebody to notice that you could make a humorous shonen manga and still be successful.

        • Zero_Destiny

          Well Akira Toriyama is a very great mangaka who always did what you would least expect from him. He was a gag mangaka at heart and it shows. That aside to me I always take these manly 80’s shone battle manga in a more campy light. I’m not watching for the story so much as I’m just trying to enjoy the cool fights and the utter craziness that happens next. It’s an enjoyable romp for me because I’m willing to turn my brain off and accept them for what they are. Like a Hollywood action movie I guess. lol

          I like the drawing of the 80’s and especially love the 90’s style myself but I’m still happy with the newer anime styles too. But I will give you that the art in Saint Seiya isn’t exactly that good. Masami Kurumada wasn’t exatcally know for his good art. He had awkward poses and his paneling wasn’t that great. He does get better though. I guess you might just have the wrong kind of mindset when approaching it. I’m just looking for some good old fun in these kinds of shows. Plus I started to watch Saint Seiya when I was like 12 or so, so it’s one of my ealier anime. I’m probally more willing to accpet some of the dumb that came with it because of that.

          • malek86

            Well, I’m actually not much of a fan of the stuff of today.

            As far as shonens go, some of my favorites are Dragon Ball, Yu Yu Hakusho, JoJo (but only the third and fourth arc) and Kenshin (with a few reservations). So yes, not exactly new stuff, but not very old either. Let’s say, the nineties stuff. That was a good time for manga. No more bulky men, but no moeblobs either. There was an emphasis on characters interaction rather than plot, but without the inner troubling of today. And the fights were usually solved with some wits, not just with super-powerful punches or a heavy-handed moral lesson.

            The new shonens are a bit too politically correct at time, with the main character who always teaches some sort of life lesson to their skeptcial adversaries, who then turn into friends. So they don’t appeal to me much. With the exception of One Piece, which is always awesome.

        • Aoshi00

          Saint Seiya was mad famous back in the days almost thruout the whole world except the US.  It wasn’t famous in Italy?  It was extremely popular in France and Spain, also in most of Asia and South America, so Saint Seiya’s popularity was pretty much like Soccer’s :)  Both boys and girls loved it, the anime design was actually extremely beautiful and elegant because it was done by Araki Shingo/Himeno Michi duo, who did char design for Rose of Versailles, Babel II, and many other famous series, adding a shoujo touch to it art-wise.  The music was by the legendary Yokoyama Seiji.. of course the core manga was very hot blooded in the 80’s, which was quite aspiring for kids to grow up to, w/ the same positive themes in Shounen Jump. 

          Check out some of the footages from the 3rd movie.. the animation was mind boggling and so detailed and beautiful, they can’t draw stuffs like that these days, even the new Hades OVAs (not the new Lost Canvas prequel) can’t compare to this,

          My fav. were DB, Slam Dunk, and Kenshin too, but Seiya was the bomb back in the late 80’s, swept across a whole generation of male and female fans everywhere, again except not catching on in the US, like soccer :( Like kylehyde said below, Dic’s dub job was pretty awful and there was a lot of censoring.. I remember staying up to watch Saint Seiya late night, it was aired in midnight in HK so nothing was censored and it was pretty violent for its time, well, it’s still violent compared to today’s anime, but it was a good kind of violence :) The anime was many kids’ childhood.

        • GVmanX

          Really?  They felt more real to me, because of all over-the-top emotion.  I honestly think Hokuto no Ken has some of the best written emotional scenes I’ve ever read.  Retcons aside, I also thought the writing was great, too.  Until we got to the timeskip, then it was downhill until the Shura arc ended.

  • Enma_Kozato

    I want a Saint Seiya game (;-;)
    I totally watched the show when it was shortly on Toonami.

  • 12 levels as in the story mode is 12 levels long? If yes that’s quite short…even Hokuto Musou had way more levels without counting the Dream mode.

    • In Saint Seiya there is 12 Gold saints who are kinda like bosses each representing a star sign. Idea is you fight them all

      • I know that, but I read it as 12 stages only if it’s lots of stages and 12 boss battles I’m happy with that.

  • HarryHodd

    Artstyle and environments look good. I’m hoping the battle system has depth and I like the idea of one on one boss fights. Can’t wait to see more of this.

  • This not releasing in NA but in Europe trend is scaring me >w< I mean I'm happy for Europe but… Seems like they turning their backs a bit on NA. Guess I'll have to get serious about my Japanese studies and start importing ._.

    • Zero_Destiny

      It may still come out in the United States but the thing is Saint Seiya did Terrible over here. The TV anime was cancelled, the VHS/DVD releases stopped midway, and while we did get the manga it was in a very limited print and now is almost impossible to find certain volumes at a reasonable price. In other words Saint Seiya is just anther one of those anime/manga series not never took off in the States.

      In Europe on the other hand Saint Seiya did pretty well. And enjoyed a fair amount of success. It’s a safer bet to bring it out in Europe then it is to bring it out over here in the states where most anime fans ether don’t know or care about Saint Seiya. Sadly a fate lots of older animes suffer from. That said Fist of the North Star was a bomb in America. It did very bad too but we still saw that game released over here. So you never know it may just come out after all. Of course if you ask me though Fist of the North Star may just be an exception. But I’m still hoepful, we may just see this game in the US after all.

      • GVmanX

        We saw Ken’s Rage get released in the US because Koei US has normally released most every DW game here, and what little fanbase FotNS has in the States is really loyal.  

        Unless another company licenses it for US distribution from Namco-Bandai/Bandai-Namco/whatever, we’re not gonna see this game in the US.  Namco-Bandai wouldn’t release it here unless they were sure they could turn a profit.

        • Zero_Destiny

          Yeah that’s why I said I think Fist of the North Star was an exception. Sad but true. But we never know. it could happen. Doesn’t mean it will happen but it could happen. I was super surprised about the Fist of the North Star game coming out I thought it would never happen, so I want to be hopeful. Of course Fist of the North Star has seen a resurgence of popularity over here in the states that Saint Seiya just really hasn’t seen.

          • GVmanX

            Does anyone know how successful Lost Canvas is on Crunchyroll?

            Anyway, I think what would help Saint Seiya fans in the US get noticed is if it went through the same release phases as HnK did: Release it for streaming and download and then maybe someone like Discotek would license it for DVD distribution.

            Or maybe the game could be releases as a download from the PSN, like what happened with Fate/Unlimited Codes.

          • Zero_Destiny

            Yes a legal stream would be spectacular. I’m somewhat sadden by the fact that Toei hasn’t done it already. They have been pretty gung-ho about streaming subtitled animes on Hulu. They have amassed quite the collection of animes there. Digimon seasons, Fist of the North Star, Gaiking, they have so many shows there. They even started to put up old Dragon Ball Z episodes. Maybe they don’t even think it’s worth it, or have some reservations about it. I don’t know, anyways it’s sad that such a good anime is impossible to collect in it’s complete form.

            It’s really sad too because back a couple of years ago before ADV went under and split apart they started to make boxsets for the 2 seasons of Saint Seiya that they did release. They were the Uncut and unedited ones and those sold well but then yeah ADV went under. To be honest I have no idea who has the license now, if anyone does that is. I would love for someone to pick it up and release it on DVD but I don’t even know the situation surrounding the license.

            If Toei feels the same way about Saint Seiya that they do about Sailor Moon (that they underestimated the NA anime market and that the original license was sold for too cheap [which it was] and now their upset an are charging a ridiculously expensive price for anyone to pick up the license) then we could be in big trouble and might never see it, or at least not for a while. >_< It's certainly isn't looking pretty but if ADV still has the license then perhaps one of the companies that broke away from it like Sentai Filmworks could in fact release DVD's for Saint Seiya.

            But yes, I can only hope that Toei hasn't lost faith in the series and will do streams of it some day. I mean their doing the Lost Canvas right? So it can't be all bad. It could still happen. Then again I don't know if Lost Canvas is even all that popular on Crunchy Roll but checking the site their at least still releasing it seeing as they just added the 2 newest episodes like 2 days ago.

          • I hope they dont only base success on Crunchyroll…it doesnt have a lot of advertising to actually get people there to see the shows they offer and payment is confusing.  They should just give it to funimation to host on hulu,, netflix, to see if there truly is interest in the saint seiya.

    • kylehyde

      Saint Seiya was really big in Europe, but as @Zero_Destiny:disqus  pointed it did awful in United States, mainly becuase Dic acted like their name sound and make many edits that would make proud 4kids, the voice acting series was terrible and many settings and names were changed.

      However the series was really popular in Latin America, so maybe there is still a chance.

      • Zero_Destiny

        I just want to say that yes the dub made some big changes and was edited out to be more kid friendly but there was an uncut unedited version too. It was sold on VHS/DVD. ADV Films was the company that handled said release and did a good job. They had both subtitled and uncut dub (with different and much better actors). Anyways like I said earlier that never make it too far ether.

        As for the voice acting for the DiC version I have to disagree. It was pretty good for it’s time. It really isn’t up to current anime standards but for the time it was okay. Nothing to write home about and there were better dubs by then but it isn’t like this abysmally bad thing people like to make it out to be. There were some good performances (and sadly some bad performances that overshadow them).

        If you only know English though then just stick to the Japanese track with subtitles. It’s worlds better and well is actually complete. lol But yeah the dubbing wasn’t that bad. Especially the ADV dub. Just wish ADV was able to release more episodes dubbed.

        • kylehyde

          Ok, you liked the Dic’s job I get it.

          • Zero_Destiny

            Well I wouldn’t word it so bluntly but yeah kinda. lol I’m willing to accept that it wasn’t that good but I don’t know, people like to make it seem worse than it really was. But I 100% agree the changes and edits were super lame. >_< The DiC version I watched on TV so I kind of have memories of it. Anyways the ADV dub was way better and of course the Japanese version is even better than that. lol

          • epy

            They made Hyouga into a cowabunga surfer dude, enough said.

            EDIT: Had to add this. OMG its so bad.


          • Aoshi00

            @epy lol… I remember watching a little bit of Dic’s dub and Hyoga was made into a surfer dude, which was typical for Eng dub at the time, they always made female chars into valley girls and guys into surfer dudes.. I remember cringing quite a lot at the jokes they added like early DBZ dub..

            But yea, Saint Seiya was mad famous in Europe, Latin America, and Asia.. it’s one of my favorite childhood anime and forever will be.. brought back so many memories :)

    • O.O wow I don’t know who to reply to but thank you all for your responses. They were all very informative and I now can understand why they didn’t bring this game here but to Europe. I’ll cross my fingers that it might get a chance of coming here >.< I actually never saw the dubbed version myself haha (watched it subtitled) Thanks again all :D

  • Yukito

    If they release games in English, I seriously don’t care if I have to import. As long as the option is available, I am pleased.

  • So HOT BLOODED! Will day-one this mofo.

    • Aoshi00

      I’m a huge fan of the series, the fan in me wants to pre-order, but the critical me says wait since I got burned by so many pre-orders recently, at least this looks miles better than the Kenshin PSP fighting game.. 

      W/o Furuya Tohru as Seiya, hot blooded level -10 though *.*… I hope they would bring back the old Bronze cast to record the lines and forget Ichigo (except Shiryu’s seiyuu who passed away..)

  • If NA region doesn’t get it at all I am definitely importing it.

  • landlock

    Check! That’s the first one that was announced a few more to go. :)

  • shadowind

    I am SO buying this game when it comes out in Europe next year! ^_^

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