Tecmo Koei’s Dynasty Warriors 7 News Is…

By Spencer . June 28, 2011 . 5:41pm

imageOver Twitter, Tecmo Koei teased some kind of news for Dynasty Warriors 7 and unless they have two announcements planned it’s Dynasty Warriors 7: Xtreme Legends.


Leaks from Famitsu announced the game, which features legend mode, challenge mode, and two player co-op for story mode. Like other Xtreme Legends re-releases, Omega Force added new weapons and characters. Guo Jia is confirmed as one of the additional warriors.


Have Dynasty Warriors 7? Your save data will work with Dynasty Warriors 7: Xtreme Legends and unlock stages and generals. Tecmo Koei have Dynasty Warriors 7: Xtreme Legends slated for release on September 29, but as of now it’s only for PlayStation 3 in Japan. While Dynasty Warriors 7 was a PS3 exclusive in Japan, Tecmo Koei also released it for Xbox 360 in the West.

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  • Nice news. I hope it gets localized.

  • Ben Tan


  • “Your save data will work with Dynasty Warriors 7: Xtreme Legends and unlock stages and generals.” Epic win on that alone right there.

  • Man, Koei still rehashes this game as much as the sports gamemakers rehashes them, huh? I suppose that makes sense for their sales and stuff, but I still have this personal dream of someday seeing DW, XL and Empires all released in a single disc for a change… Anyway, I actually like their series and I can’t say I would not be at least curious if we were to see a Romance of the Three Kingdoms XII in the future.

  • Is it worth owning DW 7 if we get this version??? Someone enlighten me

  • Considering I love the DW series and all incarnations of the genre, I will definitely be getting it. My guess is that when (if) it comes out in other regions, it will most likely (hopefully) be something like $40.

  • Guest

    What a rip off. This includes exactly all the stuff that people were complaining that shoulda been in DW7. So basically Koei knew what people wanted and just held back so they can make quick extra buck. All this seems like it shoulda been at least DLC anyway. Cmon already Koei…

    • Most of the complaints were about the lack of free mode, no 2 player co-op in story, and no create-a-warrior. So, from what’s been leaked, the only thing XL changed was story.. nothing else. All others mentioned are given additions in XL and Empire games.

      • kupomogli

        You have to wonder how come there’s no free mode and create a character anyways?  Both of those have been available in every PS2 release except for Dynasty Warriors 2(which only free mode is available.)  It’s like they removed the options in the next gen titles just to make the future next gen titles look more enticing.  It’s not a good way to treat your fanbase(especially when you’re just giving them the same exact game for another $60.)

        • They gave us Conquest mode, thinking it’ll be a sub to Free Mode, which it really wasn’t. But I didn’t mind it at all. lol The create-a-warrior wasn’t part of the initial game for 5/6 but were in the Empires games (I don’t remember if it was in 5XL, it’s been forever..) as of late. But the fanbase seems to enjoy continuity with the DW & SW games.. but with the new characters and sometimes the little changes they made with the exp system.

  • nyoron

    Just started playing DW7 over the weekend and I’m having a blast, it’s my favorite musou game in a while. Hope this comes over… unlike SW3XL/Z ;_;

    • Don’t forget that Warriors Orochi Z never made it over seas also :(
      and yeah same here i liked how the story mode is designed compare to the past ones.

      • Kibbitz

        How is the Story Mode design different?

        • Dont worry. SW3 Empires and XL wasnt released over here due to poor
          sales of the core version, but that was because they foolishy had it as
          Wii Exclusive.

          Dynasty Warriors 7 however, did very well over here, it was a best
          seller in fact, so i think it will come over. Least it better…

          And by story mode being different I think he was priasing how it the character was fixed and the story was told better because of it.

  • I really would love a new strike force with the new graphic engine and 4 player co op online <3 loved it on PS3

  • for PC?

  • KyoyaHibari

    So Xtreme Legends is usually the “create your own character” one right?

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