Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Generation Trademark Hints At Overseas Release

By Spencer . June 27, 2011 . 10:36am

imageLikely preparing for an international version of Naruto Shippuden: Narultimate Storm Generation, Namco Bandai filed a trademark for Ultimate Ninja Storm Generation in Europe.


Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Generation is CyberConnect2’s next console Naruto title. It features characters from the current Shippuden series and young Naruto in the same game. Confirmed characters include young Naruto, Zabuza, Haku, Shippuden Naruto, C, Darui, and the Raikage. We picked up on a retail leak last week from, the trademark seems to confirm that listing minus the "super" moniker.


Namco Bandai have not officially announced Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Generation, but the publisher will have a big presence at Japan Expo. That would be the perfect time to announce it for PAL territories too…

  • Sounds good, I guess at whenever their next US expo or something, they will announce for us! I cant wait to see how the story shall be! Naruto, Suigetsu, Kiba, Student Naruto Student Sasuke, Kabuto, please be in.

    • Guest

      When are they gonna get to Grandpa Naruto

    • ninjaonizuka

      i think skool naruto and sasuke shud hav their own side story and a highskool setting 

      • Oh yes, I love you youre thinking. I would love a Highschool Setting for Naruto.

        • ninjaonizuka

          yup ^_^ this game shows alot of promise i hope it have all my haves from naruto 1 

          • Yu_TheKing

            They should return Kimi and make the DLC characters (Kurenai, Anko, Hokages, Sound 4) playable.

  • I’m conflicted about this game. I love the Ultimate Ninja series. Especially for their over the top special moves. Playing transformed was fun too. But they were incredibly disappointing in Storm 2. 

    I know the specials were shortened due to online, and playing transformed was removed due to online, too. Something which I hardly used. (Not really into online gaming in fighters.)  

    Ah well, guess I’ll wait for more info.

  • karasuKumo

    Loved the first two so shall be getting this. I wonder how many new characters there will be. There weren’t many new characters introduced after the summit so I have a feeling that’s where it’ll go up to since they said they aren’t focusing on the story mode as much this time. I guess it depends on how far the PSP game they’re making at them moment will go.

    • Yu_TheKing

      Since they have C and Darui, they should also have the Mizukage, Chojuro, Ao, The Tsuchikage and his bodyguards, Danzo, etc. Them alone are about 15-18 characters. And they’ll probably add the characters left out in the first one. (Kurenai, DLC characters, etc.) Hopefully we’ll see the First and Second Hokage playable.

  • Shinji Kazuya

    Looking forward to this. Never played the 1st one ’cause I didn’t had a PS3 at the time. Been playing the 2nd one for about a month now and it’s really fun.

    • ninjaonizuka

      the 1st one is great u shud def go get that like now lol xD

  • joesz

    I’m still waiting for One Piece to  get there

    • Hell Yeah How Long Do We Have To Wait For?

  • when i Read A BIG presence this get me SOOOOO Excited woow can’t wait for japan expo

  • Samken

    I find Namco Bandai really funny, they announce naruto games with so little wait time between japan/overseas, but they shaft Tales of/.Hack fans.

    • Quite sure the Naruto franchise isnt cheap, and it actually does sell big. 

  • ForeverFidelis

    There really wasn’t any doubt.

  • Yu_TheKing

    I wonder how the whole “Generations of Naruto” thing will work in Versus mode. I’d hate to See Shippuden Naruto, PTS Naruto and Sage Naruto on the same team. That’s tantamount to infinite rasengan spamming D:

    • Dude, but Rasengan is so cool and never gets old. Hopefully the titles return, that keeps me from spamming using naruto online, though I prefer his moves with his clones over Rasengan. Uzumaki Barrage.

      • Yu_TheKing

        I personally love the Rasengan. But in Storm 2 online, majority of the player s online either use Minato or Sage Naruto, in that sense it gets old quite fast. His clone combos were better overall especially in the 1st Storm.

    • I highly doubt you can use all three in one team since you can’t in Storm 2.

      • Yu_TheKing

        But it was possible to have Minato as lead with both Sage and regular Naruto  as assists.

  • Gotta love EU getting the goods games mention early for release and NamcoBandai gives me a response when I emailed about Saint Seiya to check Facebook for updates for the NA release if they might or not do it.

    Can’t wait for this one to come out since I completely finished all the others that came out on both PS3 and PSP.

  • trenton greer

    wait so is this going to be like a one on one vs game or  an action adveture like Naruto: uzumaki chronicles because the scans make it look like an action adventure

    • protofox

      im 98% sure its like the every other ultimate ninja to date. story mode(that is reallllyy nice) , then u have vs mode on the side. most likely no different from ultimate ninja 1-5, storm 1,2, etc.

      • trenton greer

        ha thanks someone finally answered my question

  • UnleashDahDragon

    They better have the two ninja that helped asuma and shikamaru fight hidan and kakauzu. Oh yea and kid kakashi, obito, and kin(i think thats her name). And Danzos bodyguards. Also i would love to see the three sound ninja that were in the chunin exams. The ones that shot out sound waves. I forgot their names too.

    • KarateMasterMichael

      There won’t be any new characters.  This is only Storm 2.5, They are waiting for the manga to finish to make a proper sequel to Storm 2.

      • jonathan rivera

        they are wating till the story finishes to finnaly finish the series 

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